In 2009, the Kazi brothers launched their fragrance firm Sunnamusk with a mere 600 pounds in funding. In East London, they set up impromptu booths and sold fragrances from car boot sales after investing in their first fragrance collection. They were making two hundred pounds each year by 2010 from their trading presence at Whitechapel market. They opened a flagship store in Aldgate and expanded their brand image in 2011 by securing a tenancy in Westfield Stratford City. Sunnamusk was already well-known as a top London Arabian fragrance house by 2013.

The brothers opted to give the business a facelift and hire more people to help grow it. Their first flagship scent, Abid Ambre, debuted in 2017 and quickly became a best-seller. The youngest Kazi brother, Kazi Abidur Rahman, became one of the youngest chief executive officers (CEOs) of a multi-million pound organisation in 2018.

Sunnamusk presented their new website and held a celebration event at Canary Wharf to mark their tenth anniversary. With aspirations to expand abroad, the firm maintains its position as a fragrance industry behemoth with eight stores in the UK.

Eau de Parfum’s

Sunnamusk exceptional Eau de Parfums will make you fall madly in love. Embrace the gentle caress of a bright aroma as it delicately lands on your skin. A fragrance that speaks to your spirit and helps to shape your identity. Sunnamusk strive to ensure that finding your own fragrance is a breeze. How can one choose an Eau de Parfum? Due to the increased concentration of essential oils in these perfumes, you will be enchanted by the bursts of luxurious scents from sunset till sunrise. Elevate your senses to a paradisiacal level with Their Eau de Parfums, which are crafted with harmonious notes. Indulge in the ethereal scents of deep, woodsy, and spicy accords or let yourself be swept away by the gentle, floral elixirs that float on the wind like a pleasant memory. Layering your favourite scents creates an aroma that is utterly unique to you—beautifully enigmatic, tenderly complex, and all your own.


Abid Ambre is more than just a perfume. It’s an olfactory experience that’s both unforgettable and irresistible. With its perfect blend of floral and woody notes, this fragrance has quickly become one of their bestsellers. From the moment you apply it, the citrusy high notes of mandarin grapefruit and lemon will have you feeling fresh and energized. As the scent begin to mature, the rich flowery middle notes, including roses, orchids, and lilies, will transport you to a lush garden in full bloom. The dry-down mix of sweet sandalwood, vanilla, and musk is simply divine, giving the fragrance a sensual and feminine touch. Perfect for any occasion, this modern classic scent is one that should be in every woman’s collection. So why not add some Abid Ambre to your fragrance wardrobe today? Trust us, you won’t regret it.


Golden Dust is a scent that offers a touch of magic with its unique blend of floral and musky notes. This fragrance captures the essence of femininity in all its forms, conveying sensuality and passion with every spritz. Its combination of grapefruit and roses in the top notes creates a sparkle that transitions into the rich sweetness of honeysuckle and vanilla, while the balsamic base and amber in the dry down provide a resinous finish. A little goes a long way with Golden Dust, as even a small amount can leave an illuminated trail that can fill your home or linger on your skin. Originally a trendy perfume oil, this scent has gained so much popularity that it is now available as an Eau de Parfum. With its captivating blend of floral and musky notes, Golden Dust is the perfect addition to any fragrance collection.


When it comes to scents, few can top the irresistible allure of Victory. This classic fragrance is a favorite for many reasons, including its earthy yet fresh aroma. If you love long summer nights, you’ll appreciate the vibrant and lively notes in this scent, which includes high tones of orange akin to grapefruit and Kaffir lime. But it’s not just the top notes that make this fragrance such a standout – its middle notes are equally impressive. Magnolia, jasmine, and orange blossom come together to create a one-of-a-kind scent that’s both optimistic and bright. And as if that weren’t enough, the base of this fragrance is edgy and sensual, with patchouli and amber to give it an exotic, animalistic undertone. If you’re looking to add an unbeatable and winning scent to your collection, look no further than Victory – it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on all those who cross your path.


Have you ever wanted to leave a lasting impression on those around you? Look no further than Heaven On Earth, the perfect fragrance to enhance your persona. With a sensual blend of sweet floral and fun citrus, this fragrance is versatile enough for any occasion. The woody tones and rosy base give it a powerful yet intimate touch. They say the sense of smell is the strongest memory trigger, so make sure people remember you with Heaven On Earth. It’s time to add this fragrance to your collection and make your mark on every room you enter.


Zeyara is a mesmerizing perfume that combines fruity and fragrant scents to produce a memorable aroma. The delightful fragrance calls to mind a sweet apple and fresh-cut flowers, making it an excellent fit for someone with a feminine style. The name Zeyara means “light of life,” and the combination of vanilla and coconut notes give the scent an energetic and fun vibe. The top notes of bergamot and frangipani are beautiful flowers that add to the perfume’s allure. With its lively pink shade, Zeyara is perfect for those who are impulsive, beautiful, and stunningly feminine. You’ll undoubtedly turn heads when anyone is in your vicinity.

What Is So Special About Sunnamusk Eau de Parfum’s?

Sunnamusk Eau de Parfum’s are not your average fragrances. These perfumes are crafted with a blend of the finest ingredients, which makes them a standout in the world of perfumes. Sunnamusk Eau de Parfum’s are unique and special in their own way. They are created in small batches, which means that each fragrance is made with exceptional care and attention to detail. The fragrances are designed to match the personality of the wearer and create a lasting impression on anyone that comes into contact with them. With their captivating scents and long-lasting effects, Sunnamusk Eau de Parfum’s are the perfect choice for people who want to make a statement with their fragrance.

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