ALOHAS was launched in Hawaii in 2015 with the aim of injecting fresh life into espadrilles, which are known as the summer footwear par excellence in Spain. Since then, they have rested from the heat to create collections for the autumn and winter, as well as clothes and accessories collections. In terms of style, gradually, they have been moving towards a sustainable style that combines modern and classics along with timeless icons. This evolution has not been done in one go but is a process that has taken a number of steps.

Sustainable Skirts Collection

Mariana Blue Denim Skirt

This longline skirt, called Mariana, is made from blue denim and has a classic column shape. The pockets, belt loops and rivets shown in this pair of jeans are five in number, as are those found in any genuine pair of jeans. It descends to the split hem and is intended to be worn on the waistline area. Due to its design, it is suitable to be worn over knee-high boots to create an interesting look.

Liv Grey Skirt

The Liv mini skirt is a fitting piece of clothing that is made from a wool felt material that is warm. In addition to the side zipper for ease of wearing, there is a buckle belt that outlines the waist. The stylist advises wearing these with knee-high boots and tights, and it is best to do so.

Blake Red Tricot Skirt

The Blake skirt is a joyously brilliant red colour and is knitted from a warm wool blend. It features an exquisite cable design and ribbed trims. There is a slight amount of flexibility added to it, which allows it to fit snugly around the hips and waist while still maintaining a comfortable fit.

Vittoria Ecru Tricot Skirt

The Vittoria skirt, which was designed to be a part of a set that matches well together, is an excellent addition to any of your favourite summer staples. Cotton is used in its construction, and it has an open design. It has a comfortable ribbed waistband that sits on the hips and falls to a straight silhouette.

Lori Lilac Skirt

With two for one,. The Lori can be used as a skirt or as a beach cover up, wrapped around the body. It is perfect when worn with a shirt, just as it is perfect when worn with a bikini. It is made from lightweight linen and has a cropped length that is very fashionable; It can be worn in any manner you desire since it has a side tie that can be fixed either up or down.

At Alohas, you can shop for sustainable skirts

One can find at Alohas eco-friendly skirts which can also be used in fashion industry. One can be certain that the choice of skirts is beneficial for the environment since every dress is sewn manually with eco-friendly fabric and following ethical standards. In the Alohas case, the company provides a wide range of designs that are not only functional but also look good while proving that the company cares about the environment and is capable of fulfilling consumers’ needs. When you decide to buy something at Alohas, you are making a positive contribution towards the improvement of the future environment and, at the same time, expanding your collection of trendy and contemporary clothes.

Embrace Eco-Chic: Shop Sustainable Skirts at Alohas Today and Make a Difference!


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