Forget about the troubles that come with car maintenance. Bid farewell to the times when you have to visit the garage and pay unexpected bills. Introducing Fixter – the revolutionary automotive repair service. For the past five years, Fixter has been working to change the way you handle your car maintenance. Forget the hassle of car maintenance, they’ve made it as easy as ordering your preferred takeout. Why should car maintenance be any different?

Making Car Care as Easy as Ordering Takeaway

In 2017, Fixter was established to make car maintenance the best experience for their customers. They envisage car maintenance to be as easy and stress-free as ordering a takeaway. They are committed to making car care easy with a full-service, low-cost, one-stop shop that provides a first-rate customer experience. They do not work with any garage they find, instead, they personally select each one they work with, negotiate prices directly, and are always reviewing the quality of the services they provide on their clients’ cars.

At Fixter, they are proud to have established excellent relationships with local garages, leading to the fact that they can always negotiate competitive rates on the customer’s behalf. They offer the average of 30% less than main dealerships’ prices. They as a team choose and review the most trustworthy local garages in the area and ensure that the quality of service is maintained. Furthermore, all their services are covered by a 12-month warranty on parts and labor to bring their clients comfort.

Their fully insured Fixter Heroes bring a contactless collection and delivery service, with the possibility of adjusting the time slot to your convenience. You can be sure that Fixter will give you a quote that is relevant to your issue and fairly priced, so you won’t be shocked by unexpected expenses. Their own experts guarantee that you get high-quality service at the lowest price, every time.

They have a variety of services at Fixter which are both convenient and reasonably priced to help you maintain your car in good working condition. It is possible to book an MOT from £40. This price guarantees your car complies with all legal requirements.Need a service? They have you covered with the starting price of £129. Let’s say your car needs a repair or a replacement, either brakes, timing belts, or something else, Fixter is here to help.

Don’t know what’s wrong with your car?No problem! Their diagnostic services start from just £48, which means you can find out any issues that you may have in a very short time and without any hassle. Some of their common repairs involve changing brake discs, installing a new clutch kit, replacing brake pads, and replacing timing belts. Fixter is the place to be if you need to have your car taken care of properly.

How Fixter Works: Simplifying Car Maintenance

Fixter makes car maintenance easy by offering a simple online booking system that shows the price right away and has no hidden costs. Just get online and book your service with them, their in-house experts will then choose the best garage for your car. Get your items delivered for free, and return them conveniently. Pay only after you receive them.

Once your reservation has been confirmed, a fully-insured driver from Fixter will collect your car at a time and location that suit you. On the other hand, you can drive the car to the garage by yourself if you prefer.

While their in-house experts are working on your car, they will keep you updated about the progress of your car maintenance. You will not be charged until all the work has been done to your satisfaction and the approval of their team. Lastly, your Fixter driver will bring your car back to you at the time you find most convenient.

The Story Behind Fixter

Fixter was born from the experience of being tired of the existing solutions. The founders who have never been satisfied with any car services came up with the idea of starting their own business.

The couple was frustrated with the process of calling around for estimates and taking time off work to go to the local garages, so they decided that there must be a better way. They were seeking a car maintenance service as easy as booking a taxi or ordering a takeaway.

They created Fixter with the vision of delivering a complete car service from the start to the end, including qualified professionals and outstanding customer service.

Currently, Fixter cooperates with hundreds of the best garages in the country, which guarantees a high-quality service to tens of thousands of the UK car owners every month.

Conclusion: Your Hassle-Free Car Care Solution

With Fixter, you will no longer have to deal with the inconvenience that you do with car maintenance. They’ve transformed the car care experience from being a complicated process to something as simple as ordering your favorite takeaway. With the affordability and quality service that Fixter offers, coupled with the online booking and contact-free collection and delivery services, Fixter has become a one-stop solution for all your car maintenance needs. Trust Fixter to ease your car care routine, while you are not distracted by your car and instead can enjoy your trip.


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