Let us take care of you, adventurous drinkers, since we’ve got you covered.Food and drink spark our curiosity. We always hunt for the most delicious options. As defined by us, it implies high-quality beverages at a reasonable price. Some people aren’t lost, but they just can’t remember where their bottle is. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a new favourite or an old standby, we can help.The family-run Millennium firm launched Wine Mill in 2014, but the name didn’t seem fitting for our extensive range of wines and spirits, so in 2018 we rebranded as The Bottle Club and lost our previous identity totally. Since you never know what you’re missing, we aim to resurrect the classics, identify new artisanal producers, and generally satisfy our thirst for knowledge about beverages.

When it comes to fine wine and distilled spirits, we’ve got what you need. At our restaurant, you’ll get an alcoholic beverage that’s worth the price. In our hunt for new experiences, we aren’t afraid to go off the main route, but we also want to avoid missing out on anything truly remarkable.We have a small but growing team that is committed to giving the best customer service possible.. That said, we have the perfect bottle for you, whether you’re looking for something to impress your next dinner party visitor or something to enjoy with a cheeky glass of bubbly as you dine.


Bag in Box red wine with a medium body that may be poured directly from the bag is available. We no longer allow the consumption of wines that have been partially eaten! When it comes to branding, it is usual for Jam Shed to make fun of the lingo used in the wine industry, which can be a little pompous at times, but is frequently humorous. It doesn’t matter how vehemently you disagree with what they’re saying; you should accept that their wines are wonderful and represent excellent value for money. A great value for money, Argentina Malbec is distinguished by its mellow, medium-bodied flavour and the fact that it is delivered in a compact bag in a box format.

Here’s a preview of the shiraz bag by THE BOTTLE CLUB:



Throughout the centre of this delicate rose, which is the palest of pale pinks, there are hints of stone fruit and herbal notes that draw the eye. The finish is long and minerally, with a great dry texture, and it lingers. This outstanding blend of Grenache and Cinsault has been expertly blended. Syrah, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon are the most popular varietals.
Among the brightest new stars in the Cotes de Provence is Caves d’Esclans, a relatively newcomer to the region. Sacha Lichine, the winemaker at Chateau d’Esclans, first acquired the estate in 2006, when he purchased it from its previous owner and began developing the remarkable range of wines that he now produces. Producer Patrick Leon, a former winemaker at Mouton-Rothschild, is in charge of overseeing the winery’s operations. Herbs that have a minty scent to them There was a sigh of relief.

Here’s a preview of the whispering angel by THE BOTTLE CLUB:



This wine has a gorgeous straw colour and a delightful taste, thanks to the caramel undertones and the delicate bubbles in the glass. A perfume with ripe fruit and subtle citrus notes, as well as flowery and honey undertones, is formed by mixing these notes with other ingredients.Lanson was founded in 1760 by Francois Delamotte, making it one of the world’s oldest Champagne houses and one of the most prestigious in the world. The distinctive and timeless style of Champagne Lanson has been passed down through the generations of the Lanson family over the decades. A beautifully presented gift bundle that includes two flutes with personalised branding.

Here’s a preview of the champagne by THE BOTTLE CLUB:

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