Sending parcels can be a stressful task, from worrying about the cost, to wondering when your package will arrive. At Parcel2Go, they understand those concerns and strive to make shipping as stress-free as possible. Their affordable and straightforward services ensure that you will never have to break the bank to send a package in the UK. With a wide range of options available to cater to your delivery needs, you can rest easy knowing your parcel is in good hands. So put those worries aside and let Parcel2Go handle all your shipping needs.

Parcel Delivery in the UK

Economy and Express Delivery

When it comes to parcel delivery in the UK, Parcel2Go offers options designed to meet both speed and budget requirements. Whether you’re in a rush and need same-day delivery, or you’re looking for an affordable option, they’ve got you covered. And with next-day delivery starting at just £2.74 exc VAT, you don’t have to break the bank to get your package where it needs to go. But for those who are really watching their spending, don’t worry – economy delivery options are also available starting at a budget-friendly £2.15 exc VAT. So whether you’re prioritizing speed or price, Parcel2Go has an option that will work for you.

Drop-Off or Collection

Sending packages and parcels can be a hassle, especially if you’re on-the-go or have a busy schedule. But with their extensive drop-off and collection services, shipping doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you’re sending a gift to a friend or shipping hundreds of packages a week as a business owner, Parcel2Go have got you covered. With over 31,000 drop shops conveniently located across the UK, you can easily find one near you to drop off your shipment. Or, if you prefer, take advantage of Parcel2Go door-to-door collection services starting at just £2.74. Whatever your shipping needs may be, they’re here to make your life easier.

Large Parcel Delivery

Sending a parcel can be a stressful experience, especially when it’s a large and bulky item. But with their large parcel delivery service, there’s no need to worry anymore. Whether you need to send a wardrobe, a piece of furniture or even a small car part, they’ve got you covered. Parcel2Go strategic partnership with the UK’s top delivery companies enables them to offer you the fastest and most secure delivery for your large parcels. Whether you need it delivered the same day or on a specific date, their team will ensure that your parcel arrives at its destination in perfect condition. So why wait? Send your large parcel with Parcel2Go today and enjoy the convenience of their reliable service.

Cheapest Courier Services to the UK

Yodel Direct

  • Base Price:£2.35
  • Including £20
  • Protection VAT:£0.47
  • Total:£2.82 inc VAT

It is possible to drop off packages at any of the thousands of Yodel Direct sites that are located around the United Kingdom. Please check to discover the Yodel Direct location that is most convenient for you to drop off your package at. Yodel Direct locations are open seven days a week, from early in the morning until late in the evening.

When you drop off your package, it will be delivered within two to three working days. The delivery window is from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Evri ParcelShop

  • Base Price:£2.45
  • Including £25
  • Protection VAT: £0.49
  • Total: £2.94 inc VAT

Using the Evri Parcelshop service, you can forget about having to wait for your courier to collect your package because you may drop off your package at any of the various locations that are available. When the package is collected from the Evri store, it is often done so within one business day. The collection and delivery of the item cannot be guaranteed, despite the fact that every attempt will be made to do this.

Delivery will take place at any time between the hours of eight in the morning and eight in the evening. Evri provides a service known as Evri Parcelshop, which is a drop-off service. Investigate the costs of the courier services that are located closest to you.

FedEx Next Day Drop Off

  • Base Price:£4.65
  • Including £20
  • Protection VAT:£0.93
  • Total: £5.58 inc VAT

FedEx Express delivery offers its customers all over the world a variety of transportation and business services. The company has made a commitment to itself, as well as to its 275,000 employees and contractors, to work towards maintaining the highest possible ethical, safety, and professional standards.

These quotes are determined by the size, weight, and destination of the packages being shipped. In order to increase the likelihood of your package being delivered the next day, you should make sure to drop it off at your neighbourhood FedEx store by 1pm.

Seen it Cheaper? They’ll Match the Price!

Parcel2Go mission is to provide you with the most affordable parcel delivery service in the United Kingdom without sacrificing the quality of Parcel2Go services. For this reason, they examine hundreds of prices each and every day to ensure that Parcel2Go are providing you with the most advantageous deals possible when it comes to the expenses of posting in the UK. Due to the fact that they provide a Lowest Price Guarantee, they will match the price of any comparable delivery service that you find that is offered at a lower price than their services!


Where can I get the most affordable UK shipping options?

Parcel2Go is the most cost-effective option for sending packages inside the UK.They’re pleased to offer two competitive options: Evri ParcelShop Postable for £2.15 (without including VAT) and Yodel Direct for just £2.29. Parcel2Go promise to match any lower price on shipping to the UK that you may discover for a comparable service as part of their Lowest Price Guarantee.

Where can I find the UK’s top parcel delivery service?

Depending on your needs, you can choose the best UK courier service. When you book with Parcel2Go, you’ll always find the ideal parcel delivery service for you because Parcel2Go realise everyone is different. That’s why they provide over 100 distinct options.

How much would it cost to send a package weighing 2 KG?

Yodel Direct now offers a new, reduced pricing of £2.29 (without including VAT) for sending a 2 kilogramme parcel! Find out what the prices are for each service by getting a quote.

How much does it cost to send a huge package?

Things get interesting when a package reaches over 30 kilogrammes, 2.5 metres in length, and 5 metres in diameter. Although shipping costs more for packages this large, Parcel2Go makes it affordable to send packages exceeding 30 kg. Parcel2Go provide large parcel delivery services starting at £5.74 with UPS. To find out how much your parcel will cost, get a quotation.

Why Do We Choose Parcel2Go?

When it comes to shipping needs, Parcel2Go stands out as a top choice for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they offer the cheapest shipping options in the UK, which is a huge plus for those looking to save on costs. In fact, the company even offers a Lowest Price Guarantee, ensuring that customers truly are getting the best possible deal. Additionally, Parcel2Go offers over 100 different shipping services to choose from, meaning that customers can find just the right option for their needs. And with free tracking available on nearly all services, customers can feel confident that their packages are on their way and can be easily located at any time. Perhaps best of all, Parcel2Go offers parcel protection up to £10,000, giving customers peace of mind knowing that their shipped items are covered. With 24/7 customer service, Parcel2Go truly goes above and beyond to make shipping as easy and worry-free as possible.

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