Their range cookers are not just appliances that serve the purpose; they will be the centerpiece of your kitchen no matter if you choose traditional or high-tech look. Therefore, for those people who reside in smoke control zones, Direct Stoves has a range of DEFRA approved range cookers and several multi-fuel and wood burning cookers from La Nordica and Esse.


Esse Ironheart Wood Burning Ecodesign Range Cooker

The ESSE Ironheart is a range cooker and a combination cooker that will allow you to cook delicious meals at home. Changes made to the Ironheart to meet the requirements of EcoDesign have made it even more efficient and eco-friendly than before; it was initially introduced in 2004 to commemorate ESSE’s 150th anniversary.

Enjoy the warmth of the Ironheart and watch your foods sizzle and fry to tasty goodness as you look through the large, clear glass window at the burning flames. With its nearly 50-liter capacity oven and the option to cook straight in the firebox, this stove gives you the best of both worlds: the gentle convective heat output of the convection panels and the all-round usability of a traditional wood fire stove.

The Ironheart’s “dog bone” hotplate can accommodate as many as six pans, so you could let your imagination run wild in the kitchen and impress your guests with succulent home cooked meals. Chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is happy at River Cottage HQ and one can easily understand why.

  • 47 Litre Oven
  • Hotplate up to 6 pans
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Heat output to room up to 7.6kw
  • Optional hostess shelf
  • EcoDesign compliant

Esse Warmheart Wood Burning Eco Design Cook Stove

Not only a source of heat for cooking, Warmheart cooking stove is a fantastic addition to any house. Besides bringing all the required utensils and other items to prepare delicious meals in your kitchen, it also brings a beautiful, bright look to your home. Cooking hobs with four zones are ideal for one pan meals, steaks, and fry-ups, the options are almost limitless. While cooking a meal or watching a movie, you can have the comfort of the fire light easily visible through the large window.

Not only does this cooker have a name that suggests warmth, but it has the heat transfer technology to back it up. Within five to ten minutes of lighting it, it warms up and emits a warm and comforting heat in your home. For additional heat control, there is the graded temperature hob that ensures your food is well cooked. Due to the temperature difference ranging from 300˚C in the center to 190˚C in the outer rim, you are able to prepare a range of foods.

Fashionable and contemporary, the Warmheart cooker is the perfect addition to any kitchen due to the top’s new folded-edge design. Besides, it is DEFRA exempt for use in Smoke Control Areas and conforms with EcoDesign, so you can use it in smokeless zones.

  • Provides stunning, radiant warmth while cooking
  • Four-zone cooking hob for versatile cooking options
  • Generous window for an uninterrupted view of the flickering flames
  • Unique heat transfer technology for quick and efficient heating
  • Graduated temperature hob for additional heat control
  • Updated folded-edge profile for a stylish look and feel
  • EcoDesign-ready and DEFRA exempt for use in Smoke Control Areas

La Nordica Thermo Suprema Compact Range Cooker

Cook like a true master chef and warm up your home with the Suprema Woodburning Range Cooker with Boiler. This magnificent Thermosuprema 18 will make your home even more comfortable and your culinary experiences even more delicious. 5kw range cooker.

Cook delicious meals for your family and friends with the background of the enchanting fire crackling sound. Any room will feel cozier with the Suprema Woodburning Range Cooker with the large window offering a view of the fire’s flames dancing. Apart from being an aesthetic feature, it is also a source of heat which will heat your house with a lot of ease.

The Suprema Woodburning Range Cooker though has more than that to offer You can freely set the temperature of the cooker to cook your food to your preferred level of heat. In addition, it does not only provide 3. 5 kW of heat to central heating and DHW, but also 15 kW. Snowy mornings are no longer a problem as you can enjoy warmth and comfort in your house and every corner of it.

This extraordinary gadget is all about getting the job done and getting it done right. The hob rings are also interchangeable, and this makes it possible for you to personalise your cooking as per your needs. Every item will be cooked to perfectly thanks to the chrome fender and heat control damper, which make it easier for you to control the heat.

The Suprema Woodburning Range Cooker is a cooker with some of the most impressive dimensions. Its oven dimensions are 307 mm x 418 mm x 430 mm, while the firebox dimensions are 257 mm x 350 mm x 407 mm, and the door opening dimensions are 233 mm x 160 mm, respectively More to the point, you can enjoy tasty meals and warm atmosphere, without being occupied with the fire, as the average hourly fuel consumption is 5. 2 kg/hr.

Hence, if you incorporate the Suprema Woodburning Range Cooker with Boiler in your house, you are assured of a warm, tasty, and warm ambiance. Enjoy the pleasure of culinary skills, create unforgettable experiences, and enjoy the comfort of a high-quality device.

  • Large viewing window for a mesmerising ambience
  • Provides 15kW of heating power to domestic hot water and home central heating systems
  • Removable hob rings for customised cooking
  • Chrome fender and heat control damper for precise temperature regulation
  • Door opening size: 233mm x 160mm
  • Firebox size: 257mm x 350mm x 407mm
  • Oven size: 307mm x 418mm x 430mm
  • Average hourly fuel consumption: 5.2 kg/hr

La Nordica Rosa XXL Majolica Wood Burning Range Cooker

The Rosa XXL Majolica Range Cooker will take you to a world of elegance and delicious home cooking. The epitome of fine dining, this exceptional cast iron piece is both traditional and contemporary in style. This range cooker, which is expected to meet the requirements of modern kitchens and at the same time have an eternal look, will lead your taste buds to a fairy tale.

Sophisticated and stylish, the Rosa XXL Majolica Range Cooker is an impressive appliance with a staggering 8. 5kW heat output and an 85% efficiency which is simply astonishing. Not only does it add appeal to your kitchen, but it also ensures that the food you cook will always be cooked to the best.

Two exquisite colours, Red and White are available to give your kitchen the touch of style that you desire. Each finish has its own charm, and adds a little flavor to the kitchen sanctum.

The Rosa XXL Majolica Range Cooker’s large 78L oven is a call to cook like there’s no tomorrow. Savor tasty dishes for the family and watch your creations cook through the large oven window at the same time.

The two ring burners of the hob offers enough space for preparing pasta or even for gently cooking sauces. Also, the wood drawer is rather useful as all your kitchen utensils and other necessities can be placed there and easily accessed.

  • 8.5kW heat output for a cosy ambience
  • 85% efficiency for optimal energy usage
  • Choice of Red or White Majolica finishes suiting your style
  • Large 78-litre oven with an expansive window for easy monitoring
  • Large cook top with two ring burners for versatile cooking
  • Wood drawer for convenient storage of cooking essentials

La Nordica Rosetta BII Liberty Wood Burning Range Cooker

Meet the ultimate in kitchen luxury: the Rosetta BII Liberty Woodburning Range Cooker. Taking some of the design features from its sister product, the Rosa, this work of art is compact and will look fantastic in any kitchen. When this fantastic cooker is in your home, you will be ready to cook even better than before.

The Rosetta allows you to make adjustments where you want them to be made through the exchange of the hob rings. Surrender to the desire to cook delicious dishes and prepare them quickly and efficiently. Every meal will be beautifully cooked and will stay in the warming chamber at the right temperature to serve as a perfect meal.

With the Rosetta’s ceramic tile options you can set the mood that is in harmony with your particular preference and style to enhance the kitchen’s personality. A touch of class can be added to any kitchen with this range cooker, which is available in two classic colours: red and cream.

The interior design of the Rosetta is liberal to create an environment that makes one feel like they are in a world full of possibilities. The door is large enough with an aperture of 209 mm x 265 mm and invites one to open it and see what is on the other side. The firebox is ideal for preparing delicious foods with the flavors of wood fire and the size of firebox is 230mm x 350mm x 382mm The oven size is 245mm x 300mm x 384mm giving you great control for baking, roasting or simmering.

It has a rather low average fuel consumption of 2. 0 kg/hr, the Rosetta will keep you going for hours, making it your ally in all your cooking escapades. Allow the Rosetta BII Liberty Woodburning Range Cooker take you to a world of fine cooking. Cooking can be taken to the next level by being creative and just savoring the taste and feeling of the food. May the Rosetta cast its light in your quest for the perfect dish.

  • Removable hob rings for customised cooking experience
  • Warming compartment to keep your dishes at the perfect temperature
  • Choice of ceramic tiles for personalisation and ambience
  • Available in striking red or timeless cream
  • Generous door opening size of 209mm x 265mm
  • Spacious firebox measuring 230mm x 350mm x 382mm
  • Ample oven space with dimensions of 245mm x 300mm x 384mm
  • Average hourly fuel consumption of 2.0 kg/hr

Upgrade your kitchen with a Direct Stoves range cooker today. Experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and efficiency. Shop now and transform your cooking experience!


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