When summer comes knocking brightly, that is the time to welcome it in the most stylish way possible. Bring some light to your day and to your outfit by being confident and fashionable with the help of a genuine style designer sunglasses. They are fashionable accessories and allow one to express their personality and fashion sense while at the same time protecting their eyes from the sun. At Genuine Style, explore a selection of women’s sunglasses with stunning looks and great UV protection to make sure your vision is safe and stylish.

From Vision to Reality: The Genesis of Genuine Style

Genuine Style has been in operation for more than a decade and it was started due to realization of the gap that existed in the market in terms of branded sunglasses and the ever increasing trend of quality branded products in the market. Initially established to provide stylish and authentic designer frames to people, today Genuine Style has emerged as a reliable optical store in its domestic as well as international market. They have grown their staff, gone into export business, and have broadened their product offering from just one type of sunglasses to a wide range of hundreds of designer sun glasses.

Being aware of the challenges customers go through while choosing the right pair of sunglasses, Genuine Style has made it easier for the customers. Such practical strategies include the virtual fitting tool on their website to guarantee that the customers get the best glasses. Additional factors that can be added to increase the satisfaction of the customers include free and faster delivery, easy returns, and safe payment methods. As the company grows and introduces new products to the market, Genuine Style ensures that it provides excellent service and the best quality designer sunglasses that are fashionable and functional.

Now, let’s delve into their captivating collection perfect for sunny days. Prepare to discover your new favorite pair of sunglasses!

Guess GU00132 Women’s Sunglasses 05C Black/Smoke Mirror

Presenting the Guess GU00132 women’s sunglasses; the perfect blend of sophistication and chic that is perfect for the modern woman. These sunglasses are designed for those who like to be extraordinary and stand out from the crowd; they are not just a part of the outfit but a part of the personality. Whether one is walking around the town or relaxing at the shore, the GU00132 sunglasses are meant to elicit the appropriate style for any occasion with its combination of trendy appeal and classic appeal.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Soft Cat-Eye Shape: A classic cut that enhances the face shape with a slight raise, which is symbolic of the female gender.
  • Thin and Light Metal Style: Provides comfort for wear throughout the day while at the same time being highly durable. Great for the busy woman of today.
  • Colour Touch Ciliary: The frame’s subtle color accent transitions smoothly to the temple, which gives the piece a harmonious and fashionable design. There is a wide range of colours to select from to suit one’s individuality.
  • Iconic Squared “G” Logo: These exquisite sunglasses are embellished with Guess’s squared “G” logo which is a symbol of refinement and recognisability of this brand.
  • Coordinating Temple Tips: The combination of the temple tip colours with the ciliary is well thought out and adds a finishing touch which is complete and which gives an overall look of attention to detail which Guess is famous for.

Create a slogan that reflects your persona and attitude. The Guess GU00132 women’s sunglasses will introduce you to a new world where fashion and functionality blend in the most elegant manner you can ever imagine. Are you prepared to walk out into the sunshine with the smile and charm? Your next must-have accessory awaits.

Discover the allure of individuality with the Guess GU00132 sunglasses—Embrace your unique style and stand out from the crowd!

Scotch & Soda SS5022 Women’s Sunglasses 800 Silver & Blue/Blue-Orange Gradient

Discover the true meaning of the contemporary elegance and responsible approach to fashion with the Scotch & Soda SS5022 women’s sunglasses. Designed for the pioneers and advocates of sustainable fashion, these sunglasses embody Scotch & Soda’s ethos of freedom, originality, and the free-spirited essence of Amsterdam. Whether you are strolling around the city or walking through the forest, the perfect combination of style and conscience is with every wear.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Geometric Squared Shape: These sunglasses are daring and stand out from the rest of the crowd due to the squared geometric shape.
  • Metal Frame: Strong and at the same time not too heavy is the metal frame that gives a professional and elegant look to the eyeglasses.
  • Stylish Curved Arm Design: The slightly curved arms serve not only as the comfort but also contain the logo of Scotch & Soda at the temples.
  • Timeless Elegance and Modern Flair: It is easy to combine the traditional styles with the modern ones, and that is why these sunglasses are perfect for any outfit.
  • Comfort and Durability: The metal used in the construction of the frame is strong and durable for long use and yet very flexible for all day wear.
  • Brand Statement: The Scotch & Soda logo, you are already in the right team with a brand that cherishes the uniqueness of every individual and the environment.

The brand Scotch & Soda is based on the inspiration of the free spirited city of Amsterdam. Their designs are optimistic and personal; they combine tradition and modernity, colors and materials to produce clothes that can be somehow quirky and always spirited. Scotch & Soda has vowed to support sustainability, and the company is always willing to make the right decisions that will help it minimize its effects on the environment, so that every item it produces is fashionable and sustainable. Fellow the trend of sustainable fashion without having to sacrifice elegance.

Embrace your style with the Scotch & Soda SS5022 women’s sunglasses and be proud to be you every time you put it on!

Versace VE4459 Sunglasses 108/87 Havana/Dark Grey

The Versace VE4459 sunglasses are stylish accessories that will light up your style with confidence. Designed for the elite of exquisite taste with an appreciation of fine taste in the architectural design of these eyepieces, these sunglasses are not mere fashion accessories but power statements. No matter if you are walking down the street of a big city or relaxing at the pool, Versace VE4459 sunglasses will make your look even more luxurious and sophisticated.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • On-Trend Square Shape: Sleek lines converge with classic sophistication to provide you with a non-apologetic look.
  • Iconic Medusa Emblem: Feel the harmony of fashion and art in Medusa on the temples, referring to the history of Versace.
  • Archival Inspiration: The metal decor is a piece from Versace’s archive and the contemporary design of the furniture and accessories will appeal to the most demanding aesthetes.
  • Bold Design: These sunglasses do not say it softly; they shout out loud about the fashion conscious that you are, and the self assurance you possess.

Versace a brand name that has long been associated with luxury and design superiority is now ready to let you have your fun in the sun a little more stylishly. Improve your attire and enjoy the quality of made in Italy – because style this refined does not merely complement your outfit; it accentuates your personality.

Step into the spotlight with unmatched style and confidence in the Versace VE4459 sunglasses – Add a touch of luxury and make a statement that captures attention wherever you go!

Michael Kors MK2205 Montecito Women’s Sunglasses 300587 Black/Dark Grey

Luxuriate in the epitome of elegance with the Michael Kors MK2205 Montecito women’s sunglasses. These are not only the sunglasses that complement the face and protect eyes from the sun but also the symbol of sophistication and a whisper of defiance. The Montecito sunglasses are a perfect embodiment of the Michael Kors’ Hamilton lock and a chain-link temple, which reflects the sophistication and the quality of the modern fashion world. Regardless of the occasion ranging from strolling in the city or going to the glamorous event, these sunglasses are designed to redefine your style every time you put them on.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Iconic Cat-eye Frames: Sleek luxury to the nth degree is combined with a very bold design that captures the light in all its facets.
  • Sophisticated Chain-link Temple Detailing: A symbol of elegance that goes beyond the utility aspect and conveys a sense of luxury.
  • Michael Kors’ Hamilton Lock: Sleekly placed, this emblem raises the style bar and at the same time, underscores the lineage of the brand.
  • UV Protection: Protect your eyes confidently from the scorching sun while at the same time accessorizing.

Slide your eyes into Michael Kors MK2205 Montecito women’s sunglasses and discover an accessory that is not bound by the four quarters of the year—timeless, striking, and unabashedly elegant. Dress up your look and make everyone turn green with envy from every corner.

Unveil a new level of elegance with the Michael Kors MK2205 Montecito women’s sunglasses. Make them yours and elevate your style with a touch of luxury!

Dolce & Gabbana DG6187 Women’s Sunglasses 501/87 Black/Dark Grey

Unveiled for glamour and elegance, the Dolce & Gabbana DG6187 women’s sunglasses are elegant pieces of fashion art for the sophisticated and stylish woman. These sunglasses are inspired from the latest fashion trends showcased in Dolce & Gabbana and hence are synonymous to modernity and refinement. Whether you are going to a black tie event or out for a walk on a bright day, let the DG6187 sunglasses enhance your style with its perfect synergy of trendsetting style and timeless elegance.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Contemporary rectangular shape: Eternal but provocative, these frames enhance different face shapes, so everyone can become a fan of these glasses for every lover of fashion.
  • Nylon fiber style: The sturdiness of the material matches the intricacy of tri-injected temples that have an enlarged logo, which brings the idea of youth.
  • Tri-injection technology: Joining materials to create a long-lasting and stylish appearance for your eyewear, as long-lasting as your fashion sense.
  • Fine flat metal temples: Lightweight and comfortable as it has been designed to be but retains the characteristic Dolce & Gabbana look.
  • Ergonomic metal tips: Made for your comfort, so you can embrace the sunny parts of life without having to try too hard.

The DG6187 women’s sunglasses are where comfort is combined with style, where fashion goes hand in hand with practicality. Are you ready to make these your signature accessory? Discover the elegance of D&G and feel the harmony of the classical Italian style with a touch of modernity.

Experience luxury like never before with the Dolce & Gabbana DG6187 & Elevate your look with a touch of iconic style!

Why Choose Genuine Style?

  • Stylish Variety: As for men and woman, Genuine Style has every type of sunglasses for every face shape and individuality. From the timeless aviators to the chic cat eye glasses or the modern oversized glasses, there is a perfect pair out there for you.
  • UV Protection: Genuine Style sunglasses – shield your eyes from dangerous ultraviolet radiation. Every single style in their sunglasses has UV protection thus ensuring your eyes are safe while you make that stylish statement.
  • Durable Craftsmanship: Genuine Style sunglasses are made from quality material and are built to endure the wear and tear of day to day use while still being comfortable. Have frames that are long-lasting but still give the fashionable look that everyone desires.

Elevate Your Style with Genuine Style

Feel the essence of fashion and comfort along with safety by opting for the women’s sunglasses from Genuine Style. Whether it is a sunny day spent at the pool, walking through the city, or even just a day outside, their glasses are trendy and functional with comfort in mind. Walk out in the sun with pride knowing that you have selected the best eyewear that is quality and that your eyes are shielded.

Discover Genuine Style’s curated collection of women’s sunglasses today and redefine your perspective on style and sun protection, one stylish frame at a time!



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