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Silver Status Engraved Pen – Rollerball

The Silver Status Engraved Pen from Engravers Guild of London is another stylish pen that also has a functional feel. This rollerball pen has a polished silver design and is perfect for smooth writing while giving the impression of professionalism. It can be personalized with initials, names, or any other message which makes it an appropriate gift for professionals, as well as writers.

  • Polished silver finish to give that classy and rich look of the product.
  • Optimal rollerball movement allow for smooth writing and excellent control.
  • Ideal for engraving and thus, you can personalize the item to suit your taste.


Engravers Guild of London is a company that provides a sense of individualism in luxury, as every product is a masterpiece of sheer hard work and class. Established in 1887 in Birmingham, in the Jeweler Quarter, the company uses both craftsmanship and innovation to design and manufacture gifts that are meaningful to the recipients. Starting from engraved pen to pocket watches, personal bracelets, Engravers Guild makes sure that every piece that is created is not only eye appealing but also comes with the added sentimental value.

Thus, while Engravers Guild is constantly developing new line and extending the list of the available options, it will insist on the quality of its products and services. As consumers look for a unique way to commemorate a special event or express their love for someone special, Engravers Guild targets people to explore the concept of gifting that is as unique as the message, engraving the product to become a representation of the owner’s personality.

Create lasting memories with Engravers Guild of London—personalize your gift today!




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