Horse Wear at GS Equestrian: Essential Gear for Your Equine Companion

At GS Equestrian, they have a complete line of horse wear available to meet the comfort and safety needs of your favorite equine friend. From the list of products, they have chosen the GS Equestrian Economy Head Collar, Cotton Lead Rope, Rope Halter, and Padded Head Collar. Furthermore, they have also included the top-notch options like the Hy Lead Rope and Shires Cushion Web Lead Rein. Whether you are looking for heavy-duty, everyday wear or the more premium, specialized equipment, they have everything you need to keep your horse looking and feeling great.

GS Equestrian Economy Head Collar

Equestrian Economy Head Collar by GS is a versatile piece of equestrian tack that offers easy adjustment at both the head and noseband. The clip-on throatlash ensures a convenient application. The headcollar is made of durable polypropylene and is available in a range of lively colors with silver fittings, providing a top-notch product at a low price. It is constructed with the heavy duty fittings, which include the reinforced eyelets for unmatched durability. Along with the lead ropes, they are available in pairs too.

GS Equestrian Cotton Lead Rope

The GS Equestrian Cotton Lead Rope is a durable basic equipment every horse owner should have. This thick cotton rope is braided into the material to provide both strength and durability. At 2 meters long, it is long enough to keep your horse in comfort and under control. The lead rope has a heavy and strong nickel-polished swivel trigger clip that helps you to keep your horse in a secure attachment as well as ease of use. It can be used for daily use or during training sessions. This lead rope is the most reliable option for any equestrian lover.

GS Equestrian Rope Halter

The GS Equestrian Rope Halter is a compact and convenient product for your horse. Easy to fit, halter is available in 10 different colors and 4 sizes, giving you an opportunity to choose the right size for your horse. Regardless of whether you are in the arena or out on the trail, this tough and useful halter is a functional and practical choice for any horse owner.

GS Equestrian Padded Head Collar

The Nubuck Padded Head Collar has the padded head and noseband to improve comfort. This headcollar can be adjusted at both the head and backstay and comes with a clip-on throatlash attached. The bag is available in 13 shades with silver fittings, made from polypropylene which is a very strong and robust material with strong and robust fittings including reinforced eyelets for added durability. The lead ropes are also available as sets or separately.

Hy Lead Rope

The Hy Lead Rope is of high-end cotton and comes with the Wednesbury clip which is very strong for the rope attachment. Designed to provide you with both strength and reliability, this lead rope is an essential piece of the equipment of your horse.

At GS Equestrian, they realize that the quality of horse wear is a critical factor in ensuring your equine companion’s well-being and safety. This is why they provide a variety of horse essentials, from head collars to lead ropes, crafted to answer the distinct needs of horse owners. Whether you’re after sturdy, everyday wear or high-end, specialized gear, they have everything from the basics to keep your horse looking and feeling great.

Whether you opt for the GS Equestrian Economy Head Collar, Cotton Lead Rope, Rope Halter, or Padded Head Collar, or for the high-quality Hy Lead Rope and Shires Cushion Web Lead Rein, GS Equestrian has got you covered with superior quality gear for your horse. Shop their collection now and see the difference in quality & performance!

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