Feather & Black: Crafting Luxury for Your Bedroom

Feather & Black, a leading bed retailer, specializes in luxury beds, mattresses, and bedroom furnishings, available both online and through numerous UK outlets. Since its establishment in 2004, the company has passionately assisted clients in designing stunning bedrooms with exceptional quality and expertise. Recognizing the uniqueness of every home, Feather & Black takes great care in its commitment to quality, using only the finest materials to create furniture that is not only functional but also works of art.

A Legacy of Excellence

The skilled team at Feather & Black, headquartered in Buckinghamshire, UK, believes that every home deserves beautiful furniture. The company offers hand-sourced treasures from around the world, providing inspiration and style tips to guide customers through the process of decorating their homes. Their custom collections of furniture, mattresses, bed frames, and bedding are designed to transform everyday living into something spectacular, embodying timeless, elegant, and luxurious design values.

Night Frames

Feather & Black’s journey began with beds, and their passion for beautiful bed frames continues. The company offers a variety of designs, from the classic Sienna to contemporary styles and innovative materials. Their selection includes cherished aged oak beds and luxurious cushioned frames, ensuring a perfect blend of exceptional sleep and elegant design.

Chairs and Furniture

Feather & Black’s furniture collection includes elegant sideboards, wardrobes, bedside tables, and chairs, designed to enhance every corner of the home. Each piece is crafted to bring harmony and balance, whether through contrasting materials or polished coordination. Their furniture not only keeps homes free from clutter but also creates spaces that are meant to be admired.

Luxurious Beds

Feather & Black’s selection of luxurious mattresses features the finest natural British fillings and traditional crafting techniques. Each mattress includes fully traceable Yorkshire-grown wool and hand-made stitching, offering unparalleled comfort. The company’s dedication to quality ensures that every bedroom has that perfect element of luxury and comfort.

Bedding Textiles

Feather & Black offers a well-curated selection of bedding that quickly transforms bedrooms into havens of rest. Their range includes cushions, blankets, and beautifully crafted bed linen, allowing customers to create an inviting scene. With a variety of pillows, duvets, and mattress toppers, Feather & Black ensures that every aspect of bedding is perfectly soft and luxurious.

Feather & Black’s commitment to quality, design, and customer satisfaction makes it a leading choice for those seeking to create beautiful and luxurious bedrooms. Visit their website or one of their UK outlets to explore their exceptional collections.


Aubrey Bed

The Aubrey Bed blends classic grace with contemporary comfort. Its soft, cushioned headboard accentuates any bedroom décor and lends some refinement. Excellent materials are used in the construction of the bed frame, therefore guaranteeing both longevity and beauty. Any bedroom would benefit from the headboard’s warm, inviting appearance created by its elegant lines and mild curves. The neutral colour scheme of the Aubrey Bed also lets it go perfectly with many decor designs, from traditional to modern.

The Aubrey Bed is made for comfort and support above its great looks. While the upholstered headboard gives a nice backrest for reading or TV viewing in bed, the strong structure gives great stability. King is one of the several sizes the bed comes in, so it fits for different room sizes and tastes. The painstaking attention to detail in the work guarantees that this bed will be a fashionable and useful addition to your bedroom for many years to come.

The Aubrey Bed is the ideal mix of elegance and utility overall. Anyone wishing to improve their bedroom with a piece that is both beautiful and comfy should invest in it since of its exquisite design and high-quality building. The Aubrey Bed will wow you whether your room is being redecapped overall or just needs a statement item.

Vintage Rattan Bed

Any bedroom gains a little rustic appeal and natural beauty from the Vintage Rattan Bed. Perfect for laid-back, bohemian-inspired environments, its design has a softly airy sensation thanks to its exquisitely woven rattan headboard and footboard. The rattan is a particularly striking component that catches the eye as its natural texture gives the bed depth and character. Those who value handcrafted furniture and natural materials will find ideal fit in this bed.

Built on a strong hardwood frame, the Vintage Rattan Bed guarantees strength and longevity while yet keeping its graceful look. Wood and rattan combined produces a harmonic mix of materials that is both visually beautiful and structurally sound. Every bedroom may benefit from the adaptable design of the bed, which fits a range of décor styles from coastal to rural chic.

Apart from its appearances, the Vintage Rattan Bed is quite comfortable. While the large frame guarantees enough space for a peaceful night’s sleep, the rattan headboard offers a pleasant backrest while sitting up in bed. King size availability of this bed guarantees enough of room for comfort and relaxation. For those want to give their bedroom a little natural elegance, the Vintage Rattan Bed is a great choice.

Casterton Bed

The Casterton Bed epitribes traditional design and strong workmanship. This bed gives any bedroom a timeless beauty with its strong hardwood frame with detailed intricacies. While the sophisticated design elements—such as carved accents and a smooth finish—add a bit of refinement, the strong building guarantees long-lasting sturdiness. Those who value classic furniture with a contemporary spin will find the Casterton Bed perfect.

The Casterton Bed gives great support and stability with its strong frame and premium materials. Both the high headboard and low footboard of the bed are meticulously constructed with great attention to detail. The area gains warmth from the rich wood tones, therefore fostering a friendly and inviting environment. King size of this bed offers enough of room for a peaceful and pleasant night’s sleep.

Apart from its architectural and decorative features, the Casterton Bed is built considering user comfort. Perfect for reading or lazing in bed, the high headboard is a cosy backrest. Any bedroom would benefit from the classic design and neutral colour scheme of the bed as they permit it to effortlessly mix with many home types. Offering flair and utility, the Casterton Bed is the ideal fusion of modernism and history.

Versailles Bed

Motivated by French style, the Versailles Bed radiates elegance and richness. Its royal and refined style is created by its elaborate carvings and soft upholstery on its headboard and footboard. Though with a hint of modern elegance, the style of the bed reminds one of old French furniture. Those who like to accentuate their bedroom décor with a little grandeur would find the Versailles Bed ideal.

The frame of the Versailles Bed is built from premium materials, therefore guaranteeing stability and longevity. Little details on the upholstered headboard and footboard accentuate the opulence of the bed. The smooth and welcoming texture of the plush fabric used for the upholstery gives the bed not only great beauty but also comfort. King-sized this bed offers enough of room for rest and leisure.

Apart from its exquisite look, the Versailles Bed is meant for maximum comfort. The large frame guarantees a peaceful night’s sleep; the high headboard provides a pleasant backrest. Any bedroom will benefit from the unique element that is the bed since of its opulent design and superior workmanship. The Versailles Bed is a great option whether your goal is to design a luxury hideaway or just accentuate your area with a little elegance.

Aubrey Half Moon Bed

Any bedroom would benefit from the original and fashionable addition that is the Aubrey Half Moon Bed. With its unique half-moon headboard and sophisticated tufting, this bed blends modern and classic forms. The modern and timeless attractive silhouette produced by the slim upholstered frame and curving headboard Those who like to create a strong impression with their bedroom décor will find the Aubrey Half Moon Bed ideal.

Designed from premium materials, the Aubrey Half Moon Bed guarantees comfort and longevity. The strong structure offers long-lasting stability; the smooth and welcoming texture of the upholstered headboard and frame appeals. Any room’s centre point is the bed as its distinctive design adds a bit of elegance and refinement. King-sized this bed provides enough of room for a peaceful and pleasant night’s sleep.

Apart from its look, the Aubrey Half Moon Bed is meant for comfort and utility. Perfect for reading or lounging in bed, the high, tufted headboard acts as a cosy backrest. Any bedroom would benefit from the bed’s elegant design and neutral colour scheme as they make it fit perfectly with several décor types. Perfect mix of design, comfort, and quality—the Aubrey Half Moon Bed.


A king size bed spans what measurements?

King size beds are similar to 150 cm by 200 cm—5 foot broad and 6 foot 6 inch long. Being 10 cm longer than a double guarantees you are completely supported by the bed and is ideal for everyone over six feet tall. A king bed offers more space that allows you to shift positions with least disturbance to your companion.

Of a king or queen bed, which is larger?

A queen bed has the same dimensions as a tiny double bed; king sized beds span both length and width more broadly. A queen, or small double, is 4 foot by 6 foot 3 inches or 120cm by 190cm; a king bed is 5 foot wide and 6 foot 6 inch long, equal to 150 cm by 200 cm. Learn here how to decide on the correct size bed.

A king sized bed’s length is what?

Six foot six inches long or 200 cm makes a king bed equivalent in length to both an emperor sized bed and a super king bed. View their selection of king sized mattresses to top your king bed.

A king size bed has what width?

Five foot broad, a king-sized bed is comparable to 150 cm. It is therefore smaller than a super king bed but broader than a double bed. Two individuals and those who appreciate extra room will find a king-sized bed ideal.

Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of comfort and elegance with Feather & Black’s exquisite range of beds, mattresses, and furnishings. Explore their timeless designs, crafted with the finest materials for unparalleled quality and style. Visit their website today to browse their stunning collections that combines beauty and functionality. Don’t wait—create the bedroom of your dreams with Feather & Black now!

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