Presenting Fotografiska’s first-ever museum exhibition, in honour of PEOPLE Magazine’s 50th anniversary!

With multimedia and interactive features that let visitors become cover stars, PEOPLE: Celebrating 50 Years is a one-of-a-kind collection of the magazine’s original pictures and covers.

Stevie Wonder performing a piano solo as his picture appears on the lid of the instrument.”For half a century, People has chronicled the biggest moments in pop culture,” writes Andrew Macpherson of the photo session featuring Stevie Wonder.

Thanks to their images and unmatched reporting, the globe has seen not only the most famous faces in the world, but also the hidden tales that shape their nation. In the words of Wendy Naugle, Chief Editor, PEOPLE
According to the first magazine prospectus, “the succession of dramatic images should make turning the pages irresistible.” This statement highlights the profound relationship between the persuasive power of photographs and PEOPLE’s popularity. Co Rentmeester (and daughter Coliena), Elinor Carucci, Gordon Parks, Harry Benson, Ruven Afanador, and Art Streiber are among the best photographers of their time who have collaborated with PEOPLE.

Pauline Vermare, a freelance photographer and curator, is co-curating the show. The photograph was taken by Dario Lasagni and shows a gallery wall with the logo “PEOPLE: Celebrating 50 Years” mirrored on the floor.

The work by Dario Lasagni features a photo exhibition with a life-size picture box like the cover of PEOPLE magazine.
Future Happenings. Designer Elizabeth Emanuel talks about creating Princess Diana’s wedding dress and a hidden second garment, both of which will be on exhibit for only one night at this event. Additional information is provided by Richard Dalton, the hairdresser who dressed Princess Diana’s hair for more than ten years.

Join them for a unique evening as present and past PEOPLE Editors in Chief share their fascinating stories from the magazine’s history. Learn more about the objects included in Fotografiska New York’s “PEOPLE: Celebrating 50 Years” exhibit.



Presenting Fotografiska’s first-ever museum exhibition, in honour of PEOPLE Magazine’s 50th anniversary! With multimedia and interactive features that let visitors become cover stars, PEOPLE: Celebrating 50 Years is a one-of-a-kind collection of the magazine’s original pictures and covers.

I don’t see you from 2003. Also, in 1983, where were you? People magazine is celebrating fifty years in business, and this special anniversary issue is sure to bring back some fond memories. Even if it doesn’t, it will enlighten you on the whos and whats of the previous fifty years of popular culture. This is the popular culture archive version of catnip: a treasure mine of quotations, quips, and quavers from the brave, lovely, and audacious. From Dolly Parton and Cher to Taylor and Beyonce, Lady Di and Kate Middleton, Farrah Fawcett and Kim Kardashian, and every Sexiest Man Alive from the last 20 years and beyond, this is the stargazer’s bible. Plus, the cosmos is just growing!


Inspired by Fotografiska New York’s PEOPLE: Celebrating 50 Years exhibition, this t-shirt is a must-have for fans of pop culture and iconic media. Featuring the classic PEOPLE magazine logo, this limited-edition t-shirt commemorates half a century of groundbreaking stories, unforgettable personalities, and cultural milestones. Made from high-quality, soft cotton, it offers both comfort and style.

Inspired by Fotografiska New York’s PEOPLE: Celebrating 50 Years exhibition, this t-shirt features the classic PEOPLE magazine logo.

Luxurious tri-blend composed of 50% polyester, 25% combed and ringspun cotton, and 25% rayon.


Get ideas for your own funny and fashionable tote bag from the PEOPLE: Celebrating 50 Years exhibition at Fotografiska New York. This tote bag pays a fitting homage to the history of the cherished magazine by featuring the clever phrase “I Go to Bed With People” next to the recognisable PEOPLE logo.

This 15-by-16-inch, 12-ounce cotton canvas bag is perfect for transporting your everyday necessities. Whether you’ve been a PEOPLE fan for a while or are brand-new, this tote bag is a useful and entertaining way to commemorate 50 years of incredible tales and cultural events. Always have a little of media history with you.


Get ideas from the PEOPLE: Celebrating 50 Years show at Fotografiska New York and wear this chic trucker hat. With its recognisable PEOPLE magazine emblem, this hat is the ideal way to commemorate fifty years of ground-breaking stories and cultural influence.

The traditional trucker hat design offers a ventilated mesh back and a movable snapback clasp for a personalised, comfortable fit. This hat pays stylish and useful homage to the history of PEOPLE magazine, regardless of your level of reading experience. Wear it to give your regular ensemble a hint of famous media history.


Inspired by the PEOPLE: Celebrating 50 Years exhibition at Fotografiska New York, pick up this quirky and striking beach towel. Honouring the legendary “Sexiest Man Alive” series from PEOPLE magazine, this towel is a chic and entertaining approach to commemorate fifty years of remarkable events and cultural turning points.

Its 30 by 60-inch size and 100% soft, absorbent cotton construction make it ideal for beachside relaxation or poolside lounging. With this distinctive beach towel, embrace the humour and history of PEOPLE magazine and make an impression wherever you go. With this fun and useful item, dive into the celebration of 50 years of legendary moments.


The Fotografiska Books Collection is a fascinating selection of books about photographic art chosen by the well-known Fotografiska museum, which is committed to modern photography. The collection offers a wide variety of visual narrative that crosses many subjects, genres, and cultures with works by some of the most prominent and creative photographers of their day.

Specialised Monographs: The collection features speciality monographs that go deeply into the creative processes, sources of inspiration, and famous photos of certain photographers.

Exhibition Catalogues: Readers may peruse the breathtaking visual stories and provocative subjects presented at Fotografiska via in-depth catalogues from the museum’s well-received shows.

Limited Editions: Several volumes in the collection are rare collector’s goods with distinctive packaging, autographed copies, or unusual printing.

Diverse Genres: The collection reflects the museum’s dedication to showcasing the diversity of modern photography by incorporating portraiture, landscape, documentary, fashion, and fine art.

Highest Quality Production: Vibrant picture reproductions and an excellent reading experience are guaranteed by the use of the best materials used to make each book. Their careful attention to detail makes them ideal as sophisticated coffee table books as well as for personal pleasure.

Educational Insights: To provide readers a more comprehensive grasp of the work and its context, the books often feature essays, interviews, and comments from art critics, curators, and the photographers themselves.


Presenting 150 high-quality reproductions of the photographer’s work from the past four years—a distinctive take on the meeting points of fashion, beauty, the unconscious, and the surreal—this handsome 2022 publication from Hatje Cantz serves its subject well; it is the first monograph on the work of daring new talent, photographer Elizaveta Porodina. Porodina uses a plethora of photography and digital techniques to transport them to surreal, oddly familiar realms where they are neither welcomed nor expected. She implies that true beauty forces them to confront their own mortality, which may be unsettling. Luxurious, color-saturated photographs that showcase the photographer’s enhanced perception of light, pigment, tone, and drama are exquisitely reproduced on premium paper. The spectator takes on the role of storyteller.

  • Quantity needed: 9.5″W x 12″H
  • 150 colour drawings spread over 160 pages


One of the most influential photographers of the last 60 years, Terry O’Neill, discusses the inspiration for some of his most famous photographs.

These are the tales that Terry O’Neill alone can tell: the morning he spent by the Beverly Hills pool with Faye Dunaway, the Vegas stroll with Sean Connery in his James Bond costume, the serendipitous meeting with Bruce Springsteen on Sunset Strip, and the doll hospital visit he took Jean Shrimpton to.

To get to the Fontainebleau Hotel, where Sinatra was staying, I walked along the Miami Beach boardwalk. He just reached out and grabbed the letter I was holding. “This kid’s with me,” he told his security detail after reading it. What Ava wrote to him in that letter remains a mystery to this day. I became an intimate member of his group the instant it happened. -O’Neill, Terry.

Photographer Terry O’Neill quickly rose to prominence in the ’60s, documenting the likes of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Because of his innate musical taste and ear for performers, he knew just which bands to highlight. He was trusted by them as well. I was once at a bar while the Rolling Stones and the Beatles were playing. After all was complete, they were simply chilling and planning their next move. They were referring to their status as the “new kids of the moment” when we said this. This kind of fame often fades away after a while. That they would still be going strong after 60 years was beyond their wildest dreams. Music brought O’Neill to Hollywood, where he worked with famous people and had connections that would last a lifetime. Along the way, he met Frank Sinatra. Accompanied Raquel Welch to the shore. Boxed beside Ali. Capture The Who.

O’Neill shot several iconic figures from the forefront of fame, and his images have a unique calm simplicity, candid behind-the-scenes situations, and the unusual bond between subject and photographer that is so uncommon. Terry O’Neill has collaborated with a veritable who’s who of Hollywood, music, sports, and politics during the last 60 years. If you want to experience a walking tour of memory by someone who has seen, met, and photographed everything, then you should read Terry O’Neill: Every Picture Tells a Story.

  • Book format
  • Physical dimensions: 11.3″ in height and 8.9″ in width
  • 244 pages
  • The number of illustrations is 128 in black and white and 44 red.


Written by Kelly Shami and Jennifer Croll, this beautifully illustrated cocktail book has more than fifty recipes that pay homage to some of the most fascinating modern and contemporary artists working today.

Using the eponymous artist as inspiration, this book provides recipes for fifty distinct drinks, taking you on a drunken journey of art history. Relax with a Frida Kahlo cocktail made with tequila and watermelon. While enjoying a Salvador Dalí, ignite some creativity. Alternately, try a rainbow-hued Yayoi Kusama.

Every artist they’ve featured here—from painters to sculptors to photographers and beyond—has their own unique drink mix that reflects their creative process. Readers interested in art as well as cocktails will savour this anthology of interesting anecdotes and creative recipes. Art Boozel is creative and entertaining to the point where it will make you appreciate these artists even more.

Think of the Gustav Klimt recipe as using golden turmeric, the Georgia O’Keeffe recipe as using flower syrup, and the Andy Warhol recipe as using tomato garnishes—each recipe colourfully pulls from aspects of the artist’s life and work in a manner that any cocktail aficionado will love.

  • Dimensions: 6″W x 8″H
  • 144 pages of text


Ellen von Unwerth, a renowned German photographer, offers Devotion! Originally displayed at Fotografiska Stockholm, the survey exhibition 30 Years of Photographing Women was subsequently greatly extended for New York. Play, Gender, Drama, Love, Power, Passion, and Lust are the seven expressions that von Unwerth uses in her photographic work, which is both provocative and playful. As is typical of von Unwerth’s work, each picture exudes an exuberant, sensuous, and somewhat comical flair. Artists aren’t interested in objectifying anything; they want to play with high and low archetypes and cliches, evoke strong emotions, and cause chaos.

Unwavering commitment! Play, Gender, Drama, Love, Power, Passion, and Lust are the seven manifestations that Ellen von Unwerth’s provocative and playful photography is examined in 30 Years of Photographing Women.

  • There are 192 pages in all.
  • Dimensions: 8″W x 11″H


Written by Ghislain Pascal and edited by him. Conceptualised by Studio Kunze. October 2023, published by Kehrer Verlag.

More than sixty photographers from thirty countries, including Russia, Poland, Iran, India, and China, whose governments suppress LGBT rights and queer lives are constantly in danger, have contributed new pieces to the new BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! book.

In contrast to the magazines, which contain ten tales shot by ten different photographers, the book showcases several artworks from each of their sixty-two photographers—basically a “Best of BOYS! BOYS! BOYS!“—instead.

The featured photographers are:

Johnny Abbate (Italy), AdeY (UK / Sweden), Alex Avgud (Russia), Yves De Brabander (Belgium), Domenico Cennamo (Italy), David Charles Collins (Australia), Alexander Courtman (Germany), David-Simon Dayan (USA), Alejo Dillor (Argentina), Ivan Donadio (Italy), Diogo Duarte (Portugal), Michael Epps (USA), Matthew Finley (USA), Benjamin Fredrickson (USA), Stéphane Gizard (France), Greg Gorman (USA), Nigel Grimmer (UK), Ashish Gupta (India), Babak Haghi (Iran), Jerome Haffner (France), Tim Hailand (USA), Brice Hardelin (France), Florian Hetz (Germany), Raj Kamal (India), Matheus Katayama (Brazil), Dmytro Komissarenko (Ukraine), Richard Kranzin (Germany), Serge Le Hidalgo (Spain), Callum Leo Hughes (UK), Michael Joseph (USA), Lagartier (Mexico), Leo Maki (Poland), Krzysztof Marchlak (Poland), Paul McDonald (UK), Hannes van der Merwe (Canada), JordanRiver Michaels (USA), Charles Moriarty (Ireland), Ahmad Naser Eldein (Palestine), Jacopo Paglione (Italy), Juan Antonio Papagni Meca (Argentina), Bert Van Pelt (Belgium), Sebastian Perinotti (Argentina), Alessandro Pollio (Italy), Brandon Rizzuto (USA), Mauricio A. Rodriguez (Venezuela), Francisco Rosas (Mexico), Xavier Samré (France), Inon Sani (Peru), Ruben van Schalm (The Netherlands), Sam Scott Schiavo (USA), Niv Shank (Israel), The Skinny Type (UK), Michael Søndergaard (Denmark), Nikos Stamatopoulos (Greece), Kuba Swietlik (Poland), Liu Tao (China), Tyler Udall (Canada), Luis Venegas (Spain), Gerardo Vizmanos (Spain), Sean Patrick Watters (USA), Shen Wei (China / USA), and Vlad Zorin (Russia)

  • Dimensions: 9.4″H x 7.9″W
  • Includes 208 pages

Their dedication to local culture is reflected in the vents at Fotografiska, which bring the artists’ displays to life. Their programming encourages community gatherings for photography-related talks, sharing, and celebration via live music and performances, small dinners, and discussions.

Discover the world of contemporary photography with Fotografiska! Explore their stunning exhibitions, dive into their curated books collection, and be inspired by the artistry and vision of today’s most innovative photographers. Visit Fotografiska today, whether in-person or online, and immerse yourself in the beauty and power of visual storytelling. Don’t miss out – join them in celebrating the art of photography and experience the extraordinary!

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