Following initial inquiries from the Roald Dahl Estate, the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) started developing a musical in 2003 based on a book by Roald Dahl. Putting together a top-notch creative team is the initial step in developing a new musical. The casting of Matilda The Musical included the playwright Dennis Kelly for the book, the director Matthew Warchus, and the music and lyrics composed by the anarchic Australian comedian, musician, and composer Tim Minchin. With the help of Jeanie O’Hare and the RSC Literary Department, as well as Matthew’s leadership during the development workshops, the musical was finally ready.

Rob Howell designed the show, Peter Darling choreographed the dance numbers, Christopher Nightingale oversaw the orchestrations, additional music, and musical supervision, Hugh Vanstone was in charge of lighting, Simon Baker was in charge of sound, and Paul Kieve was in charge of special effects and illusions.

Matilda The Musical

Calamity Jane The Musical, based on the acclaimed novel by the legendary Roald Dahl, is a critically acclaimed and artistically brilliant musical stage production by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Adapted from the novel by Dennis Kelly and set to music by Tim Minchin, Matilda tells the tale of a remarkable young girl who, with the help of her strong will and creative imagination, decides to change her own fate. With over a hundred accolades to its name, including twenty-four for Best Musical, Matilda has been a West End hit for almost a decade, captivating audiences in London.


Audio description (AD) and captioned performances are examples of assisted performances that provide additional stage commentary. Live subtitling is provided by AD, and big screens display the names and lines of the characters in captioned performances. An interpreter who is fluent in British Sign Language (BSL) stands off to the side of the stage for performances that are signed. The goal of a relaxed performance is to keep the rules of the theatre loose while accommodating the audience’s wants. You can easily get in and out of the theatre during a chilled performance because of how relaxed the production is about noise and movement. Please call the box office in advance of a signed performance to confirm that the signer will have a seat to themselves. Reducing loud noises and music is one way that relaxed performances can be adjusted to accommodate people’s needs.


The following prices apply during peak weeks and for performances on Saturdays and Sundays: £82.50, £64.50, £59.50, £47.50, £37.50, and £20. A select few premium tickets in the centre stalls and dress circle have been reserved for as much as £125.00; if you want the best seats, you’ll need to purchase them in early. Get your seat at the price you like by booking soon, as prices can vary. Your visit to London theatres may be subject to additional inspections for your comfort and security. They ask for your tolerance and patience while these are being implemented.


By taking advantage of their Family Experience, you can ensure that your trip to see Matilda the Musical is a day that you will never forget.
In addition to the premium seat and souvenir show programme that are included in their package, you will also receive a pre-show drink that will be delivered to you along with some delectable desserts that you can enjoy. They will come and meet you at your seats during the break, and then they will take you back to the table in the bar that you have reserved, where you will be served ice cream.


Does it have a recommended age range?

Recommend for children aged 6 and up. No one under the age of six, including infants, should see this performance. At their laid-back performances, they accept younger children and infants. During the whole performance, children must remain seated in their designated seats. Babies in arms and children under the age of four are not allowed in the auditorium.

How long is the time frame?

With one interval, the performance lasts for 2 hours and 35 minutes.

Are there any special effects in the show?

Yes. Lights, lasers, and ear-piercing noise are all part of this show. The performers utilise stage haze, sometimes known as latex balloons, and pop them onstage. Actors engage with the space provided by the audience during the performance.

How can I obtain the greatest tickets?

If you want to buy tickets to the concert at the greatest price, the best place to do so is on this site, the official website. Nothing is charged for either the booking or the transaction.

What kind of Matilda can I expect to see?

Due to the fluid nature of the cast schedule, they do not provide specifics. You can find the cast list near the box office in the main foyer of the theatre, so you can check which female is performing when you get there.

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