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These versatile heated brushes are the missing piece of your hair care routine, capable of producing everything from a voluminous blowout to iron-straight locks. They dry, comb, and style your hair in one convenient device, allowing you to achieve any desired look—from thick curls to ultra-sleek locks—without breaking the bank.

When you want a blown-out look but hate using a hairdryer, try The Drybar The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush. Would you like a quick way to change your style? Choose a hot air styler that allows you to swap out its attachments for different styles. One example is the Beauty Works AERIS Multi-Styler, but you can also choose the BaByliss Hydro Fusion Anti Frizz 4-in-1 Hair Dryer Brush. This way, you can try out all sorts of easy looks.

After you towel dry your hair and use a wide-tooth comb to untangle it, you can use your hot brush styler according to the instructions that came with your particular model. Dry your hair in parts, starting at the roots and working your way up. After a few passes, change the attachment head to the style you desire, and repeat the process until your hair is silky smooth and shiny.

Revolution Haircare Mega Blow Out Hot Air Brush Set

The Mega Blow Out Hot Air Brush Set by Revolution Haircare is ideal for those who want both a large, voluminous blowout and a short, neat style. This hair dryer and styler has six interchangeable attachments and two heat settings, so you can easily change your hair’s look.

To achieve your desired look, choose a styling attachment and click it into place. When your hair is wet or towel-dried, be sure to spritz it with a heat protectant. Divide, dry, and style as you like.

  • Gets the hair ready to be styled. Make sure your hair is moist before styling it for the best results.
  • While straightening and smoothing hair, a straight brush can help keep flyaways at bay.
  • In addition to massaging the scalp, the large paddle brush detangles and smoothes hair of every type.
  • Short hair can be styled with a 32mm round brush to produce tiny, unruly curls that seem natural and can even frame a fringe.
  • The product promotes volume, which in turn produces a large, curly blow dry.
  • Volume and bounce are achieved with the help of an oval brush.

BaByliss Flawless Volume Hot Air Styler

The BaByliss Flawless Volume Hot Air Styler is perfect for getting those salon waves. Use this portable hot air brush to create salon-worthy hairstyles in no time at all by shaping your hair while it dries. With its unique technique for controlling frizz and smooth styling bristles, this styler achieves volume, fullness, and shape with ease and comfort in the hand.


  • 500W with a 38 mm titanium-ceramic barrel for ease of use and maximum sound output
  • Various bristles for complete management
  • Controlling ionic frizz
  • A cold setting in addition to two heat options
  • 2.2-meter swivel cable

BaByliss Hydro Fusion Anti Frizz Rotating Hot Air Styler

To get the perfect blowout, use the BaByliss Hydro Fusion Hot Air Styler. For both straightening and curling hair, this heated brush employs cutting-edge air technology. In order to keep the hair from looking dry and brittle, the moisture balancing ionic system uses a combination of positive and negative ions to hydrate the hair. This product is perfect for those who want a salon-quality style without leaving the house. It’s easy to use and gets rid of frizz. The hair is left with a lustrous sheen and a silky texture. The ceramic barrel styler is equipped with gentle polishing bristles that smooth down the hair for a polished look.

After the hair is 80% dry, brush it well to eliminate knots. Split the hair lengthwise.
Just find the heat level that works with your hair type and move the switch to turn the device on. Holding the brush just beneath the hair at the scalp for a few seconds may increase volume from the roots. While you dry your hair, use the brush to lift the hair from the roots. As you work your way down the hair, hit and hold the corresponding rotation button to begin spinning the brush away from your head. Pulling the brush downwards will oppose the brush’s rotation as you do this. The hair in that part will become taut as a result.

  • 700W
  • A sizable ceramic barrel that rotates 50 mm
  • Gentle bristles for the smoothest possible polishing
  • With Super Ionic, your hair will be frizz-free and shiny all over.
  • Two heat levels and a cold mode
  • Complete control over your style with two rotation speeds
  • Brush with many directions
  • Cover for bristles
  • Synthetic bristles made from a blend of natural boar and nylon

Beauty Works AERIS Multi-Styler

With the Beauty Works AERIS Multi-Styler®, you may achieve any hairstyle you can imagine, be it sleek and straight, wavy or curly. In order to simplify your routine, the device comes with six different attachments that may be used to dry, shape, and volumize the lengths.

The tool’s lightweight design and powerful, ultra-precise airflow make it easy to style hair of any type, texture, or length—including extensions—and the tool’s ionic technology ensures that the results are consistently smooth. After deciding on a base and design, you can easily attach your preferred accessory.

Sections Included:

The Hair Dryer for Pre-Styling
The hair accessory that dries and preps hair for styling in record time.

Aeroflow Curler, 30 mm
This attachment makes full-bodied waves with its compact barrel design.

Corona Airflow Curler, 40 mm
This accessory’s silky, textured curl is the result of its big barrel design.

An Abrasive Paddle Broom
The wide bristle design of this brush creates extra tension, which aids in straightening hair and promotes a shine that is easy to see.

Oval Brush for Adding Volume
An ideal tool for thin hair because it serves to detangle as well as to add volume and lift.

Super Sized Round Blowout Tool
Use this spherical brush to achieve a salon-worthy blowout without leaving the house.

  • Stylish foundation with six interchangeable attachments
  • Electromechanical systems
  • Variables for temperature and airflow
  • Digital LCD screen
  • Safety system with automatic shutoff in the event of a blocked air inlet; maximum power output 1200W
  • Cable with a professional 2.5 metre length
  • Carrying case and cleaning bag

BaByliss Big Hair 50mm

The BaByliss Big Hair hot brush will let you get a salon-quality blowout without leaving your house. Without leaving the house, you can achieve constantly bouncy, natural-looking styles with this volumizing hair tool, which is ideal for revitalising flat hair.

The styler’s 50 mm ceramic barrel and dual-rotating brush head make it ideal for shaping and volumizing hair of any type, resulting in larger and livelier locks. Brushing hair with a comb that has soft bristles will help prevent breakage and tangles. An integrated conditioning system tames flyaways to achieve a high-shine, frizz-free finish, while encouraging incredibly soft and silky-smooth results.

The two heat settings and two speed levels help to avoid damaging the strands unnecessarily, while the one cool option aids in installing and maintaining the locks. This revolutionary and efficient hair styler will give your hair perfect volume and body every time.


  • 7,00W
  • Extra-large 50 mm ceramic cylinder
  • A mix of bristles
  • Two heat levels with a cold option
  • Two options for spin speed
  • Brush with many directions
  • Ionic super-control for frizz
  • A sheath to preserve bristles
  • A 2.5-meter swivel cord
  • Two-year warranty


Remove any excess moisture by rough drying the hair before styling. To prepare the hair for styling, comb it thoroughly to remove tangles after it is 80% dry. The appliance can be turned on by sliding the switch to the heat level that is appropriate for your hair type.

To add volume from the roots, position the brush head under the hair section near the scalp and hold for a few seconds. While you dry your hair, use the brush to lift the hair from the roots. As you work your way down the hair, hit and hold the corresponding rotation button to begin spinning the brush away from your head. Pulling the brush downwards will oppose the brush’s rotation as you do this. The hair in that part will become taut as a result.

Be advised that honing this approach could necessitate multiple tries. To stop the brush from spinning too rapidly, just let go of the rotation button and take it out of the hair. Keep turning the brush to tuck the ends under as you get to the very end of the hair section.

Go over every single hairstyle section. Remember to turn off and unplug the equipment after each use. Before putting the appliance away, be sure it has cooled down. To prevent damage to the bristles, place the guard over the top of the brush.


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