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Overlooking at Canal Street and located in the basement of the World Trade Centre, currently known as Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans, Vue Orleans is a culturally themed restaurant. One among numerous multi-level entertainment sections, this place is famous for its highly selective and incredibly technically-equipped exhibition that guarantees the visitor to learn about the core of the city.

Specifically, Vue Orleans utilizes four-dimensional theater, nine movies which were created especially for the park, seven motion-simulated rides, and the only 360-degree panoramic roof top view in the city. Vue’s digital storytelling is handled by the Cortina Group, who have the ability of providing excellent, and even Emmy awarded storytelling. Such capabilities, previously demonstrated in the National Museum of African American History and Culture and the exhibit devoted to Anne Frank, ensure the highest level of visitors’ satisfaction.

The creators of Vue Orleans proved themselves to be local experts whose efforts result in the creation of a genuine spiritual successor to the original. Professor Lawrence Powell from the Tulane University added historical aspects familiar in the film ‘Rise Up’ presented by Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.; Glenda McKinley, deeply into New Orleans music scene, and Eric Cager who is in music business. The added participation of talents whom are native of New Orleans such as Gwen Thompkins, Michael Gourrier, and Ben Sandmel adds credibility on the exhibits.

Unveiling the Heart of New Orleans: at Vue Orleans

Thus, Vue Orleans is aimed at offering diverse services which can make the experience that is had quite fascinating. The place boasts of 4-D theater attractions, first-run films, interactive and innovative exhibits and also a unique entertainment landmark, the five-storey 360 degree panorama viewing tower which is also commonly known as the Roof Top Tower in the city. Further, there are exciting services like the eating joint known as the 34th-Floor Café, where visitor can enjoy meals, take conducted tours, and walkthrough educative programs based on the culture and history of New Orleans. There are also occasions and private hires which are also possible for an ideal and wonderful visit.

Elevate Your Senses at Vue Orleans’ Observation Deck

Tour New Orleans like you have never before from the only 360° Indoor/Outdoor Observation wheel in the city, which is 34 stories high. The Vue Orleans observation deck gives a beautiful view of the New Orleans capturing the city’s architectural features, the wetland area, and water bodies. No matter if you are a first-time guest or a native resident of this amazing city, one is going to see New Orleans from a different view from this point and thus, I do recommend this point for everyone who wants to get deeper into the city’s beauty and history.

  • Beginner’s starting point to the city of New Orleans

Vue Orleans Café: The Food Spot

A bite and a drink at the 34th-floor café seem like the appropriate warm-up for the 360° viewpoint which is an open-air terrace. This being a roof bar, the guests are well taken through different privileges such as snacks, local beers, specialty drinks, and quality wines before they view the best of New Orleans. This cosy café offers a perfect opportunity to rest and taste the tones of the city before the extraordinary view of omni-directional panoramic scenery of the city would be disclosed.

  • Snacks and Local Brews
  • The regime of alcoholic drinks includes Signature Cocktails and Fine Wines.
  • A Great Warm Up To The Observation Deck

Explore the 33rd Floor Indoor Observation Deck

Unbelievable view of New Orleans from the 33rd floor Window indoor observation deck. The spectators can take time and see some of the views of the city and learn more about the history of the place at the same time. What might be even more important, from this perspective New Orleans seems to be one of the most colorful and lively areas of America, the place that embodies the richness of the culture; it is a perfect destination for those willing to get the feel of the city.

  • Best View of New Orleans
  • Immersive Historical Experience
  • Unique Vantage Point

Vue Finder: A Modern Point of View

This untraditional viewfinder called Vue Finder will let you explore New Orleans in a completely different way. Guests at the 33rd floor can simply aim the Vue Finders in any direction to get to know the city’s various and numerous districts. Read interesting facts about each region, starting from the French Quarter and ending with Uptown, West Bank, and Chalmette. This is a great way to get the feel of the place and everything that the city of New Orleans has to offer, people, and history, making the trip enjoyable and informative for everyone.

  • Interactive Vue Finders
  • Insights into Diverse Neighborhoods
  • Enhanced Visitor Experience

Panoramic Vue River Theatre: A Story of Art

However, the panoramic Vue River Theatre will take you through the narrative of New Orleans. Enjoy the enchanting history of the city told by the undisputed “Soul Queen of New Orleans” – Irma Thomas. Learn how this great body of water has shaped the fabric of life and the cultural development of this historic city. Besides, the location’s views, which make the storytelling experience richer, would allow people learn about New Orleans’ history and its relation to the great river even deeper.

  • Narrated by Irma Thomas
  • Panoramic Views
  • Historical and Cultural Insights

Why Vue Orleans?

Step into Vue Orleans and let the heartbeat of New Orleans unfold before your eyes!

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