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It all began in 1982 when Tim Waterstone assumed the leadership of Waterstones. In the 30 years that ensued, they grew to 300 outlets, employed 3000 great booksellers, and became a British cultural institution.

They are happy to have successfully grown their business, despite the seeming threat of e-readers and other online competitors, as the only remaining national bookshop chain under the management of James Daunt. In the last few years, new stores have appeared all over the country, as well as the existing stores have moved or been refurbished. They have ambitious targets with their most recent launches in Reigate and Clifton and relocations to prime sites in Edinburgh and Manchester’s Trafford Centre for their stores.

It is surprising for a large retailer, but their branch managers have quite a bit of freedom in the way they run their stores, focusing on local customers with little interference from the headquarters. The case in point that illustrates their policy of popularizing wonderful but underappreciated literature is John Williams’ Stoner, a delicate and deep novel, which they made a bestseller forty years after its first publication.

They are focused on bringing the spirit of Waterstones to every house and smartphone in Britain through their online activities, which are coordinated with their bookshops. They are located at Waterstones.com. Online Waterstones.com is the perfect counterpart to their physical bookstores, due to their very successful programs such as Waterstones Weekly, their regular reading update, and their growing range of special reader discounts and signed copies. The service that links the two, Click & Collect, has grown as they have, providing their customers with the best of both.

Waterstones greets you with its own coffee shops, large selection of books, many gifts, and passionate booksellers.

Bestselling Gift Books

Whether you’re shopping for a die-hard Harry Potter fan or an ardent home cook, their collection of best-selling gift books is sure to have something that will spark their interest. Take a look at their favourite selections of limited signed editions, clothbound classics, gift sets, collections, coffee table books, children’s books, and more.

Good Girl, Bad Blood Collector’s Edition – A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Book 2 (Hardback)

Good Girl, Bad Blood is an engrossing sequel to the best-selling A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, boasting remarkably assured narrative and an intriguing, believable ensemble of characters.Last year, she and Ravi Singh worked together to solve a murder case, and she used that experience to launch a true-crime podcast. Despite the podcast’s meteoric rise to fame, Pip maintains she has retired from investigative work.

However, when someone she knows goes missing, she will be forced to break that pledge. The authorities are doing little to investigate Jamie Reynolds’ disappearance. Pip will find Jamie if they refuse, and she will learn more of the town’s sinister secrets as she goes—and this time, everyone is paying attention. However, will she be able to locate him in time

Interesting Stories about Curious Words: From Stealing Thunder to Red Herrings (Hardback)

Another lexicographical masterpiece from the queen of Dictionary Corner, who has a knack for hilariously tracing the origins of popular expressions, is here. An actual event inspired the play ‘Stealing Thunder’; the first freelancers were hired knights (‘free’ + ‘lance’); Nelson was the first to ignore orders (by covering his blind eye with a telescope); Gordon Bennett and Jack the lad were real people (albeit extremely misbehaving ones); pulling someone’s leg was a prank used by thieves in the 18th century; and buttering up originated from the Indian practice of hurling balls of ghee at statues of deities in order to gain their favour.

Every word and phrase they use every day has a fascinating history and story behind it, and this is just a tiny sampling of them. Susie Dent delves into the most delightful cock and bull tales, white elephants, red herrings, and nine-day marvels in English in her book Interesting Stories about Curious Words. Dent is widely regarded as Britain’s most brilliant lexicographer, linguistic expert, and beloved national treasure. This delightful compilation is a must-have for word lovers everywhere; it has enough tales to fuel a hundred conversations.

Carrie: Fiftieth Anniversary Classic Edition with a new introduction by Margaret Atwood (Hardback)

Featuring an introduction by Margaret Atwood, King’s groundbreaking horror masterpiece about the titular telekinetic adolescent is now accessible in a breathtaking 50th anniversary hardcover edition. The story’s ability to captivate readers remains unchanged.

Produced for the fiftieth anniversary, this stunning hardcover classic edition of Carrie, King’s first published novel, including a new introduction written by Margaret Atwood.

There is no female like Carrie White.

Telekinesis is a talent that Carrie White possesses.

As Carrie strives for acceptance from her high school peers, her wish comes realised when Tommy Ross extends an invitation to Prom Night.

While she is compelled to unleash her dreadful talent upon the town that scorns and despises her, the events of that terrifying and never-ending night will take a definitely murderous turn.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Collectors Edition (Hardback)

As part of her schoolwork, a charming adolescent sleuth named A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder sets out to solve a cold case in this enthralling hardback edition of Jackson’s captivating murder mystery.

Nominated for the 2020 Young Adult Book Prize

The 2020 Children’s Fiction Winner at the British Book Awards

An exciting new young adult criminal thriller on par with Serial, Riverdale, and One of Us Is Lying in terms of gripping storytelling and page-turning action.

This matter is now closed. Andie Bell, a schoolgirl, was murdered by Sal Singh five years ago. He is known to have committed the crime by the police. His guilt is known to all in town. But Pippa Fitz-Amobi isn’t convinced; she grew up in the same sleepy town that the crime wave swept across. As she decides to use the case as her capstone project, she begins to learn information that someone in town is trying very hard to keep concealed. I wonder how far they will go to prevent Pip from discovering the truth if the true murderer is still at large.

Riverdale, They Were Liars, and One of Us Is Lying lovers will love this show. At the tender age of fifteen, Holly Jackson finished her first (terrible) attempt at a novel, although she began penning tales at a young age. She resides in London and plays the role of a fictional detective in her spare time by viewing true crime documentaries and playing video games. Her inaugural book is titled A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. On both Twitter and Instagram, Holly can be followed as @HoJay92.

Keira & Me (Hardback)

The touching tale of Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick and his dog Keira features lovely pictures by Laura McKendry and is sure to delight readers of Together, The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse.

In this heartwarming new holiday tale, national treasure Professor Noel Fitzpatrick (the Supervet) will break your heart before mending it again.

It was the right thing to do to simply do my best when you were there.

Keira is an exceptional canine. From the time they first met, she had control over Noel’s emotions. Why? Because Keira isn’t quick to pass judgement. The superficial things that separate them are often invisible to her.

Keira is always there to encourage Noel, telling him that all he needs is a strong desire to do the right thing, kindness, and honesty, and that he should do his best no matter what. Keira is always prepared to offer a helping hand and guide him back to the light when he is faced with total darkness.

Inspired by the real-life story of Keira and Noel, Keira & Me depicts the profound connection that exists between humans and animals. The brilliantly drawn fable encourages them to accept the ups and downs, the joy and pain, that make up a life. It is inspiring, healing, and a passionate celebration of love.

Explore Waterstones‘ selection of best-selling gift books right now!

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of best-selling literature with Waterstones‘ thoughtfully curated selection for you. They have all you need in their selection for everyone. You can give your friends and family a meaningful gift or buy a good novel for yourself. And so with the principle purpose of entertaining and enchanting in mind, each of these books have been chosen from a wide selection of genres namely captivating thrillers, delightful fiction, interesting biographies, and spectacular coffee table books. Their achieving books that have been sold many times show the evolution of modern literature and its beauty, as well as that of books which are timely and significant. Let go of all your inhibitions as you stroll down their isles in search of the perfect book that will wow you.

Discover Best-Selling Gift Books at Waterstones

Immerse yourself in captivating stories and enrich your reading experience with Waterstones‘ best-selling gift books. Explore their collection now and find the perfect literary companion for yourself or a loved one!


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