Whether you are the type of person who enjoys lounging poolside or you are the type of person who loves to fire up the barbecue, summer is meant for soaking up the sunshine. However, we all know how soon the elements can crush our patio furniture, grills, pools, and so on. From the blazing sun to the pouring rain, it does not take long for that sparkling new investment to look worn and weathered. Covers & All, the Canadian company, is the one that is changing the way of outdoor living by designing the covers, which are custom-made according to your space and lifestyle.


The One-Stop Shop for All Your Cover Needs

As a leading e-commerce provider of bespoke covers and tarps, Covers & All has upended the one-size-fits-all approach. Their philosophy? Every patio, pool, and piece of outdoor equipment is distinct – so why settle for ill-fitting, generic covers? By offering customized solutions for virtually any residential or commercial application, they’re ensuring your prized possessions enjoy year-round protection from the harsh Canadian elements.

Safeguarding Your Patio Paradise

There’s nothing quite like an evening spent luxuriating on your patio, is there? But without the proper precautions, that pristine setting can quickly lose its luster. Luckily, Covers & All has become renowned for their durable, waterproof patio furniture covers. Crafted from premium PVC-coated polyester, these covers are soft yet tough enough to withstand downpours, harsh winds, UV radiation, and more. Best of all, they offer a three-year warranty so you can invest with confidence.

But it’s the ingenious design details that really set Covers & All apart. Their patio covers come equipped with air pockets to prevent mold and mildew buildup, plus an array of tie-down options to keep them firmly in place on gusty days. From elastic hems to fabric drawstrings, you’ll never have to worry about your covers taking flight again!

And let’s not forget personalization – the company’s true pièce de résistance. Using their innovative online tools, you can custom-fit covers for even your most awkwardly-shaped pieces. Or, opt to have your name, initials, or a snazzy logo emblazoned across the fabric for a bespoke look that exudes flair. After all, your patio paradise deserves covers as unique as you are.

The Key to a Sparkling Oasis

For many Canadian homeowners, the backyard pool is the crown jewel of outdoor living. But keeping it glimmering isn’t easy – until now. Covers & All has curated an exceptional selection of inground pool covers to help you maintain a safe, sparkling oasis with minimal hassle.

Designed to accommodate any shape from classical Grecian to contemporary L-shape, their covers provide a powerful barrier against debris and unwanted pool visitors (we’re looking at you, rogue frogs and squirrels). Worried about harsh UV rays? Certain covers can actually block up to 90% of radiation to protect you and your family.

Of course, customization is king at Covers & All. Their covers can be tailored to your pool’s precise dimensions, stairs, deck type, and more for a seamless fit. You’ll also receive a handy storage bag and installation accessories at no extra cost. Just one more example of the top-notch service that’s made Covers & All a leader in the industry.

Grillers’ Delight: Safeguarding Your Outdoor Kitchen

Is there anything better than a summer barbecue with family and friends? From juicy steaks to charred veggies, there’s no better way to celebrate the warm weather. But when the party’s over, it’s crucial to protect your costly grill and heating equipment from the relentless outdoor elements.

Enter Covers & All and their premium line of weatherproof BBQ & heating covers. Available in custom and standard sizes to accommodate a wide array of grills, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens, their covers are built to withstand blazing sun, pelting rain, frost, and more. Their team will work with you to create covers tailored to your exact dimensions, fabric preferences, colors, tie-downs, and more. You can even have your prized grill customized with your name, logo, or favorite funny saying!

With Covers & All, you can rest assured your outdoor cooking oasis will remain in tip-top shape for seasons to come. No more costly repairs or premature replacements – just year-round grilling perfection.

Plush Poolside Lounging

For those who dream of lazy summer days spent beside the shimmering pool, Covers & All hasn’t forgotten about you. In fact, their premium custom cushion covers might just be the crown jewel of outdoor décor.

These stylish yet functional covers are masterfully designed to protect your plush poolside seating from harsh weather like pelting rain, scorching sun, and dry heat. Available in an array of vibrant colors and weather-resistant fabrics, they add instant sophistication to any setting. Plus, with up to a five-year warranty, you can invest in covers that will continue looking flawless for years to come.

As with all their offerings, customization is key. Covers & All allows you to select the ideal zipper or tie closure for your needs, keeping your cushions snug and secure. From sleek logos to witty text, you can even personalize your covers for a truly bespoke look that channels your signature flair.

Unparalleled Protection for Your Prized Vehicles

Whether it’s a slick new sports car, a rugged jet ski, or a beloved family bicycle, Covers & All has you covered – literally. The company’s elite lineup of vehicle covers was designed to safeguard your automotive investments from damaging weather and outdoor elements.

Using cutting-edge weatherproof materials, their covers form a resilient suit of armor to keep out dirt, debris, rain, snow, sun, scratches, and more when your treasured rides aren’t in use. From custom boat seat covers to snowmobile tarps, magnetic windshield protectors to formfitting car jackets, the options are truly endless.

And as always, the Covers & All team is standing by to craft a personalized experience. They’ll work closely with you to construct custom covers optimized for your vehicle’s unique size, shape, specifications, and weather conditions. You’ll also be able to add a distinctive logo or text for looks that are as unique as your ride itself.

By investing in elite vehicle protection from Covers & All, you’re not only extending the lifespan of your beloved automobiles and toys but also ensuring they retain optimal resale value for years of driving bliss.

The Canadian Company Making Outdoor Dreams a Reality

At the end of the day, Covers & All is about much more than just top-tier products. It’s about empowering Canadians to embrace the outdoor living experience to its fullest potential – without the weather worries. Thanks to the company’s fully customizable line of furniture covers, industrial-grade tarps, grill protectors, pool accessories, and more, you can design your ideal backyard haven and keep it pristine for longer than ever before.

So why settle for generic solutions that just don’t fit? This summer, discover the joy and luxury of bespoke covers crafted by masters of design, detail, and outdoor living. From their curated fabric selections to premium waterproof and UV protection, it’s easy to enhance your space with beauty, comfort, and unbeatable longevity. All that’s left is to sit back, fire up the grill, and soak up the warmth of the season in impeccable style.

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