MESHKI was born out of the imagination of two fashion-forward architecture students who believed in the potential of a well-chosen garment to convey one’s personality and inspire others.

Taking its name from the Farsi word for “black,” MESHKI evokes the enigmatic and understated essence of the color, and the brand has since been known for its elevated, on-trend items that enhance the confidence of everyone who wear them.

They became famous for their approachable luxury, and their fixation on boosting confidence via clothing became a social media phenomenon that spoke to women all over the world.

The meticulous six months of planning and design that goes into each collection ensures that the items both reflect and transcend current trends. In addition to becoming a beloved concept among celebrities, influential people, and fashionistas, the MESHKI brand is now transported to more than 190 countries.

Every MESHKI woman, no matter where she lives—in Lisbon, Sydney, or Seoul—is driven by a desire to feel confident, beautiful, and part of the global community. She dominates with the authority of her honesty, which is evident in her demeanor, speech, and attire; she is not characterized by her gender, size, body type, or social standing.


SADIE Pearl Knit Bikini Top – White

A modern take on the traditional triangle bikini top, the SADIE Pearl Knit Bikini Top features a soft knit texture and delicate scalloped edges embellished with tiny pearls. For a coordinated look, try mixing and matching with the Sadie Pearl Knit Bikini Bottom.


  • Bust cups in a triangle shape
  • Halter
  • Removable shoulder and cravat straps
  • Swim lining crochet
  • Crystal embellishment

ZAHRA Open Back Mini Sequin Knit Dress – Taupe

Glistening glitter fabric sets off a timeless boat neckline in the ZAHRA Open Back Mini Sequin Knit Dress. In addition to the chic open back style, the long bell sleeves give the garment an air of drama. You may customize the fit of this dress to your liking by adjusting the tie back, which also lets you choose the neckline. The length from shoulder to hem of this dress is less than 82 centimeters, making it a micro mini dress.


  • The princess neckline
  • Panelled front breast with a ruched center
  • Center frontal recess
  • The front panels that curve
  • Tail of the fish
  • Formal attire
  • Lined
  • Short petite
  • Textiles and Soap
  • Fabric: One hundred percent polyester

Care Instructions:

Hand wash in cold water on a delicate cycle; do not soak or wring; massage in a circular motion; do not bleach; shape as needed; do not tumble dry; instead, lay flat in the shade; avoid snagging; and finally, do not iron or dry clean.

PAMELA Faux Leather Mini Dress – Vintage Chocolate

Never bewildered!

The timeless PAMELA faux leather dress is the perfect transitional piece from winter to spring. An invisible zipper fastens the garment at the back, adding structure and a strapless neckline that accentuates the wearer’s shoulders and neck. It has a figure-flattering bodycon cut and is mini-length. To make a statement, wear it with knee-high boots and a faux leather jacket in a complementary shade.


  • No straps
  • Hidden fastener on the rear
  • Stylish bodycon dress
  • Lined
  • Short petite
  • Essential: Made from Recycled Polyester
  • Finish: Polyurethane (100 percent).
  • Fur Lining: Made of High-Quality Polyester

SELMA Long Sleeve Diamante Bodysuit – Black/Black

In the dark!

The SELMA long-sleeved bodysuit is both fashionable and functional, thanks to its dazzling rhinestone embellishments. The back zipper and high crew neck provide ample covering at the top, balancing out the figure-hugging fabric and cute, flirty design. When you want a tight, immovable tuck, this is the top to wear to a party. For an outfit that will turn heads, try it with some MESHKI Denim or their Tyra Straight Leg Faux Leather Pants.


  • The neckline is elevated
  • Completely sleeved
  • Concealed back zip fastening
  • Bodycon style with lining
  • Elastane(5%), Rhinestone(50%), Nylon(45%)–Main
  • Lined with 95% nylon and 5% elastane and

SURI Slinky Maxi Skirt With Silver Hardware – Cherry Red

Double my, please!

The SURI maxi skirt is long and delicately asymmetrical; it features a split at the thigh, a side seam, and bespoke MESHKI hardware for fastening. Suri is a shorter version of a wraparound skirt that features unique hardware that ties the garment at the waist after a single wrap around. Giving the impression of a slit up to the thigh, the remaining portion of the closure dangles open. Despite its unusual and daring design, this skirt follows the classic maxi pattern. The Camryn Slinky Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top is the perfect finishing touch for this style.


  • Particular hardware
  • Asymmetrical high side split
  • Top of the waist has internal elastic
  • Maximum length lined
  • Textile Content: 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane
  • Outer fabric: 95% polyester, 5% elastane


Being a female-owned and -led brand, they are devoted to showcasing women from all walks of life, regardless of their age, size, shape, or story. Consequently, changing the media’s portrayal of women is their top societal priority.

They hope that one day all women, no matter their country of birth, would be able to follow their heart’s desire without hindrance. On this day, every woman will be able to decide for herself who to love, what to believe, how to dress, and how to use her body.

Company Principles:

  • Every day, they make decisions based on their fundamental business principles, which help them expand their firm
  • Staying true to their original vision.
  • Create a more equitable world
  • Achieve Mastery in All Areas—Lead, Do Not Follow
  • Get more done with less
  • Focus on the consumer
  • Impress everyone you meet
  • Collaborate as a unit

Mission of MESHKI :

The objective of MESHKI is to educate and empower women all over the world to become self-assured, ambitious, and unstoppable. Fashion is more than just the clothes that one wear; it is also how one feels about the clothes they wear. If you want to love the version of yourself that you see in the mirror, then they want you to wear MESHKI and enjoy what you see.

Chart Your Style, Define Your Odyssey: MESHKI Dresses, Where Every Step is a Statement!

Discover a realm where every garment tells a story, where sophistication meets allure, and where you’re the heroine of your own narrative. Step into the spotlight and let your style speak volumes. Explore their meticulously crafted designs, each one a testament to the modern woman’s strength and grace. Whether it’s a night out on the town or a special occasion, let MESHKI be your guide to sartorial excellence. Join them as they redefine luxury, redefine beauty, and redefine you. Start your odyssey today!

Unveil Your Odyssey: MESHKI Dresses – Where Every Stitch Tells a Story of Strength and Style!


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