At the “Nike On Air” event in Paris, which took place in honour of a sporting summer, the sportswear company unveiled its 2024 national and federation kits alongside forty elite athletes. More than a hundred federations representing team and individual sports have Nike as a partner, and the company is also happy to assist hundreds of individuals who will compete at the games.

When it comes to athlete input, data-driven design, and aesthetic cohesion, the 2024 national and federation kits are head and shoulders above the competition. The unique identities and different cultures represented by each country and sport served as inspiration for the kits, which are built on 4D motion-capture data that has been algorithmically refined to pixel-level accuracy and designed individually for each competition.

Starting with the athlete’s voice and meticulously crafting every element, Nike’s design teams created each kit. Nike achieved this goal in multi-disciplined sports like track and field by providing solutions that satisfied athletes’ demands for freedom of movement, comfort, and performance. Athletes competing in the 2024 Paris Olympics will be able to choose from a variety of styles that were “designed to offer athletes a range of silhouettes tailored for various sport disciplines, body types and sizes, prioritising performance and maximum breathability,” according to Nike CHIO John Hoke. Athletes competing in the Paris Olympics can express their individuality through their clothing choices, thanks to a selection of fifty distinct items for men’s and women’s track and field, as well as twelve competitive styles tailored to certain events.

Because to this collaboration, they were able to cater to the athletes’ every demand. According to hurdler Anna Cockrell, “I’ve had the opportunity to share feedback and insights that helped inform the new USATF Kit.” “The cut and style are perfect for representing Team USA, and the fit made testing a breeze.”

According to Hoke, athlete feedback has a significant influence on the designs of Nike products, including this year’s kits. “Incorporating real-time feedback into the entire product-development cycle, Nike worked directly with athletes throughout to design garments that fit across a range of body types and style preferences.”

By integrating the Dri-FIT ADV platform with Nike’s expertise in sport research and computational design, athletes can stay cool, dry, and prepared to compete this summer.

Wearing the Nike Air On, Sha’Carri Richardson: The Fastest Woman in the World

Wearing the newest Air Max Dn colorway, the world’s fastest lady is a wardrobe staple in earth tones that will complement any ensemble.

By matching the sneaker with a Nike statement dress and dazzling jewellery, Sha’Carri proves that her style is just as unbeatable as her athletic prowess.

Delving Deeper Into The NIKE Air On Women Collection

Nike Air Max Dn

Anticipate cutting-edge aviation technology in the future. A responsive wear experience is guaranteed with every stride in the new Nike Air Max Dn, thanks to the Dynamic Air element with double pressure chambers. Stylish and functional, these modern shoes are perfect for all-day comfort. To Experience the Unreal.

Two sets of double-pressure chambers make up their Dynamic Air element. There is a significant difference in the amount of pressure in the heel and the midfoot. This guarantees a smooth roll by allowing air to move at each step in the chambers.

The top layer of multi-layer mesh is breathable and lightweight, and the haptic print adds a textured appearance. A special plus is the unique combination of softness and support provided by the foam that encases the dampening system.

With this all-in-one trainer’s gripping design and cushioning, you’ll have all the energy and bounce you need for peak performance. Listen, I thought attending to a concert was a sport, too.

Details about the product:

Shown Colour: Platinum Violet/Light Violet Ore/Grey Fog/Summit White Style: FJ3145-004 Material: Shiny Accents Foam Medium Sole Rubber Outdoor Shoe

An Account of the Nike Air Max:

In 1978, Nike introduced the world to the groundbreaking Air technology in their sneakers. A sneaker with visible air technology in the heel, the Air Max 1 debuted in 1987. The air-dampening’s calming effects were immediately apparent as well as felt. Ever since, collectors and athletes alike have flocked to the latest generation of Air Max shoes, which have dependable, lightweight cushioning and eye-catching colour choices.

Nike Air Max 90

Materials used in production and/or during use are recycled to make this product. Materials account for about 70% of a product’s environmental impact, therefore choosing the right ones is crucial if they want to eradicate waste and carbon emissions entirely. They can drastically cut down on pollution by recycling and reusing fabrics, yarns, and garments. Using a high percentage of recycled materials is important to them, but they won’t settle for anything less than optimal performance, longevity, and aesthetics.

When it comes to comfort, style, and proven success, no one compares. Classic details like the Nike Air Max 90’s waffle outsole, stitched uppers and TPU inserts show that this sneaker stays loyal to its heritage. The current design is achieved with fresh accents, and the comfort is guaranteed by the Max Air dampening.


  • The first-class damping is provided by the Max Air element in the heel, which was initially developed for running performance.
  • Both the style and comfort of these shoes are enhanced by the padded, low-cut neck.
  • The rubber outsole features a classic waffle design that adds style while providing excellent traction and long-lasting durability.
  • The iconic ’90s style, long-lasting comfort, and TPU embellishments on the heel and axle straps are guaranteed by the stitched covers.
  • Colours available: White, Lilac, Photon Dust, Ice Grey Model: DH8010-103–

Nike Air Max Furyosa NRG

Designed with the specific anatomy of women’s feet in mind, these shoes have a lower cut ankle, a broader forefoot, and a higher arch support. This way, it provides an ideal match right away.

The Dual-Lace system gives you the freedom to show off your unique sense of style. Personalise it to your liking by wrapping, unwrapping, removing, or tying a loop.

The layered construction mimics the sensation of wearing a pair of slippers while providing all the comfort of a shoe. A contemporary style and a wonderful fit are guaranteed with the heel cushion, exceptionally soft laces, and cushioned shoe collar.An edgy design reminiscent of ’90s speed running shoes inspired Nike’s Air Max Furyosa NRG. It offers a vibrant, modern look that is both comfortable and stylish. An eye-catching cushioning feature is the Nike Air unit in the heel, which is offset and stacked. Wearing these shoes will be a dream thanks to the heel cup, supple collar, and generously cushioned tongue. Plus, the dual-lace system gives you the freedom to show off your unique sense of style. The DIY flair and 5-star comfort are seamlessly combined.

  • Model number: DC7350-101
  • Color options: Sail, Phantom, Platinum Violet, and Black

Nike Air Max 97 By You

Start by crafting your vision with a selection of uppers, each offering a canvas for self-expression. Whether you prefer bold patterns, sleek neutrals, or vibrant hues, the choice is yours. Then, dive into a spectrum of colors for the midsole and Nike Air element, adding a pop of personality with every step.

Now it is your chance to emulate the AM97, the shapeshifter of its era. The uppers, midsole, Nike Air element, and secure-fitting, non-slip laces may all be customised to your liking. Proceed by selecting the desired outsole color—solid, coloured, or transparent. An improved sockliner adds an extra layer of support for your foot. A sneaker that can go everywhere you go has finally arrived.

  • The style is FJ8894-900
  •  The colour is multi-color.

Nike Air Max 1 ’87

Wearing these 1987 Air Max 1s will let your wild side shine. From safaris to road trips, you’ll always look and feel your best in these high-end shoes crafted from lightweight mesh, long-lasting canvas, and plush suede overlays in neutral tones with a striking leopard design. The wavy dirt protection and proven cushioning keep the original AM1 style you love.

Wild leather, mesh, and textile are high-quality materials that provide breathability and long-lasting sturdiness.
All day long dampening is provided by the see-through Max Air element, which was initially developed for performance runs.
The shoe’s timeless style is achieved by combining the wavy mud protection with the capsule-shaped Nike Air element.
Superior grip is provided by the outside sole made of rubber.
Both stylish and practical, the padded, low-cut shoe collar is sure to be a favourite.

The Air Max 1’s original intent was to be a running shoe, but progress is inevitable. Despite its contentious design—a visible air element—this running shoe was embraced by hip-hop culture and could be seen everywhere—from the streets of London to the heart of Brooklyn. The eye-catching hues and contemporary style are perennial favourites.

  • Sesame, Coconut Milk, Amber Brown, and Cacao are the colours availaible.
  • Version: FV6605-200

Is Nike’s Made to Play Initiative the Catalyst for Empowering Futures Through Sport?

Living an active lifestyle now can unlock boundless potential for children in the future. With a special focus on empowering females and children from disadvantaged backgrounds, Nike’s Made to Play campaign is igniting a movement to inspire the next generation to embrace physical activity. Collaborating with over a hundred international organizations, they’re championing equal access to play and sports for all children, advocating for increased representation of girls in sports, and providing essential training for coaches and mentors.

In their pursuit of a more inclusive sporting world, they’re developing resources to ensure that coaches and adult mentors can provide enriching experiences for children. In 2022 alone, over 17,000 coaches benefited from their best practices, with nearly 9,000 directly trained by them. Additionally, they’ve distributed 75,000 Nike Swoosh sports bras and 3,000 Nike Pro hijabs to girls worldwide through community partnerships, recognizing that access to proper gear shouldn’t be a barrier to participation.

Dynamic Modo: Active Modoo, a collaboration between Nike, Childfund Korea, and We Meet Up Sports, aims to promote physical activity among children in Seoul through fun and engaging programs. With activities tailored for children aged 8 to 13, schools and communities can foster a culture of active living while imparting valuable life lessons to coaches and instructors.

United States of America Prevails in New York: America SCORES New York (ASNY) integrates soccer, poetry, and service-learning in after-school programs designed to promote fair play and teamwork. Through the Coaching for Change Academy, a joint effort between Nike and ASNY, twenty young social entrepreneurs receive training to become mentors and coaches, empowering them to make a positive impact in their communities.

The Berlin Kickt Program: Co-organized by buntkicktgut and the International Rescue Committee Deutschland, the Berlin Kickt program teaches social and emotional skills to 150 children from underprivileged backgrounds through football, providing a platform for integration and empowerment.

Girls Without Ends: In China, Nike and the China Youth Development Foundation have launched the Boundless Girls program to remove barriers to girls’ participation in sports. By providing gender-inclusive training and support for teachers, the program has empowered over 20,000 girls across 223 schools since 2019, with college students receiving coaching training to further inspire the next generation.

A Sport-Based Centre for Health and Justice: Nike’s involvement in the Centre for Healing and Justice Through Sport (CHJS) underscores its commitment to evidence-based, inclusive coaching practices. By training community ambassadors and coaches, CHJS promotes healing-centered approaches to sports coaching in schools and nonprofit organizations across the United States.

Unite the Girls: Partnering with Girls United on “Love the Game,” Nike aims to increase opportunities for underprivileged girls in London to participate in sports. Through weekly soccer lessons and active seminars featuring positive female role models, the program fosters gender equality and instills a lifelong love of sport.

Nike’s collaboration with ICOACHKIDS has resulted in coaching basics accessible to anyone interested in becoming a youth volunteer coach. With free resources available on the ICOACHKIDS website and the Nike Training Club and Nike Run Club apps, coaching fundamentals are within reach across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Tenemossos Juegos: Teaming up with Laureus Sport for Good, Nike introduces Jugamos Juntas to support girls in Mexico City who face marginalization. By creating safe and inclusive play environments and training female coaches, the program aims to empower girls and boys to thrive together in sports and beyond.

Step up your shoe game and experience the unparalleled comfort and style of Nike’s Air On Collection today! From the timeless classics to the latest innovations, there’s a perfect pair waiting for you. Don’t just walk—float through your day with the cushioned support and sleek designs of Nike Air On shoes!

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