The narrative commences in 1969, with the inception of Samsung, driven by the aspiration to assist individuals in accomplishing the unattainable.
After more than five decades, they continue to engage in innovation, developing technology that surpasses conventional boundaries.

Breaking down both traditional and contemporary obstacles, and empowering individuals to do what was previously unattainable. Their purpose remains their driving force, as they prioritize people and their interests in all their creations.

Their ideals are the core foundation of all their actions and decisions. Their commitment to people, excellence, transformation, honesty, and co-prosperity is reflected in the five key principles that they follow. Every day, they prioritize these principles to sustain their growth, foster innovation, and question conventional norms, transforming their ideals into tangible actions.

Their primary focus is on prioritizing individuals and placing them at the core of all their actions. An individual dressed in black attire is positioned in a hall adorned with black and white stripes, gazing towards the left side.
Continuous advancement. They constantly strive to enhance people’s quality of life by developing innovative products and services.

There exist three light bulbs. Only one in the center is illuminated. They strive to push their limits and challenge the existing norms in order to have a significant impact on the world.

There is a cerulean surfboard floating on the ocean. Their primary objective is to consistently act in an ethical manner by maintaining transparency and honesty in their interactions with consumers and partners.

An airborne bubble is present. It is their belief that technology should be accessible to all individuals for their advantage. The system should be easily reachable, environmentally friendly, and utilized for positive purposes.

They lead the path: Since they perceive challenges as chances for growth. Because they possess a fearless attitude towards novelty and unfamiliarity. Through their innovative imagination and creation of cutting-edge technology, they empower individuals to accomplish tasks that were previously beyond their capabilities.



Modern technology combined with classic form in the Samsung Smart Watches range redefines how they engage with their digital lives. With so many models to suit different tastes and lifestyles, Samsung provides a smooth fusion of design and use.

All of the Samsung smartwatches are made with high-quality materials and exact engineering to guarantee elegance and longevity. There’s a watch to go with any wrist and ensemble, from the classic elegance of the Galaxy Watch line to the sleek and minimalist design of the Galaxy Watch Active series.

Beyond their good looks, Samsung smartwatches come with a plethora of cutting-edge functions meant to improve connectivity, productivity, and wellness. Users can easily handle their daily routines and stay connected on the go with the integrated GPS navigation, health monitoring sensors, and app compatibility.

Furthermore demonstrating Samsung’s dedication to ongoing innovation is the incorporation of cutting-edge technology as LTE connection, Samsung Pay, and Bixby voice assistance, which provide consumers with unmatched efficiency and convenience.

Here is what experts have to say about the Watch5 Pro and its meticulous design and some of its wonderful features.

Galaxy Watch 6 | Watch6 Classic

Do not bring your phone with you. Utilise the integrated GPS feature to place phone calls, navigate urban areas, and effectively reach your intended location.1. Monitoring Sleep Patterns
Comprehend the nature of your evenings in order to optimise your daytime activities. Utilise your Galaxy Watch6 throughout your sleep to track and analyse your sleep stages, sleep score, and sleep consistency, thereby enhancing your sleep quality.

Your watch can evaluate your physical fitness level in order to define your own heart rate zone. During your workout, you will receive notifications as you transition between heart rate zones, allowing you to modify your exertion level accordingly.

The Galaxy Watch6 Classic features a sleek rotating bezel that combines historical design elements with modern technology. This bezel allows for smooth and responsive scrolling, enhancing the user’s ability to interact with the screen in an intuitive manner. Customise your watch face with distinctive designs and photographs. Enhance the scope of your Galaxy. Synchronise your Galaxy Watch with your Galaxy smartphone, Tab, and Buds to achieve a fully interconnected experience.

  • A LTE connection is necessary in order to utilise certain functionalities on the Galaxy Watch6 Classic. LTE connectivity is exclusively accessible in LTE models.
  • Requires Samsung Health app version 6.24 or newer.
  • Requires compatibility with a Samsung Galaxy phone running Android 10.0 and having at least 1.5GB of memory.
  • The sleep tracking capabilities are designed solely for the goal of promoting overall well-being and physical fitness. This product is not designed for the detection, diagnosis, or treatment of any medical ailment or sleep disorder.
  • The measurements provided are solely intended for personal reference purposes. It is recommended that you get guidance from a healthcare practitioner.
  • The option to personalise the heart rate zone is available while choosing the outdoor run activity. To meet the requirement, one must maintain a continuous running pace of at least 4km/h for a duration exceeding 10 minutes.


Galaxy Watch5 Pro Bluetooth (45mm)

With the brand new Route workout feature, you can connect your watch with your phone and input GPX workout routes.
You can use Track Back to go back to the beginning after you’ve gone the distance. Voice or vibration-guided turn-by-turn navigation makes it easy for hikers and cyclists to stay on track.

Optical heart rate, electrical heart rate, and bioelectrical impedance analysis are all competently controlled by the robust 3-in-1 Samsung BioActive Sensor.

Keep tabs on your cardiovascular health by monitoring your heart rate and blood pressure. If you suffer from hypertension or hypotension, the BioActive Sensor can help you control your blood pressure by recording it. Take charge of your physique from the inside out with insights on your body fat percentage (BIA) and skeletal muscle weight. Everything you need to know to keep moving forward, in your own words. Miles, calories, and more can be tracked. You can keep track of more than 90 different exercises with the help of your watch’s motion detector. Afterwards, view your advancement on your mobile device.

Learn more about your sleep type using eight animal symbols and how their upgraded sleep tracking technology can assist you in developing better sleep habits. Plus, you’ll get sleep reports every night, so you can relax.
Sapphire crystal makes the front display two times stronger. With its black or grey titanium body, it appears to be unbreakable and can withstand massive blows.

Use your watch to capture the ideal group selfie or to ensure that you are properly framed when filming solo vlogs.19 Then, with your phone propped up, take a step back, look at the shot via your wrist, and press to snap. With just a little twist of the bezel or press of the screen, you can now even zoom in for a closer look. Pick a band that works for every occasion. You might also buy a bunch and wear them with different combinations. Flexibility is paramount.

  • Measurements 45 mm 44 mm | 40 mm 46 mm | 42 mm
  • The weights are 33.5g, 28.7g, 46.5g, and 30.3g, 25.9g, respectively.
  • Portions 52.0 g | 46.5 g
  • This is a display made of sapphire crystal.
  • X+ Display on Corning® Gorilla® Glass
  • Gorilla® Glass by Corning® with DX+
  • Aluminium for the armour, titanium for the material, and stainless steel for the material.
  • Typical battery capacity: 30 410 mAh | 284 mAh
  • Standard battery capacity: 4,590 mAh
  • Battery capacity (typical): 31

Galaxy Watch5 Pro 45mm BT Golf Edition

Constructed to endure the harshest conditions while capturing the admiration of style experts. 6 and 7 The Titanium Watch5 Pro has a golf motif, complete with a two-tone band, a unique watch face, and a fashionable green home button—all created using colours specifically used on the golf course. 1 Every moment is a tee time with the Galaxy Watch5 Pro Golf Edition.
To prepare for your round, have a look at the course before you hit the green. Browse a database of more than 40,000 golf courses across the world and bring a satellite or visual representation of each course to your game. Use Voice Guidance to learn everything about the course as you pan around the hole you’re in. Keep an eye on the future, plan ahead, and begin early. Use the “Quick Search” feature to narrow down your search to one of more than 40,000 golf courses across the globe.

Allow the voice to lead you through the course material. Get ready to hit the links with this option available in five languages! Having a million thoughts whirl around makes it difficult to hit a solid shot. You may adjust the distance to each club with the Distance by Club feature, line up your stance with the Pin Direction compass to hit the mark, and keep track of how far your shots have travelled with Shot Tracking. All the tools you need to relax and focus like an expert before the shot.

When you’re playing at your best, keeping track of your score can be difficult. After every hole, your Galaxy Watch5 Pro will display a score entry screen for you to quickly and conveniently enter your score. You can monitor your progress and keep track of your scores all with just your wrist! Features and applications may not be available in all regions, depending on factors such as the connected device, SW version, and carrier. Under controlled laboratory circumstances, the usual capacity has been tested.

  • Considering the difference in battery capacity among IEC 61960-3 samples, the usual capacity is the anticipated average capacity.
  • The Galaxy Watch5 Pro contains 573mAh, the Large 398mAh, and the Small 276mAh. Variables like network environment and usage behaviour might affect battery life.
  • The ISO 22810:2010 standard rates the Galaxy Watch5 Pro 50 metres water resistant.
  • Do not scuba dive or do other high-pressure water sports there. If your hands are damp, dry them before touching the gadget.
  • An independent lab certified the Galaxy Watch5 Pro dust-resistant: The device spent two hours in a test chamber with 2 kg of talc powder per cubic metre. Powder had a maximum diameter of 0.05 millimetres, and chamber air pressure was below ambient.
  • IP68 waterproof.
  • Used differently, dust-resistance may alter.
    Course availability varies.

Galaxy Watch 6 47mm

With up to 20% extra screen real estate, you can see more at a glance. With a black border that’s up to 30% thinner, the Galaxy Watch now has its largest screen to date, giving users even more room to express themselves with interchangeable watch faces.
In this more streamlined form, form and function harmonise. The new Galaxy Watch6 boasts a more compact design that makes it more comfortable to wear. An incredibly lightweight and cosy secret weapon, these have a classic round form and a seamless fit.

To remove the band from your watch quickly and easily, just press the button. With the simple push of a button, you may switch between your training and party outfits. The band guide facilitates alignment, and the gratifying click upon reattachment completes the process.
Always prepared, regardless of the weather. The display of your watch is made of ultra-durable Sapphire Crystal glass, which is both resilient and sturdy. The watch is tough enough to withstand your adventures, thanks to its IP68 and 5ATM classifications.

While you wear your Galaxy Watch6, the built-in PPG sensor will measure your heart rate and rhythm at regular intervals. It will notify you if your heart rate is excessively high or low. Additionally, it will notify you and prompt you to perform an electrocardiogram (ECG) to further investigate any irregularities it finds in your cardiac rhythm.

  • Crystal with Sapphire Accents
  • Display Dimensions: 37.3 mm 33.3 mm
  • Quick Charge 8, 9 compatibility
  • Support for the Galaxy Watch6 Classic with an infrared temperature sensor

Galaxy Watch4 Pro

Introducing their first smartwatch with built-in body composition measurement—the perfect tool to keep tabs on your fitness progress. For success, it’s important to track your skeletal muscle, body water, body fat, and other metrics. Their most advanced processor and Samsung’s BioActive Sensor make this Galaxy Watch the most innovative one thus far.

In under fifteen seconds, you may get a BIA reading with only two fingertips. Here they can see the underside of a Galaxy Watch4 and its sensor in action. To help you stay on track with your health objectives, the brand new Samsung BioActive Sensor takes real-time readings of your body composition.

Various metrics’ measurement findings, including weight, body mass index (BMI), skeletal muscle, body fat, fat mass, body water, and basal metabolic rate (BMR).
Monitor how far you’ve come in reaching your health objectivesMake a pact with yourself to lose weight, increase your fat percentage, and build muscle. Use your Galaxy Watch4 to keep tabs on your progress and get helpful reminders. Reward yourself for your successes with badges and work on improving your health from the inside out.

Join your loved ones in tracking your every step with the Galaxy Watch4. Using a real-time message board, you may keep track of your steps and compete in a friendly rivalry with your friends. In order to make exercise enjoyable, encouraging, and socially rewarding, challenges come with commemorative badges and a point system. A variety of exercise icons are displayed, with the swimming icon standing out. A Galaxy Watch4 is being worn by a woman as she swims in a pool.

Keep track of your heart rate when you recuperate after a workout to see how well your body performed overall. You may improve your exercises and train for new performance objectives with the help of Galaxy Watch4’s sophisticated index and interval training.

The Samsung BioActive Sensor takes your vitals in real time, including your electrocardiogram and blood pressure. Your blood pressure is swiftly measured by the sensors after initial calibration. Additionally, you may use the ECG to detect irregular heartbeats and transmit the results to your phone for easy sharing.
You can see the blood pressure sensor on the underneath of the Galaxy Watch4, and then the electrocardiogram sensor.
Take your vitals with the help of the PPG Sensor, an optical heart rate monitor.

Elevate Every Moment: Explore the Samsung Smart Watches Collection! Discover the perfect blend of style and innovation with Samsung’s Smart Watches. Shop now and revolutionize the way you experience time!








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