Stay prepared for challenging conditions with Le Col range of Women’s Cycling Jackets, meticulously designed to provide protection from wind, rain, and cold. Crafted with the needs of cyclists in mind, Le Col jackets offer unparalleled performance to keep you comfortable and focused on your ride, no matter the weather. Whether you’re facing gusty winds, heavy rain, or chilly temperatures, their cycling jackets are engineered to shield you from the elements, allowing you to push through tough conditions with confidence. Don’t let adverse weather hinder your cycling experience—gear up with Le Col Women’s Cycling Jackets and conquer the road ahead.

Le Col

Every single component of Le Col kit is designed with the expertise of professional cyclists in mind. The fact that their professional teams are continually providing feedback after testing, racing, and winning in Le Col has allowed them to establish one of the most extensive testing and development networks in the cycling industry.

Le Col are able to gain significant insights from their legends and collaborate with them to produce a uniform that they would have cherished wearing when they were at the pinnacle of their careers. Get to know the Ambassadors of Le Col….

In every stage of your journey with them, whether it is your first purchase from them or you are a recurring customer, they strive to improve Le Col performance in order to provide you with the best possible experience.

Womens Pro Wind Jacket

For swift rides in windy conditions, the Pro Wind Jacket is a lightweight windproof layer. If the weather changes or if you need to shed layers due to increased pace, you can quickly stow it in your jersey pocket while it provides mild protection from precipitation.

The lightweight mesh fabric used for the side panels increases airflow in critical areas and keeps the jacket’s weight unbelievably low, so you won’t even notice it’s in your jersey pocket. It’s designed to keep you performing in cooler, windier conditions.

The jersey is designed to be aerodynamic, with a lightweight elastic cuff for secure fit and reflective details for increased visibility when signalling. It sits close to the body to minimise wind-flap, allowing you to keep as much power as possible when riding into the wind. A soft internal collar ensures a snug fit even in aggressive positions, keeping wind out.

Womens Pro Rain Jacket II

Le Col dedication with making the best rain jacket led to the development of the Pro Rain Jacket II, Le Col quickest raincoat yet. It features superior waterproofing, efficient ventilation, and a professional cut. It’s been fine-tuned over many years of testing on windy and rainy roads by professional team riders to make sure it delivers on its promise of allowing you to concentrate on going fast.

They are fixated on enhancing their performance, as is typical of dedicated riders. Although professional riders and industry experts have consistently praised their Pro Rain Jacket, they were aware it had room for improvement. Their Pro Rain Jacket II has been fine-tuned for a more aerodynamic fit, allowing you to ride in a more relaxed race posture thanks to increased mobility in the shoulder and arm areas. A newly designed bonded front hem significantly reduces bulk and provides a low-profile finish.

The Pro Rain Jacket’s three-layer stretch fabric provides exceptional breathability, windproofing, and waterproofing. As your exertion level rises, the jacket’s outer layers wick away sweat, keeping you dry on the inside. The seams are fully taped to ensure a watertight seal. The magic happens in the stretch fabric, which gives the jacket a form-fitting, body-moving feel and prevents flapping while you tackle the tough conditions it was made to endure.

Womens Sport Jacket II

Get the Le Col Women’s Sport Jacket II so you can ride in any conditions. This jacket is perfect for female riders who would rather experience nature’s beauty than the whir of a turbo trainer. It has upgraded panelling that offers a breathable and comfortable fit, in addition to being windproof and showerproof.

Le Col new colorways are brighter and match the rest of the redesigned Sport collection, so you can be seen whether you’re sneaking in an early morning workout or enjoying a sunset ride. In addition, the undersleeves, sides, and back are covered with ultra-plush Aqua Zero fabric. This fabric acts as a breathable membrane, offering light protection from the elements while ensuring your comfort while riding.

Complete with three roomy rear pockets for stowing your riding essentials

Womens Hors Categorie Jacket II

During the off-season, professional riders opt for Le Col warmest winter jacket, the Hors Categorie Jacket. With a blend of top-tier Polartec® fabrics, this jacket will keep you warm and dry no matter how hard you ride, protecting you from the elements without putting you at risk of overheating.

The jacket’s outside is made of Polartec® Power Shield®, a lightweight, breathable, and patent-pending bio-based performance fabric with a long-lasting waterproof and windproof membrane.

Polartec® Alpha® Active Insulation lines the inside; it’s really plush and designed to keep you warm by releasing surplus heat continually as your ride gets hotter. More air circulation and all-day comfort are possible without removing any clothing.

Enhanced visibility in low light is achieved with reflective panelling applied across the arms and an extra reflective strip on the rear. A waterproof zippered pocket is one of four storage compartments on the back.

Womens Pro Jacket

Le Col quickest winter coat is the Pro Jacket. Incorporating feedback from WorldTour riders and state-of-the-art Polartec® Power Shield® technology, the Pro Jacket provides windproof and breathable protection for intense winter sessions.

Featuring a long-lasting waterproof and windproof barrier, the unique bio-based performance fabric known as Polartec® Power Shield® will keep you dry and protected without sacrificing weight or breathability. In order to wick away moisture vapour while keeping out precipitation, the fabric makes use of cutting-edge molecular diffusion technology. It is resistant to stretching, washing, and the harsh winter weather because it does not include micropores, which means that its breathable function will not diminish with time.

Lightweight and form-fitting, this jacket is part of their Pro Collection and will keep you aerodynamically efficient even when you’re pedalling at high speeds.

Gear Up for Your Ride: Shop Le Col’s Women’s Cycling Jackets Now!

Ready to take your cycling adventures to the next level? Explore Le Col’s exceptional range of women’s cycling jackets designed for both style and performance. Whether you’re hitting the road or tackling the trails, Le Col jackets offer unparalleled comfort, protection, and style. Don’t let the weather hold you back—invest in quality gear that enhances your ride. Head to Le Col website today and find your perfect cycling companion. With Le Col, every journey is an opportunity for greatness.

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