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Due to the fact that InsureandGo believe that travel insurance should be accessible to the greatest number of people possible, they are able to provide you with a policy regardless of your age, take into account any medical concerns that you may have, and cover more than fifty adventure activities as a regular feature.

As specialists in travel insurance, InsureandGo has been taking care of people’s vacations for more than twenty years, and InsureandGo have provided coverage for more than twenty-seven million international travellers.

What Is Travel Insurance?

In the event that something unexpected happens either before or during your vacation, your travel insurance will pay the bills. In the event that you get sick and are unable to go on your vacation, or if your bags go missing or are damaged in transit, these could be some of the expenses you incur.

In the event that you require emergency medical treatment while overseas, your medical expenditures will be covered. In the most severe instances, your return to the UK will also be covered. These expenses can add up quickly, so it’s smart to budget for them well in advance of your trip.

  • Unlimited emergency medical expenses and repatriation cover 1 with a 24/7 emergency helpline
  • Up to £10K cancellation cover
  • Cover for travel delays and abandonment
  • Superior rated Covid Cover 2 as standard
  • Up to £3K personal belongings and baggage cover
  • Over 100 sports and activities covered
  • Up to £60k legal expense cover

What Does InsureandGo Travel Insurance Cover?

You have the option of selecting from four different levels of coverage, which are referred to as Budget, Silver, Gold, and Black, regardless of whether you are purchasing a single trip or an annual multi-travel policy. In spite of the fact that the specific cover limits and the price that you pay can be different from one another, there are certain aspects of coverage that are so essential that they will be included in your policy as a matter of course. These include the following:

How To Choose The Best Policy For You?

Annual multi-trip travel insurance

When it comes to travel insurance, finding the best policy for your needs is crucial. If you’re someone who likes to jet set around the world, an annual multi-trip policy might be just what you need. With this type of coverage, you can rest assured that you’re protected for all of the adventures you have planned in the next 12 months. One of the great things about this policy is that it covers an unlimited number of trips. Whether you’re planning a series of weekend getaways or a couple of longer trips, you’re covered. Plus, with 365 days of coverage, you won’t have to worry about buying coverage every time you book a trip. And, with the flexibility to travel wherever you want within the United Kingdom, Europe, or worldwide, you can satisfy your wanderlust without any added stress.

Single trip cover

Are you planning a vacation but not willing to break the bank with insurance costs? Look no further than single trip cover! This type of coverage will give you the security you need while embarking on your adventure, whether it’s a quick weekend escape or a month-long excursion. With single trip cover, you’ll only pay for the duration of your trip, which means you can customize your coverage to fit your travel needs. Don’t let worries about unforeseen events dampen your trip. Instead, opt for single trip cover and head out on your dream vacation with peace of mind.

Compare Cheap Travel Insurance

Your trip’s specific needs will dictate the travel insurance policy you select. InsureandGo price is based on careful consideration of various criteria. For example, InsureandGo need to know your destination, length of stay, and medical history. Discover the best deal on travel insurance by getting a quotation today and comparing their pricing.

Not all of the inexpensive travel insurance plans are created equal in terms of coverage and the amount of protection they provide. It is wise to compare not only the costs of the many travel insurance policies you are considering, but also the coverages and levels of protection they provide.

Where Are You Going?

Selecting the correct location for your trips is an important step when purchasing annual multi-trip travel insurance. Coverage for Mediterranean nations like Egypt and Morocco is a part of InsureandGo European travel insurance. As a result, your premiums will be lower than they would be if you required international coverage.

There is country-specific travel insurance that you can purchase for a single trip. As an example, InsureandGo provide:

  • France travel insurance
  • Greece travel insurance
  • Spain travel insurance

Please go to their list of nations if your destination is different. InsureandGo also provide travel insurance for journeys within the United Kingdom, in case you prefer to stay close to home.

Who are you going with?

Travelling is an exciting experience, but ensuring that you’re covered with the right insurance plan will give you the peace of mind you need. InsureandGo offers various types of cover, whether you’re taking a solo trip, going with a group, or planning a family vacation. Before you embark on your journey, make sure to get a quote to ensure that your trip is covered. It’s simple and easy to do online or over the phone with their friendly UK-based team. They’ll ask you a few questions about your trip, including where you’re going and how long you’ll be staying. Plus, if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, don’t forget to let them know. With a range of policies available to choose from, you can find the one that fits perfectly with your trip and budget.

Why Do We Choose InsureandGo?

All ages and medical histories are welcome at InsureandGo, where you can get travel insurance. Travellers of all ages are welcome to plan their vacations with their insurance, which offer both annual multi-trip and single-trip coverage without an upper age limit. Among the more than a hundred exciting sports and activities covered are rock climbing and quad biking. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, InsureandGo will assist you discover a coverage that fits your needs. In the event of an emergency while travelling, they offer round-the-clock support. More than 27 million travellers have had their trips protected by InsureandGo since the year 2000. Defaqto has awarded its Gold and Black travel insurance policies 5 stars, and Trustpilot has received over 16,000 5-star reviews. Offering their clients the greatest coverage available is just one example of InsureandGo’s dedication to offering high-quality insurance and excellent customer service.

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