About Solbari Sun Protection 

Johanna Young, their Founder and CEO, at Solbari is personally aware of the toll melanoma and skin cancer can inflict on people and their loved ones. Seeing the consequences of these diseases via her voluntary work with skin cancer charity inspired Johanna to act.

More Americans than all other malignancies combined are diagnosed with skin cancer annually; 1 in 5 Americans will have skin cancer by the age of 70. For this reason, at Solbari they commit their selves to be worldwide leaders in skin cancer research, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Their goal at Solbari is to see a society free of skin cancer. They promise to do everything in their power to bring about it.

Prevention is vital as up to 90% of skin cancer occurrences result from UV overexposure. Whether you are young or elderly, it is never too late to begin shielding your skin from the damaging UV rays as skin cancer results from cumulative sun exposure. Come along on Solbari journey towards a sun-wise existence.

Swimwear Collection

Long Sleeve Printed Swim Dress

Long Sleeve Rash Guard UPF50+ Aqua Sport Collection

Long Sleeve Printed Swim Top UPF50+

Swim Leggings UPF50+

Long Sleeve Swimsuit UPF50+

Stay Fashionable and Protected with Solbari

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