We started off as a modest village business next to a gas station in Cornwall, renting and selling surfboards and wetsuits to the area’s first wave of surfers in 1978, and that was the beginning of our storey. In Cornwall, Ann’s Cottage is a well-known brand, owing to its status as one of Europe’s leading retailers of surfing clothes and equipment. They’ve been around since 1974, making them the most well-known surf and lifestyle clothing company in the United Kingdom. In more than 60 countries around the world, thousands of satisfied consumers can acquire surf hardware and must-have fashion products from a single source. Any degree of water experience is welcome, whether it’s a week at the beach or a splash on the side of the road.

At any given time, there are more than 10,000 things accessible. Our extensive knowledge of wetsuits and surfboard hardware has earned us the distinction of being the only merchant in the area to carry top-tier brands such as O’Neill, C-Skins, and Gul. We only get our surf gear from the most famous manufacturers in the world in order to ensure the high quality of our products! Due to the fact that Ann’s Cottage is a well-known brand, the company’s position will only get stronger with time.


If you’re going to be in the water, you’ll need a wetsuit. Surfers, scuba divers, windsurfers, and other water sports enthusiasts typically wear wetsuits constructed of foamed neoprene. As far as physical characteristics go, it excels in abrasion resistance and thermal insulation.Many different types of wetsuits are available to suit a variety of sports and conditions. The thickness of neoprene boots, gloves, and hoods ranges from 2 millimetres (mm) to 8 millimetres (mm) for semi-dry suits (mm).

An improperly fitted wetsuit can let water inside the suit, but a dry suit is constructed to prevent this from happening, ensuring that the suit’s capacity to insulate and keep undergarments dry is not compromised. Warm-to-moderately-cold water wetsuits are a fantastic option for those who are concerned about their safety. Dry suits are better for colder places or water that has been contaminated, but they are more expensive and difficult to use.

Red Plum and Red are the colours of the Roxy Womens Performance 4/3mm Chest Zip Wetsuit (2021). Smoothie is available in Thermal flavour. We’re back! Warmflight at the back of the chest and the top of the legs. Gbs of bonded and blind stitched seams, per garment Legs: Hydrolock super thin seam seal, applied externally; Stretchflight tapes the front, back, and arms in black. Recycled polyester and nylon linings are utilised for laminating. 09-13°c / 48-55° f, Flush lock temperature Supratex knee pads, which are both lightweight and sturdy, are included. Neck seal made of glideskin, 80 percent post-consumer recycled polyester and 20 percent spandex.

Here’s a preview of the zip wetsuit by ANNS COTTAGE:


Beach soccer, which is played on a sand field, is a version of the sport of association football that is becoming increasingly popular.For the first time in the sport’s history, beach soccer was established with the goal of ensuring that the laws of the game were consistently followed.Beach Soccer Worldwide was established as the sport’s governing body and was given the responsibility of overseeing the sport’s development.

Beach football originated in Brazil, namely in the city of Rio de Janeiro. It was organised in 1950 to bring together the various small tournaments that had been taking place in the region since 1940. It has spread to every corner of the world. A record number of people from more than 170 nations were able to see the event thanks to the attendance of players such as Eric Cantona and Michel, as well as Julio Salinas and Romário, Jnor and Zico. The footballs used by the Sun Bum Go Ape Beach Soccer team are yellow. The following are some facts regarding the product: Manufacturer Sun Bum is responsible for the appearance of this item, which is yellow in colour.

Here’s a preview of the beach football by ANNS COTTAGE:


Swim goggles are an absolutely necessary part of any swimmer’s equipment. If you wear goggles, you can prevent your eyes from being irritated by paying attention to the barriers and backstroke flags as well as other swimmers in your pool while wearing them. Because traditional swimming goggles are excessively cumbersome for some swimmers, Zone3 developed the Appollo Swim Goggles to solve this problem. Because of their more compact design, the Apollo goggles are better suited for those with smaller heads and faces than other types of goggles are. Because the ultra-soft silicone seals absorb the impact of the swimmer’s arm, the risk of eye injury caused by flailing arms is considerably reduced when using these seals. Swimming in open water requires a wide field of vision, and anti-fog lenses ensure that your vision remains clear during the entire process.

Here’s a preview of the swim goggles by ANNS COTTAGE:





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