A motley crew of daredevils, WildBounds is on the rise. Despite their differences in occupation and upbringing, they all have a love for the great outdoors, an appetite for both large and small experiences, and an insatiable curiosity to learn more about the history and culture of the places and people that move them.

WildBounds are firm believers that if they want to experience life to the utmost, they need to test WildBounds limits, go outside of their comfort zones, and face their fears.

Exceptional gear from independent brands—brands with a narrative, an emphasis on sustainability, and craftsmanship—is what you’ll find at the WildBounds Store.

The WildBounds Journal is a source of motivational articles about outdoor activities, sports, culture, and lifestyle. Adventure, Camp Notes, Brands, Field Guides, Movers, Culture & Pioneers, and Detours are some of the sections included. Owned and operated by Britons, WildBounds are a wholly independent business.


The collection of rugged, fashionable, and practical packs that WildBounds  provide is designed to accommodate metropolitan travel, everyday carry, and travels from the city to the countryside. If you are looking for a daypack to assist you in overcoming your commute or to transport your equipment on trips that take you further afield, you can be assured that they have your back.

Scree 32 | Women’s

Tired of digging through your bag for that one thing you need? You know, the one that never seems to rise beyond the depths?  With this pack’s ingenious three-zip design, you can quickly and easily reach all of your goods. Additionally, it simplifies the process of storing a reservoir for hydration. The ideal day pack, crafted from durable yet feathery 210 denier fabric, with trekking pole tool loops, compression straps on the front and sides, two vertical pockets inside, and a detachable waist belt. The Scree 32 is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a multipurpose daypack, minimalist overnighter, or general purpose everyday carry bag.


  • Tailored for women and protected by patent The Futura Yoke micro-adjusts to the wearer’s torso length with ease, providing the ideal distance between the back and the frame.
  • The internal HDPE frame sheet provides support and rigidity.
  • Use the zippered top pocket to keep your necessities neat and within easy reach.
  • For those moments when a waist belt is more of a nuisance than an aid, you can remove it and use the zip compartments on it.
  • Both sides of the pack have convenient pockets for water bottles.
  • Hydration storage tank that is compatible
  • Durable for the long term thanks to its double-layered bottom
  • With its three-zip design, this pack allows you to quickly and easily access all of your belongings.
  • Hiking pole and ice tool storage loops
  • Effortless transport with compression straps on the front and sides
  • Organise your gear with the help of two vertical interior compartments.

Coulee 50 | Men’s

Avoid carrying a heavy load if you’re attempting to climb a steep mountain or traverse a boulder field; doing so could throw you off your equilibrium. It is essential to have a pack that not only fits comfortably but also efficiently transports things for epic mountain days. For this reason, the Coulee 50 is a great choice for long days on the hill or for adventurous overnight camping trips. You can achieve a custom fit by microadjusting the yoke, which opens up the area between the back and frame. No matter how much gear you’re carrying, the clever engineering optimises weight transmission, giving you a dynamic and stable carry.


  • The mainframe is made up of a top horizontal bar and two composite rods arranged vertically. For a solid and dynamic carry, the composite cross stay aligns the vertical rods and lets them bend and rotate. A three-section HDPE frame sheet for reinforcement, with two upper and one bottom section
  • The mainframe sends the load’s weight to the wings, which in turn send it to the belt, distributing the load evenly. To prevent the belt from slipping down over the hips and to distribute weight efficiently, the waist belt cants and moulds to the wearer’s shape.
  • The innovative Futura Yoke from Mystery Ranch can be fine-tuned to fit your body precisely by microadjusting the distance between your back and the frame.
  • Two top-zip compartments for storing and retrieving necessities
  • The detachable waist belt has zip pockets in case it becomes an inconvenience rather than an asset.
  • Both sides of the pack have convenient pockets for water bottles.
  • Hydration storage tank that is compatible
  • With its three-zip design, this pack allows you to quickly and easily access all of your belongings.
  • Attachment points for storing trekking poles
  • Compression straps on the sides for secure attachment and load stability

High Water Flip

Anyone with an adventurous spirit will have been really wet at some point. You and the remainder of your gear likely became equally soaked. So long as you have a plan in place for when that happens, it’s alright. Additionally, the High Water Flip could be a good choice for journeys that could include both light splashing and complete immersion. Perfect for strenuous land or sea travel, this traditional barrel-shaped backpack has welded construction, waterproof zippers and robust high-denier ballistic nylon. The padded back panel and shoulder straps make it simple to carry, and the flip-top lid provides quick access. An interior lid pocket and a floating, cushioned laptop sleeve ensure the safety of your electronics.


  • Produced using the extremely durable and resistant to tearing 840D ballistic nylon.
  • Seams that are RF-welded are fused together to create a strong and waterproof joint.
  • It is waterproof, abrasion-resistant, heat-resistant, and flexible at low temperatures thanks to the two-sided TPU coating.
  • Included with TRU Zip, the world’s first fully submersible, sliding, toothless, silent, dustproof and self-healing zipper assembly
  • The classic flip-top lid opens to reveal the contents with ease.
  • The interior space of the lid
  • Embroidered body panel and fixed harness for additional comfort
  • Padded, floating sleeve accommodates computers up to 15″ Secure your pack with straps that go from side to side.

Terraframe 80

Biggest expeditions to the most remote and extreme locations call for an arsenal of gear. It becomes more than what most packs can reasonably handle at times, leading to a cumbersome, unpleasant, and disorganised burden. These kinds of obstacles are no match for the one-of-a-kind Terraframe packs made by Mystery Ranch. Taking design cues from their illustrious hunting and military packs, these premium expanded load transporters come with an outside frame and the brand’s trademark Overload function. When you detach the backpack from its frame, a load shelf appears, perfect for stuffing extra gear or oddly shaped objects. The carbon fibre frame stays give the suspension just the right amount of torsional flex, and the bike can withstand loads of up to 68 kilogrammes (150 pounds).


  • The ultimate gear lugging pack, with height-adjustable straps for long days on the go
  • Featuring an innovative Overload function and an outside frame design
  • Fast-attach hardware for frame caps
  • The outer webbing of the daisy chain is equipped with adjustable tool attachment loops.
  • Back pockets surround a top-loading shroud that allows you to zip up the entire bag.
  • For added convenience, there are two long pockets on the outside.
  • Tension on the zipper is relieved via an internal compression system.
  • Accessible via two full-length side zippers
  • Hydration storage tank that is compatible
  • A Multi-Purpose Daypack Covered with perforations for drainage
  • Woven pockets for water bottles
  • Adapts to every body type with its telescoping yoke

Transit Workpack

Bellroy adores metropolitan life, and the Transit workpack reflects that. Constructed with efficiency and intelligence in mind for the office, this bag can hold all of your work and gym essentials in a space that is both small and cosy enough for the daily journey. Because no one likes having to dig through their entire bag for a specific item, they really like that it has a horseshoe zipper that allows you to lay it flat and open it right up. Keeping your belongings organised won’t be a problem with the Transit. Invisible side pockets, a front pocket with mesh slide pockets and a pen hook, an easy-access laptop compartment with an inside zip case for accessories, and more storage options abound. After you open the spacious main compartment, you’ll find a mesh pouch big enough to store your workout shoes and other equipment, as well as a zippered mesh pocket perfect for storing smaller things. Featuring padded shoulder straps and a breathable back panel, this bag is not only durable but also incredibly comfortable to carry. It is constructed from specially engineered water-resistant Baida nylon.


  • Dedicated space for laptops (up to 16″), with an inside pouch for extras
  • Easy access thanks to the full-zip clamshell opening
  • Pouch with pen loop and two mesh slide pockets on the front
  • A top-mounted, cushioned sunglasses case protects your lenses from damage.
  • Sneak a water bottle, wallet, or other small item into one of the exterior side pockets.
  • Pocket with an internal zip and mesh for tiny objects
  • Shoe storage (and more) made easy with roomy, stretchy interior pocket
  • Sculpted, air-ventilated rear panel
  • For increased comfort when hauling bigger goods, the shoulder straps are cushioned.
  • warranty period of three years
  • Produced from long-lasting, water-resistant recycled Baida nylon; holds 20 litres
  • Actions taken Measuring 500 mm x 320 mm x 180 mm


Embrace the journey with backpacks At WildBounds —your trusted companion for urban exploration and rugged adventures alike. Wherever your path leads, let their packs be the steadfast partner that supports you every step of the way. From bustling city streets to serene countryside trails, WildBounds has your back, ensuring your travels are not just about the destination, but also about the stylish and functional journey.

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