As a faith-based British international charity, they aid those who have lost everything in the face of war or natural catastrophes, as well as those who are afflicted with poverty, malnutrition, illness, ignorance, prejudice, eviction, debt, unemployment, unfair treatment, lack of resources, or economic opportunities.

Along with disaster assistance, they plan for the future by creating development initiatives that will help low-income areas and those who have survived natural disasters live more sustainably. Capacity building, economic empowerment, education, and improving the health of children and women are some of their key areas of focus.

Considering their mission and principles, through their network of trusted partners and field offices, they are able to work in close collaboration with stakeholders and beneficiaries across the world.

Honesty and fairness (Ruf’uun and Adl) in everything that they do; Openness and responsibility (Muhasabah and Shafafyah) towards all of their constituents, particularly the communities they serve.
Action with quality (Amal m’a Jawadah)—their initiatives are designed to address the needs of the communities they serve, taking into account their ability and needs over the long term. Encouraging communities and individuals to attain their full potential while respecting their rights and dignity (Karamah and Sawaseyah).


Over 68,000 have been injured and nearly 30,000 have died as a result of the horrific attacks on Gaza. With no safe haven to retreat to, over 1.8 million Gazans have been compelled from their homes.

The unrelenting brutality is absolutely terrifying to see. The number of casualties is increasing daily. Palestinians can be spared if they stand united.

Airstrikes, ground operations, and the targeting of civilian neighbourhoods have all been part of the assaults in the Gaza Strip. More than 45,000 people have been hurt, and an estimated 20,000 have died as a result. More than 1.8 million Gazans have been forcibly removed from their homes. More lives will be lost and livelihoods will be destroyed as a result of this disturbing increase in violence.


As a tightly controlled strip of land with few chances for movement, escape, or growth, Gaza is still often characterised by many Palestinians and humanitarian organisations as the biggest open-air jail in the world.

A staggering one-third of Palestinians are poor, and the two million people living in Gaza have fallen into extreme poverty as a result of the 16 years of violence and blockades. Due to record-low supplies of food, medicine, water, and power, 80% of the population must rely on aid to ensure their survival. The people of Gaza are in dire need of your generous donations at this time.


They are present in Gaza, where the situation is ongoing, to make sure that essential supplies reach the people there as quickly as possible. Muslim Aid has continued to supply the people of Gaza with food, water, and medicine despite the ongoing bombing. Delve deeper into the subject.

For many years, Muslim Aid has been providing assistance to those in need. In addition to providing healthcare, livelihood opportunities, and emergency help, they have constructed sustainable projects like the water desalination units in Gaza and aided the Palestinian people in other ways. To this day, their Palestine appeal is a source of survival for countless helpless people.

Muslim Aid has also contributed to the restoration and maintenance of Masjid Al Aqsa, distributed zakat to eligible individuals, and supported educational and recreational events within the compound as a response to the attacks on the sanctuary.

Giving medical aid to Palestine is essential for aiding the locals in this terrible circumstance when injuries and diseases are on the rise. Help Muslim Aid get life-saving humanitarian supplies to Gaza by donating your zakat to Palestine.


More than half a million Gazans are on the verge of famine as food supplies have nearly run out. On top of that the current situation of allowing very little to no food supplies through the Rafah border has also become a big issue in contributing to the food scarcity in Gaza. Muslim Aid is making sure to help as much Gazans as it can through its fundraising and donations specially for Palestine.

With food supplies nearly depleted, an astounding 93% of Gaza’s population is under danger of starvation. Half a million or more people in Gaza are on the brink of famine.

Flour has to be delivered to homes and bakeries in Gaza, and you can assist with that. By donating to Bread for Gaza, you’re helping them combat hunger and feed your fellow Gazans by allowing them to send more flour trucks from their Rafah warehouses.


The ongoing conflict in Gaza has severely reduced the availability of potable water and frequently makes what little water residents do have unsafe to drink. An adult typically requires three litres of water daily just to stay alive.

All but devastated are Gaza’s water and sanitary facilities due to the bombs that have been falling on the territory. Those who have managed to escape the ongoing carnage have endured bombs, forced eviction, forced starvation, and a severe lack of water, which in turn has spread sickness and illness. together with the fact that around 70% of Gazans are consuming water that has been polluted.

People are collecting what little rainwater they can in order to stay alive, since clean drinking water is suddenly extremely limited. Raw sewage and disease-causing microorganisms have been distributed due to malfunctioning water filtration systems. Because of their heightened vulnerability to illness, dehydration, and malnutrition, children are particularly at risk of death as a result of this.

Water ought to inspire faith and vitality rather than dread and terror. The Gazan people are being deprived of a fundamental human right. Protected populations must immediately have access to clean water, better sanitation, and hygiene education if they are to have any chance of survival. Helping injured people get well, supplying homes with water for drinking, washing, and cooking, and allowing hospitals to treat injured people all depend on a regulated and reliable water supply.


Terrible destruction has been wrought by the protracted Palestinian war. The majority of Gaza is currently in a state of disrepair, with over 350,000 houses either totally or partially damaged and 1.8 million people forced to flee their homes.

Entire neighbourhoods have been destroyed by the continuing fighting. More than 350,000 houses have been either totally or partially demolished in the past six months. 1.8 million people, or 90% of Gaza’s population, have been forced to from their homes.

Their possessions and cherished memories were annihilated along with their homes. Now that they have nowhere else to go, millions of people are taking refuge in destroyed hospitals and schools, sleeping wherever they can.

Being without a house amid this crisis has far-reaching consequences. The absence of dwellings renders one vulnerable to the elements. Conditions in the camps are terrible, but many have found refuge there. With only one loo available to hundreds of people in such close quarters, sanitation is a major issue. The impact is disproportionately felt by children and women. Fearful and exposed, families are huddling together, waiting for the next attack.

They can offer shelter as a team. Teams from their organisation are now on the ground, collaborating with reliable partners to offer adequate emergency housing.


They have been helping people all across the world for more than 30 years. They rank among the UK’s most prominent Muslim humanitarian and development NGOs. They work tirelessly to alleviate poverty, natural disasters, and war so that everyone affected can survive and even prosper.

They aim to accomplish the following through their field offices and their partners. Aid for the needy and times of crisis.
To people who are in immediate danger, they provide rescue and relief assistance. Improving their ability to connect alleviation and rehabilitation with long-term growth is another area of emphasis.

Independent and brighter futures are built through their long-term development projects. Through reestablishing livelihood options, increasing agricultural productivity, facilitating access to micro-finance, enhancing skills, and launching new businesses with the help of suitable training and logistical support, they help marginalised communities live with dignity.

Education should be accessible to all, and they are committed to making that a reality. They are especially committed to ending generational poverty by ensuring that all girls have the opportunity to complete secondary education.

Lives are saved and protected all around the globe through their medical and health care services. Encouraging mothers and children to live healthy lives and reducing the prevalence of diseases and fatalities in children are important goals of their healthcare intervention. The last 30 years have seen phenomenal growth in the geographical and thematic reach of Muslim Aid.

Respected all throughout the globe

  • For more over three decades, Muslim help has been present. One of the UK’s 100 most beloved charities has acknowledged their work.

Easy and fast

  • Creating your fundraising page is a breeze with their intuitive platform.

No-cost crowdsourcing

  • They have a wide social network.
  • Their social media following exceeds 100,000 people.

Excellent professional guidance

  • With your help, their fundraising team has amassed over a million pounds, and their combined experience exceeds fifteen years.


Urgent Relief: Standing with Palestine – Join Muslim Aid’s Call to Action!

As the humanitarian crisis in Palestine escalates, your generosity can make a life-saving difference. With families facing dire circumstances, basic necessities like food, shelter, and medical supplies are urgently needed.

Join hands with Muslim Aid to provide critical support to those affected by the conflict. Your donation will directly impact lives, offering hope and assistance to those in desperate need.

Donate Now to Muslim Aid and Provide Emergency Aid and Support to Palestine – Every Contribution Matters!



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