Discover Start-Rite’s Baby Shoes: Quality and Comfort for Early Explorations

Start-Rite’s baby shoes for boys and girls are crafted from durable, high-quality materials, ensuring both safety and fun during their early explorations. Their collection includes classic Mary Jane and t-bar buckle shoes for girls, as well as modern double-strap pre-walkers with secure riptape fastenings. From boots to trainers, all Start-Rite baby shoes are designed with utmost care to provide gentle protection for tiny feet.

Their baby footwear ensures that delicate feet are protected both inside and out. With internal padding and lightweight external bumpers to allow natural movement, their shoes are crafted from the softest leathers and feature easily adjustable fastenings for day-long comfort and maximum sensory feedback for your baby.

Fairy Tale

Introducing Fairy Tale by Start-Rite, the perfect choice for your little one’s first steps. These navy patent girls’ rip-tape first walking shoes feature delicate floral detailing, offering both style and support. With breathable linings and padded ankles, they ensure comfort and stability during those crucial early steps. The lightweight, flexible sole encourages natural movement, while the rip-tape fastening allows for easy adjustment by little fingers.


Introducing Hopper by Start-Rite, the perfect choice for nature-loving boys. These navy leather rip-tape pre-school shoes feature a fun frog-themed design that will put a spring in their step. With targeted protection and flexibility where it’s needed most, including scuff-resistant heel and toe bumpers, these shoes are built for adventure. Two secure rip-tape fastenings ensure a snug fit, while breathable mesh linings, padded ankles, and a removable footbed provide all-day comfort. Kids will love the fun frog motif on the strap and bug detailing on the sole.


Introducing Playhouse by Start-Rite, the perfect combination of style and durability for your little girl’s first steps. These pink leather rip-tape girls’ first walking shoes feature a pop of color and a rugged design that can handle every rough and tumble. The first steps sole is designed to move and flex, encouraging natural foot movement while providing protection. Two adjustable rip-tape fastenings ensure a secure, snug fit and are easy to take on and off wriggly little feet. With leather linings to absorb moisture and a removable footbed for a comfortable fit, these shoes are both practical and stylish. Crafted from soft pink leather with contrast stitch detailing, they’re sure to be a hit with your little one.

Dino Foot

Introducing Dino Foot by Start-Rite, the perfect first walking shoes for your little adventurer. These durable dinosaur-themed shoes are designed for action, with enhanced toe and heel protection and padded collars for instant comfort. Breathable leather linings ensure air flow and moisture absorption, while the leather-lined insole can be removed if needed. An extra grippy sole provides traction, and the wide rip-tape fastening allows for a snug, precision fit and easy on/off. In French navy leather with a dinosaur motif on the closure and a dinosaur foot applique on the heel, these shoes are as stylish as they are practical.


Introducing Daydream by Start-Rite, the perfect boots for your little girl’s first steps. These navy iridescent leather rip-tape first boots are designed to support wobbly walkers with a new biomechanically designed sole that offers natural and easy movement. The double rip-tape fastening ensures a superb fit, and the removable, leather-lined insole adds extra comfort. Made from soft metallic leather with a patent finish, these boots are adorned with pretty nature details, including butterfly and flower appliques.

Explore Start-Rite’s Baby Shoe Collection: Style and Support for Tiny Feet

Start-Rite’s baby shoes offer the perfect combination of quality, comfort, and style for your little one’s early explorations. Crafted from durable, high-quality materials, these shoes ensure both safety and fun during those crucial first steps. Whether it’s the delicate floral detailing of Fairy Tale, the fun frog-themed design of Hopper, or the rugged yet stylish design of Playhouse, Start-Rite has a shoe to suit every little adventurer. With features like breathable linings, padded ankles, and adjustable rip-tape fastenings, Start-Rite baby shoes provide day-long comfort and maximum sensory feedback for tiny feet. Give your little one the best start on their journey with Start-Rite baby shoes.

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