Montezuma’s Chocolates was founded in 2000 with nothing more than a kitchen sink’s worth of equipment, a lot of excitement and naivete, and a lot of ambition. The company’s mission was to bring chocolate innovation to the drab and conservative British market.

The company currently employs more than 100 workers. More than 100 people are currently employed by the organisation. Montezuma’s headquarters in Chichester, England, is where all of the company’s goods are designed, developed, and manufactured entirely in-house. Inverleith, which owns the Scotch Whisky Society among its other commercial interests, has made an investment in the company, which will allow it to increase its distribution of chocolate products in the United Kingdom and throughout the rest of the world as a result of the transaction. We utilise only the finest organic beans and the richest organic milk when making our organic milk chocolate, resulting in the creamiest and smoothest chocolate you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.


Alternatively, for those occasions when you’re in desperate need of a chocolate fix, we also offer truffle jars as an alternative to our truffle collections. They are a beautiful way to express your gratitude to that special vegan in your life…. Our decision to provide a range of chocolate truffle flavours, including a peanut butter chocolate flavour (among other things), is a result of these and other factors.

With our best and most recognisable truffles, this seasonal delicacy is sure to satisfy. Those who want a more conventional approach to chocolate might partake in chocolate experiences that adhere to established rules. To pick from, there is an overwhelming number of possibilities.

There are 50 truffles in this collection, which contains characters such as the Milking Maid and a contestant on American Idol, among other characters.

Here’s a preview of Chocolate truffle by MONTEZUMAS:


A hint of coconut is included into the filling and coating of these white chocolate truffles, resulting in a sweet treat that will be appreciated by guests at any dessert table. I couldn’t stop myself from giving in to my desires! During the month of February, it is extremely acceptable to gift white chocolate truffles that have a coconut flavouring, which is especially perfect when the truffles are intended for a special someone. Having the ability to give it to oneself as a birthday or holiday present is even more lovely. Self-respect.)

However, despite the fact that they include a minor amount of tropical flavour, the majority of the chocolate is made entirely of white chocolate in composition. Those who are already familiar with them will know that they are exceedingly sweet and delectably delicious. There is a good explanation why the flavours of coconut and vanilla are the first and second most popular flavours in the world when it comes to the world’s most popular flavours on the popularity scale.

If you are not a fan of the flavour of coconut, it is feasible to make white chocolate truffles without the addition of coconut flavouring as well. If you require any additional information, please refer to the section on replacement products.

Here’s a preview of white chocolate truffle by MONTEZUMAS:


No one can make a mistake when it comes to Nutter Butter Truffles, which are essentially peanut butter truffles that have been enrobed in chocolate. These truffles, which have a flavour that is almost identical to that of peanut butter cheesecake, make a delightful Christmas dessert.

If you don’t care for the flavour of coconut, you can leave out the coconut flavouring from your white chocolate truffles. In the section named “Replacements,” you can find additional information on replacements.
This recipe for Nutter Butter Truffles, which are thick and creamy and bursting with peanut butter flavour, is a refreshing change from the traditional chocolate filling. When combining chocolate with peanut butter, it is recommended that you coat the outside of the cookie with chocolate in order to produce the greatest results possible.

Here is a preview of butter nutter truffle jar by MONTEZUMAS:

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