Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the incredible moms in our lives than by treating them to some well-deserved pampering? This year, make Mom’s day extra special with their exclusive Mother’s Day sale on Cocunat Body Care products, where you can enjoy up to 30% off on a range of luxurious skincare essentials. Let’s dive into why Cocunat Body Care is the perfect gift to show Mom your love and appreciation.

Why Cocunat Body Care?

Cocunat is synonymous with quality, sustainability, and effectiveness. Their range of body care products is carefully crafted with natural and organic ingredients, free from harmful chemicals like parabens, silicones, and sulfates. From nourishing body lotions to invigorating body scrubs, Cocunat offers a comprehensive selection designed to cater to various skincare needs.

Body Self Tanning Mousse

Body Self Tanning Mousse, a shortcut to that beautiful sun-kissed hue all year round. It is time to forget about the pale winter skin and start feeling the warm sun on your back that will give you a beautiful and natural looking tan that will make you feel more confident. Their standout feature is the ability to apply a streak-free formula for a smooth, dewy finish that will make you look like you just came back from the beach. Cocunat offer the gradual tan intensity technology that allows you to choose the shade of tan you want without those annoying orange hints of the past. Moreover, another plus is that the product’s quick-drying formula, which will let you to enjoy an immediate color enhancement with just one application, is ideal for those sudden occasions when you need a tanned look in a snap. Hello, gentle and impeccable tan with their Body Self Tanning Mousse!

  • *Visible tan after 3hrs
  • Natural tone and finish
  • Smart formula, it adapts to your skin tone
  • No orange tone
  • Easy to apply
  • Does not stain (transparent formula)
  • Long-lasting and even tan
  • Fast absorbing
  • Store in the fridge


STEP 1: Exfoliate dry areas, including elbows, knees, ankles, and feet.

STEP 2: Shake well. Apply starting from the ankles and going upwards. Make sure to cover all areas evenly.

STEP 3: Wait until it dries to the touch before getting dressed.

STEP 4: You can shower 1h after application. For a more intense tan wait 24h. Increase the tone by reapplying daily.

Natural Protector SPF 30

Cocunat are delighted to have the Natural Protector SPF 30 in their range, which is your optimal combination of protection against UV radiation and care for the environment. Their natural sunscreen not only offers the much needed protection against UVA and UVB rays with spf30 but also functions as a moisturizer, which leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Its lightweight formula is super easy to apply and absorb within the first minutes after application, resulting in long-term comfort of wearing.

  • Lightweight texture
  • No white residue finish
  • Rapid absorption
  • NO NANO physical solar filter
  • Reef friendly


Apply a generous and uniform layer before sun exposure onto dry skin. Shake before use. Re-apply frequently, especially after swimming, sweating or towel-drying.

NOTE: Avoid sun exposure from 12h-16h, when the sun is at its strongest.

Extraordinary Oil

The Extraordinary Oil, The skincare star, the one that lights up the world of cosmetics. Handcrafted with a soothing blend of Almond, Rosehip, and Argan oils, this 3-in-1 oil treats, hydrates and heals your skin. Each ingredient brings its own unique benefits to the table: Argan Oil, known as the gold of the desert, and Rosehip Oil, considered by many as the fountain of youth, are the main players in this skin and hair care team. Also, Almond Oil, which is famous for its hydrating powers, is the splendid bounty from the skin care team. This combo of the powerful oils will leave you with a soothing serum that has a rich and intensive effect on your skin: it moisturizes, invigorates, and revives your skin’s natural glow. Speaking of which, the unbeatable aroma that literally suffocates each and every application simply points to the fact that this oil is definitely the best sensory delight ever! Go ahead and experience the extraordinary with their Extraordinary Oil, and your skin will feel luxuriously pampered.

  • Hydrates, nourishes and restores
  • Prevents and deals with stretch marks
  • Reaffirms and leaves the skin smooth
  • Perfect to use during pregnancy


Gently massage onto dry or slightly damp skin.

Velvet Scrub

Velvet Scrub – a deluxe skincare product for your skin. With its being so luxurious and the fact that it is a great way to do your “spa-experience at home,” this scrub is a great way to make your shower routine a blissful spa experience. As soon as it contacts your skin it will give you the feeling how it is removing impurities, and after that you will see that your skin is so velvetly soft and so irresistible you will not be able to resist yourself. Gather your streaam of pampering with Velvet Scrub – it will give your skin an amazingly beautiful, smooth look.

  • It exfoliates, cleanses and removes dead skin cells
  • It nourishes and hydrates skin thanks to its synergy of oils
  • Its salt particles massage your entire body
  • Its marvelous citrus scent will stimulate all your senses


Apply to dry skin with circular movements.


Unbeatable stands as the ultimate bacteria neutralizer, offering days of unparalleled protection against body odor with just one application. Its potency remains steadfast, undeterred by physical exertion or showers. With each perspiration, Unbeatable swiftly activates, effectively neutralizing bacteria to ensure continuous freshness and confidence. Say goodbye to worries about body odor and embrace the unbeatable protection of Unbeatable.

  • Last between 2 and 7 days
  • Control the bacterias that cause bad odor
  • Absorb sweat
  • Eliminate humidity from the skin


Cleanse the armpits with the included sponge and soap, and dry well.

Apply a thin layer of the Unbeatable to the entire armpit area, using circular motions with your fingers.

Wait to get dressed until the product is fully absorbed. It will last you multiple days, so your patience will be greatly rewarded!

Get dressed and go about your daily life! Take note of when you first apply the Unbeatable, so you can track how frequently you need to reapply.

Save Big with Cocunat Mother’s Day Sale

To make this Mother’s Day even more memorable, we’re offering up to 30% off on Cocunat Body Care products. It’s their way of helping you show Mom just how much she means to you without breaking the bank. Take advantage of this limited-time offer to stock up on Mom’s favorite Cocunat essentials or introduce her to some new skincare treasures she’s sure to love.

Final Thoughts

This Mom’s Day, think beyond the usual gift of flowers and chocolates and opt for the luxurious and indulgent gift of Cocunat Body Care products instead. As they present Cocunat special sale with a discount of up to 30%, this is the perfect moment for you to spoil your mom with the skin care pampering that she needs. Prove to your Mom just how much she is to you by taking it to a whole new level with Cocunat.

Don’t let her Mother’s Day go by without giving her all the regalia she deserves. Presently, the mother’s day is around the corner. Make it the best one she’ll ever have by shopping with them!

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