Feel confident spending the day in the sun in a Solbari sun hat since it provides ample UPF50+ sun protection, is comfortable, and has a stylish design. Their selection of women’s sun hats is an ideal defence against the harmful effects of long-term exposure to UV radiation, since it covers the entire head, neck, and shoulders. Solbari have women’s sun hats that are both stylish and practical, so you can wear them to the beach, on hikes, and everywhere else you go.

The wide brims of their women’s sun hats come in a range of lengths, and they all meet the criteria set out by the Cancer Council for maximum sun protection and complete covering of the head, neck, and face from the sun’s rays. In addition to providing complete shade, Solbari vast selection of sun hats offers a wide range of styles, from sophisticated women’s bucket hats to beach hats with extra-wide brims that cover the entire head, including the ears, eyes, and neck.

UPF50+ Women’s Sun Hats to Protect You from the Sun

UPF50+ Women’s Sun Hats are designed to protect the face, neck, nose, and ears from direct UV rays, which are particularly vulnerable to skin cancers. These broad-brim hats are designed with prevention in mind, with broad brims and UPF50+ fabric to shield the face, neck, and shoulders from UV damage. UPF50+ is the highest sun protective rating in the world for clothing and sun hats, blocking at least 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Australia is a world leader in sun protection, and all Solbari hats are rigorously tested and awarded the UPF50+ rating by the Australian Government. These lightweight, breathable hats are not only stylish and sun-smart but also lightweight and breathable, ensuring comfort and cooling in the heat. With different sizes available or adjustable sizing via a drawstring at the back, these sun-protective hats are designed to fit snugly on the head throughout the day. High-quality moisture-wicking sweatbands and mesh paneling on the sides keep the wearer cool, while removable chin straps keep the hat secure even on windy days.

Ultra Wide Cotton Linen Hat UPF50+

Introducing Solbari Ultra Wide Cotton Linen Hat UPF50+: a best-selling design crafted from premium, soft, and breathable cotton-linen fabric. This hat is a versatile wardrobe essential, providing excellent shade for your face, neck, eyes, and shoulders. Its internal brim wire allows for customizable styling, and it comes equipped with a discreet ponytail opening at the back. The detachable chin strap ensures a secure fit, while the hat is adjustable to accommodate various head shapes. With UPF50+ sun protection, this hat combines fashion and functionality to keep you stylishly shaded in various outdoor settings.

Holiday Sun Hat UPF50+

Introducing Solbari Holiday Sun Hat UPF50+: your ultimate sun protection and style companion for sunny days. This hat boasts a flexible brim with an internal wire for customizable shaping, allowing you to achieve the perfect look. Adjustable to fit your size and style preferences, the hat features a reversible double layer of luxurious cotton-linen blend fabric and a drawcord for a secure fit. Versatile and chic, this hat is designed to keep your face, ears, and neck protected while ensuring you stay cool and comfortable in the heat. Elevate your summer wardrobe with this must-have accessory.

Reversible Ultra Wide Brim Cap UPF50+

Introducing Solbari Reversible Ultra Wide Brim Cap UPF50+: the ultimate evolution of the classic cap for superior full-face coverage. This cap features a generous 12cm brim, ensuring maximum protection from the sun. With a reversible design offering two stylish color options, it’s versatile for any outdoor activity. The ultra-lightweight and breathable fabric keep you comfortable, and the adjustable velcro strap ensures a secure fit. Whether you’re playing pickleball or enjoying other outdoor pursuits, this cap combines style and functionality, making it an essential addition to your wardrobe for sun-filled days.

Ultimate Wide Brim Sun Hat UPF50+

Introducing the UPF50+ Ultimate Wide Brim Sun Hat, Solbari widest brim yet, offering unparalleled coverage with a 6″ (15cm) brim length. Crafted from a soft yet sturdy 100% cotton fabric, this sun hat ensures that the brim maintains its shape and coverage even in strong winds. With a focus on both style and functionality, it provides unbeatable shade to your face, neck, eyes, and shoulders. The hat features a detachable chin strap for added security and an internal adjustable sizing tie at the back, catering to different head shapes. Embrace ultimate sun protection with this stylish and practical wide brim sun hat.

Trekker Sun Hat UPF50+ Legionnaire Style

The Trekker Sun Hat, with its UPF50+ protection and legionnaire style, is an ideal choice for those seeking superior sun protection without compromising on style and comfort. This hat ensures excellent coverage for the face, eyes, ears, and the back of the neck, offering reliable protection against even the harshest sun exposure. Stay shielded from harmful UV rays while enjoying outdoor activities with confidence in this stylish and protective Trekker Sun Hat by Solbari.

Wide Brim Tropical Sun Hat UPF50+

Upgrade your sun protection wardrobe with the fashionable UPF50+ Wide Brim Tropical Hat. This hat combines a wide brim for excellent coverage of the face, eyes, and ears with a lightweight and packable design, ensuring convenience, comfort, and easy travel. Beyond its functional benefits, this stylish hat boasts a fresh floral pattern on the underbrim, adding a touch of elegance to your sun-safe ensemble. Enjoy both sun safety and sophisticated flair with the Wide Brim Tropical Hat, making it a must-have accessory for your outdoor adventures.

Solbari Sun Protection

The impact that skin cancer and melanoma can have on people and their families is something that Johanna Young, Solbari’s founder and chief executive officer, has witnessed personally. Johanna was compelled to do something after witnessing the impact of these diseases in her volunteer work with skin cancer organisations.In the United States, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, affecting 1 in 5 people by the age of 70. More people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year than with all other malignancies put together. For this reason, here at Solbari, they are devoted to being the best in the world when it comes to skin cancer.A whopping 95% of skin cancer cases can be prevented simply by avoiding sun exposure, which is great news.

The first line of protection, according to dermatologists and other medical professionals, is to wear clothing that protects you from the sun. Having said that, sun protection is an area where not all fabrics are equal. Sun protection factor (SPF) 5 sunscreen is about all that a plain old white cotton t-shirt can offer, according to studies. This means that your skin is still vulnerable to the sun’s damaging rays.Solbari is useful in that situation. To ensure that her loved ones wouldn’t be just another statistic, Johanna founded Solbari to provide sun protective apparel, hats, and accessories with a UPF50+ rating that is high-quality, lightweight, and breathable.

Enjoy the sun without worrying about damaging UV rays to your skin with Solbari.Here at Solbari, they want to see a world free of skin cancer. They’re determined to do all in their power to achieve this goal. Prevention is essential because sunburn accounts for as much as 90% of skin cancer incidents. Anyone, regardless of age, can benefit from beginning sun protection measures as skin cancer is a cumulative disease that can grow over years of unprotected sun exposure. Embark on a journey with them to live a life that is sun-smart.

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