Men fashion is constantly evolving and it becomes challenging to find shoes that are fashionable, comfortable, and durable. Sans Matin, a brand in luxury men’s trainers, has managed to overcome this problem by providing a list of bestsellers that meet the needs of the contemporary man. In this article, five products from Sans Matin’s collection are presented with focus on the peculiarities of the items and the brand’s quality approach.


Sans Matin is unique in the footwear market as it focuses on producing stylish and comfortable shoes that are made by hand. The brand is also focused on sustainability and the products are made from natural tree rubber and recycled plastics. Every pair of trainers is unique and is made in a way that would make the customers not to compromise between the looks of the trainers and the comfort that comes with it. It also gives a percentage of its profits to charity, which is a good indication of the brand’s social conscience.

The TATA | Men’s Luxury Leather & Nubuck Trainer

The TATA is a premium trainer that blends the sophistication of leather with the comfort of nubuck. This white and black trainer has a cushioned footbed, making it comfortable for casual wear. The material used is of high quality to ensure that the product lasts long and the design is fashionable to fit any occasion. Sustainable fashion is the core of Sans Matin, and the TATA is ethically handcrafted to prove it.

The Domingo | Men’s Luxury Trainer

The Domingo trainer is another luxurious shoe made from nubuck and suede. It is available in navy and white colors and is very elegant, therefore suitable for both casual and official wear. The trainer’s footbed is cushioned and the materials used are of high quality hence the durability. Like all Sans Matin products, the Domingo is ethically made, which is in line with the company’s policy on fair production.

The Eduardo | Men’s Luxury Leather Trainer

The Eduardo trainer comes in a sand color and is constructed with leather, nubuck, and suede material. This elegant trainer is comfortable and suitable for wearing all day, with a cushioned foot bed. The quality of the raw materials used in the making of this piece makes it long lasting while the design makes it a piece that stands out in any collection. Sans Matin’s ethical production methods ensure that the Eduardo is as ethically produced as it is stylish.

The Olympus Men’s Luxury Suede Trainer Grey & Sky-Blue

The Olympus trainer is also quite special due to the grey and sky-blue color scheme of the shoe. Crafted from the finest suede, this trainer is not only fashionable but also comfortable, and is part of a limited edition collection. The footbed is cushioned and the shoes are made from high-quality material that makes them durable and the style of the shoes makes them look luxurious. Like all the Sans Matin products, the Olympus is made with a lot of care and is an ethical product which is a plus for the company.

The Victor | Men’s Luxury Nubuck Trainer

The Victor is a stylish navy blue trainer made of nubuck leather. It is comfortable and has a cushioned footbed and well constructed to ensure it lasts long. The trainer’s design is elegant, and this makes it appropriate for use in casual occasions as well as in formal occasions. Sustainably produced and sourced, the Victor is a perfect example of Sans Matin’s commitment to producing ethical footwear.

Concluding Insights on Sans Matin’s Footwear Collection

Sans Matin’s collection of men’s bestsellers is an example of how the brand offers stylish, comfortable, and ethically produced clothing. Every model, from the TATA to the Victor, is aimed at the contemporary male, with the use of quality materials and stylish looks. If you are in need of a trainer that can be worn on any occasion or a shoe that will be perfect for formal events, Sans Matin has it all. When you decide to wear Sans Matin shoes, you are getting more than just high-quality footwear, you are getting a company that cares for the environment and people.

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