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Hanwha Power Products is Genpower Ltd.’s trade name. Genpower offers a range of generators, including petrol models from 1kw to 10kw and diesel models from 5kw to 100kw, and is the exclusive UK importer for Hyundai Power Products. Hyundai gasoline-powered water pumps, air compressors, and lawnmowers are also part of their inventory.Hyundai Power Products experience and equipment sales, together with their engineering, support, and maintenance skills, led to Hyundai Corporation, Korea, approaching them a year after they started the firm in 2006 and awarding them the contract to become the only importer for Hyundai Power Products for the United Kingdom.

Hyundai Power Products company is proud to provide you a high-quality product at an affordable price, together with fast delivery right to your doorstep. They have an extensive inventory of replacement parts for all Hyundai machines and do all warranty repairs in-house.

Hyundai Power Products are a firm that sets the bar very high for itself, and they base all of their business decisions on the golden rule: treat people the way you would like to be treated—that is, with dignity, respect, and honesty. What follows is a detailed outline of their company’s operations and their standards of conduct.

Belt Driven Air Compressors

Upgrade your workshop with Hyundai Belt Driven Air Compressors, available at Hyundai Power Products. Engineered to exceed European regulations, these machines boast top-tier craftsmanship and reliability. Choose from their range of mains electric-powered models, available in static or mobile (wheeled) configurations. Whether you’re working in a professional workshop, garage, or factory, their 100L to 270L models deliver the power needed to tackle any task with ease. Trust the official UK Hyundai distributor for quality belt drive electric air compressors. Browse Hyundai Power Products full selection of Hyundai Air Compressors today.

Direct Drive Air Compressors

You can get direct drive air compressors of the highest quality at Hyundai Power Products, which are available for purchase all over the internet. Their  selection of Hyundai Direct Drive Air Compressors provides solutions that are both portable and small, and they are intended to provide power to a wide range of air tools that are used for a number of purposes. The fact that these compressors are powered by mains electricity makes them suitable for use indoors, making them an excellent choice for use in garages, workshops, and do-it-yourself projects alike. Not only are these Hyundai Direct Drive Air Compressors simple to operate, but they are also dependable, quiet, and need no maintenance. Additionally, they come with wheels and a handle, which allow for mobility and adaptability. Available in tank capacities ranging from 8 to 100 litres, their variety of oil-free versions that are quiet in operation is available for your option.

100 Litre Air Compressors

Buy premium 100-liter air compressors online at Hyundai Power Products. Attractive Hyundai motors power their selection of 100L air compressors, which are ideal for both business settings and do-it-yourselfers. These air compressors, which have a 100-litre tank and remarkable PSI and air displacement, are small yet strong. Select between belt drive or direct drive, silent oil-free electric air compressors, both with wheels and handles for convenient movement. Their 100L Hyundai Air Compressors can handle spray-painting, running air equipment in the workshop or home garage, or just inflating tyres. Built to endure for years, these compressors come with comprehensive UK service and spares support in addition to their 2-year Hyundai guarantee.

200 Litre Air Compressors

Find out more about the excellent 200 litre air compressors that Hyundai Power Products offers for online purchase. Remarkable Hyundai motors power their selection of 200L Belt Drive Air Compressors, which are ideal for both commercial and do-it-yourself projects. These 200 litre air compressors are robust and small at the same time. For many applications, they can provide excellent PSI and air displacement. Using air tools in the workshop or home garage, spray painting, and just filling tyres are just a few of the many jobs that their 200-liter Hyundai air compressors can do. These compressors are built to last and will provide reliable performance for many years to come since they have a two-year Hyundai warranty along with full service and spares support in the UK.

Upgrade Your Air Power with Hyundai Power Products!

Are you prepared to advance with your initiatives to the next level? Discover the impact that precise engineering can make by exploring the variety of air compressors offered by Hyundai Power Products. Their air compressors are intended to give dependable performance and great results each and every time, regardless of whether you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast or a professional contractor. Don’t let inefficiency keep you down; by making an investment in Hyundai Power Products, you can get your initiatives off the ground right away.


Do air compressors use a lot of electricity?

Air compressors use different amount of power depending on their size, job cycle, pressure requirements, frequency of use, and maintenance. Costs of power may be successfully managed with efficient usage and routine maintenance.

Does power consumption by tiny air compressors vary?

Smaller air compressors have lower power ratings, hence they often consume less energy than bigger ones. The duty cycle, pressure requirements, frequency of usage, and upkeep of them all affect how much power they consume, however. Small compressors provide effective and reasonably priced operation for light-duty or sporadic jobs.

Do I need an air compressor?

Think about your particular requirements, use frequency, cost vs advantages, accessible storage space, and ease when determining if you need an air compressor. Tyre inflation, tool powering, car repair, building, painting, woodworking and home improvement are just a few of the many applications for air compressors. To find out whether an air compressor is a useful addition to your toolset, weigh these considerations.

Why would I need an air compressor?

Find more about the many applications, accuracy, cost-effectiveness, adaptability, efficiency, constant power, and mobility of an air compressor. Whether working on professional or do-it-yourself projects, an air compressor may greatly expand your possibilities.

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