They have been the industry leader in connection quality since 2011. Broadband had failed to meet people’s expectations and reach their houses. They therefore got on their feet and marched into the streets, using every fibre of their being.

Putting in countless hours to eliminate the scam from connectivity. They don’t sneakily increase prices; they just provide consumers lightning-fast speeds. Unwavering dependability provided by their superstar engineers. Both current and future generations will be able to rely on their purpose-built complete fibre network.

In addition to being pioneers, they are happy to be builders of the future, thanks to their innovative technology and the support of investors who share their vision. Their network is revolutionising the UK’s broadband infrastructure with its 18x faster-than-average gigabit speeds and superior fibre optic technology. They have partnered with property professionals and government entities to provide full fibre infrastructure that is customised to each property. Their team of experts is already active in 64 towns and cities and they are still adding to that number.

As they work towards the UK government’s goal of fully fibering the country by 2025, they are equipping more and more new buildings with gigabit enabled connectivity every week. Changing the face of broadband Dana Tobak, co-founder and chief executive officer of Hyperoptic, has spent over 20 years creating thriving international companies, including Be* Unlimited, which in 2006 set a new record for the fastest internet service at 24 megabits per second.

An recognised pioneer in her field, Dana was instrumental in the UK’s rapid adoption of full fibre. She received the CBE in 2018 for her contributions to the internet economy. With her leadership of Hyperoptic, Dana is leading the charge to roll out full fibre across the country.


You don’t need a landline for any of their business broadband plans. Whichever plan you pick, you’ll get unlimited data usage, 24/7 network monitoring and customer support. In the realm of broadband technology, full fibre stands tall as the pinnacle of reliability across the UK. Count on their dedicated support team, available around the clock, ensuring your queries and concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.

Experience the power of equally fast uploads and downloads with symmetrical speeds. Upload files as swiftly as you download them, optimizing your online experience. Tailor your broadband plan to suit your needs with their flexible options. Choose from 12-month, 24-month, or monthly rolling plans, providing you with the freedom to adapt as your requirements evolve.


Broadband that is offered by fibre optic cables is referred to as fibre broadband. This type of broadband allows data to travel at a significantly quicker rate than older methods. And it means a connection that is really quick!

Additionally, fibre optic cabling is not affected by electromagnetic interference, which in turn makes it extremely dependable. In point of fact, Ofcom claims that fibre is the most dependable broadband technology in the United Kingdom, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Broadband internet service is provided through the use of fibre optic cabling, which enables data to move through infinitesimally small tubes at the speed of light. The whizz!

In addition, fibre optic cabling is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference, which means that not only is fibre broadband extremely fast, but it is also quite dependable.The “fibre” service that a large number of broadband providers currently claim to offer is undoubtedly something you’ve heard about earlier. Be wary, however, because the fibre service offered by some carriers really terminates at the street cabinet, which means that copper phone lines are used for the remaining distance.

This type of connection is known as fiber-to-the-cabinet (FTTC), and depending on how far away you reside from the cabinet, it might result in irritating drops in service, which will have a significant influence on your experience with broadband.


It should come as no surprise that complete fibre broadband offers a remarkably low cost in addition to its obvious benefits. Making the switch to full fibre not only improves the quality of your internet experience but also has the potential to result in significant cost savings.

In order to accommodate both your requirements and your financial constraints, Hyperoptic provides a wide variety of adaptable alternatives. You have the ability to choose the service that is most suitable for your needs thanks to the availability of monthly rolling plans, as well as customisable Broadband Only or Broadband & Phone packages.

Furthermore, as their full fibre network continues to grow, a growing number of people are becoming aware of the significance and effectiveness of this technology. Due to the increasing number of buildings that are receiving access to full fibre connectivity, internet that is both quick and reliable is rapidly becoming a standard utility. The adoption of the complete fibre future has never been easier or more cost-effective, enabling customers to take advantage of high-speed internet with an unrivalled level of dependability to their advantage.


Hyperoptic offers a diverse range of broadband packages to cater to varying needs and preferences. From Fast to Hyperfast, each package is designed to deliver an exceptional internet experience.

During peak hours, the average (median) speeds in your location might be different. Distance from the router or wireless access point, use, and equipment all play a role in the actual speed you receive.

The packages include Fast, Superfast, Ultrafast, and Hyperfast options, ensuring users can choose the speed that best suits their requirements. With symmetrical speed, meaning the same download and upload speeds, users can enjoy seamless online activities such as streaming, gaming, and video conferencing.

Additionally, all packages feature unlimited data usage, 24/7 customer support, and a complimentary Hyperhub router, providing both reliability and convenience for users seeking a hassle-free internet solution.


Broadband typically refers to internet services delivered through traditional copper wire or coaxial cable infrastructure. While broadband can provide internet access, its speed and reliability may vary depending on factors such as distance from the provider’s central hub and network congestion. Upload speeds are often slower than download speeds, leading to potential performance limitations, especially for activities like uploading large files or video conferencing.

On the other hand, full fibre, also known as fibre-optic broadband, utilizes fibre-optic cables made of glass or plastic strands to transmit data via light signals. This technology offers significantly faster and more reliable internet connections compared to traditional broadband. With full fibre, users can enjoy symmetrical speeds, meaning their upload and download speeds are equal, enabling smoother and more efficient online experiences. Additionally, full fibre networks are less susceptible to interference and signal degradation, resulting in more consistent performance even during peak usage times.

Standard broadband, sometimes known as ADSL, has historically relied on the utilisation of preexisting copper phone lines for delivery, which can lead to annoying service interruptions and is typically significantly slower. Depending on the service provider, typical speeds range from 10 to 11 Mbps.

An advantage of fibre is its speed. In particular, whole fibre! Full fibre is the clear winner when considering speed and reliability.

Full fibre broadband is what they offer, so you can be sure that they will deliver all the fibre deliciousness to your building. Bypassing those street cabinets, their purpose-built network allows you to harness the full power and speed of the exchange.

Their connection is the gold standard for high-speed, dependable internet; it’s known as fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) or fiber-to-the-building (FTTB).

Upgrade your internet experience today with their unbeatable Hyperoptics deal packages and full fibre deals! Say goodbye to slow connections and hello to lightning-fast speeds and unmatched reliability. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your online experience. Explore their offers now and make the switch to full fibre today!

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