In their busy kitchens and lively dining areas, TGI Fridays have got a number of good offers that may excite your taste buds without harming your pockets. You can taste your favorite appetizers sizzling, enjoy your chosen main course, and delight yourself with a handcrafted cocktail in every TGI Fridays visit. Every visit with them is an adventure filled with savings and satisfaction. Let them take you on the journey to an amazing range of mouth-watering offers that not only satisfy your taste buds but also allow you to enjoy your meal without breaking your budget. Brace yourself for a feast! At TGI Fridays, the flavor doesn’t cease, and the savings are always in the menu.


“Kid Eats Free” at TGI Fridays is certainly the solution for hungry kids! TGI Fridays cordially invite you to come and get a free meal for the kids if you buy an adult’s main dish which is available all day, every day. It is such an excellent way to spend time together and still be able to keep it within the budget. But the best is still to come – the offer is open not only to new members of Stripes Rewards, but also to the existing ones. Such, be it a weekday lunch or a weekend dinner, bring along the whole family and leave them in charge of the cooking while you make the most of your time together. Don’t let this offer slip through your fingers! This is a real bargain.


Discover their brand new menu

Enjoy their NEW kids’ menu. The food TGI Fridays serve their kids is fresh, well-balanced, and really tasty. You can count on the menu to have everything you need for a family meal out. All of their old favourites and a lot more.

On TGI Fridays‘ kids’ menu, you can get a Chicken Burger, a Fridays Hotdog, or Crispy Chicken Tenders, along with two sides of your choice. To wash it down, get a kids’ fizzy fruit drink. DELICIOUS, but that doesn’t include sweets. Look at the food list. Kids up to and including 12 years old can use it.

2 course meal from just £13.99

Pick from TGI Fridays NEW Uptown or Downtown menus, each offering a wide variety of options and a price that is tailored to your preferences. The entire day, Sunday through Thursday*, is available.


2 courses from £18.99

TGI Fridays Uptown menu, where you may construct your two-course meal from a list of Friday’s most popular dishes. From appetisers such as their Boneless Hot Wings, Cheese and Maple Bacon Potato Skins, or Calamari, to main courses such as their Fridays Vegan Burger or their famous Cajun Chicken Pasta, They have something for everyone.


2 courses from £13.99

Start your meal off right with one of their tasty Fridays Corndogs or Mozzarella Dippers from their Downtown menu. Then have a major dish like Smoked Salmon with Tomato and Pepper Pasta or Honey Mustard Chicken and Potato Salad. If you like getting your hands dirty, you might like their Fridays® Messy Cheeseburger.

It’s a great deal at £13.99, and there are lots of dishes to choose from, so you can come back often to try different mixes of starters and mains.

Weekday Wins is back

Check out TGI Fridays daily deals. Every day of the week, they have a new deal for you. You’ll love something, or you’ll love them all! You can get these deals through TGI Fridays Stripes Rewards app. If you’re not a member yet, all you have to do is download it and bring your code with you to the store. There will be no Weekday Wins on May 6th, which is a bank holiday.


Monday All Day (excluding Bank Holiday Monday)

Yes, you read that right. You can now get an endless supply of your favourite sesame chicken in the tasty TGI Fridays sauce. You can get the appetiser Sesame Chicken with or without meat, and as soon as you finish your plate, you can order another one!

For just £15, you can enjoy 90 minutes of Sesame Chicken heaven. Monday is the only day this deal is valid for the Weekday Wins offer.

Take a look at the Stripes Rewards App ahead of time to make sure your code is ready. Conditions apply.


Tuesday All Day

On Texan Tuesday, you can enjoy TGI Fridays hot Cajun Spiced Chicken Fajitas or their Meatless Chicken Fajitas for just $1 when you buy one and get one free. Don’t feel bad about treating yourself, your mum, a friend, or anyone else. Just enjoy the TGI Fridays vibe on a Tuesday.

Tuesday is the only day this deal is valid for the Weekday Wins offer. Take a look at the Stripes Rewards App ahead of time to make sure your code is ready. Conditions apply.


Wednesday All Day

Wednesday is Wings Day! They’re happy to be back at Endless Wings. Pick your flavour: Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, Hoisin, or Friday’s Legendary Glaze? Not sure which to choose? It’s okay, you can mix and match!

Endless Wings is only £15.00 for 90 minutes.

Wednesday is the only day this deal is valid for the Weekday Wins offer. Take a look at the Stripes Rewards App ahead of time to make sure your code is ready. Conditions apply.


Thursday All Day

Thursday is your night for burgers. You can get the Perfect Cheese Dipper, the Fridays Glazed Burger, or the Messy Burger. For just £1, you can add an extra beef patty to any of them. Want something plant-based? This deal also works for TGI Fridays veggie Burger; for just £1, you can add an extra veggie patty.

Thursday is going to be twice as much fun and twice as tasty.

On a Thursday, this deal is only valid for Weekday Wins. Take a look at the Stripes Rewards App ahead of time to make sure your code is ready. Conditions apply.


This means that whether you like a Classic Negroni or a Bubblegum Daiquiri, TGI Fridays 2 for 1 cocktail deal lets you and a friend enjoy a drink for half the price. All day, every day at TGI Fridays® places in England and Wales, you can get two cocktails for the price of one. Come on down, order a big one, and show them your stripes.


They’re the original American cocktail bar with the free spirits and the best drinks. They sing ‘that’ song at the top of their lungs without shame.

Check out TGI Fridays long list of drinks, and enjoy two cocktails for the price of one.


2 for 1 throughout May

Three BRAND-NEW, one-time-only drinks are now available to enjoy all through May.

They’ve made three drinks to go with the basic OG margarita that will please everyone. If you like drinks that are a little hot, TGI Fridays Picante might be the right one for you. Or, if you’re sad, the Moonlight might make you feel better! See the whole list.


Who doesn’t enjoy a cocktail at any time of day?

If you go to TGI Fridays, you can now get your favourite drink for just £5*, every day. The drinks they offer at this price change often, so check what’s available when you get here.


Share a drink with someone you care about.

It’s open all day, every day. To enjoy a drink… or three, just reserve a table at the TGI Fridays near you.

Warning: The pictures are just examples. If you want to know more about the £5 cocktails that are offered, please ask your server.


Download TGI Fridays Rewards app for all these great benefits and more:

  • New members get a free dessert on your first visit.
  • Earn stripes with every visit.
  • Spend your stripes on your Fridays favourites, or try something new.
  • Two birthday treats a year!
  • Earn stripes when you refer a friend.
  • Plus many more exclusive offers throughout the year.

Don’t miss out on the savory delights and unbeatable savings waiting for you at TGI Fridays! With their exciting offers and flavorful deals, there’s never been a better time to indulge in your favorite dishes without breaking the bank. From mouthwatering appetizers to refreshing cocktails, TGI Fridays menu has something for everyone to enjoy. Visit them today and treat yourself to an unforgettable dining experience. Hurry in and make the most of TGI Fridays irresistible offers – your taste buds will thank you!

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