Discover the Kit & Kin range, where style is combined with sustainability. Whether you prefer the high-performance eco-nappies or the more simple skincare and soft organic cotton babywear, they have everything that you need for your little one. Whether you’re getting your family their Christmas presents or looking for the ideal present for someone special, you can get it all here. Be at ease as every product in their collection is better for the baby, better for planet, and always gives back. Go with Kit & Kin when you are looking for products that are both kind to your baby’s skin and to the planet.

Eco Nappies

Discover the most trustworthy eco-nappy on the market with Kit & Kin. Their eco-nappies have been certified by Dermatest, Allergy Certified, FSC and are manufactured in a Carbon Neutral Plant. Their diapers, which have been designed with your baby’s comfort in mind, have a flash dry layer that absorbs and locks wetness away instantly, keeping baby’s bottom dry and comfortable. By way of patented channel technology, liquid is evenly distributed around the diaper, preventing sagging and providing up to 12 hours of dryness.

Besides being their nappies eco-friendly, they are also made in a carbon-neutral plant that is located in the EU. With every pack sold, an acre of rainforest is protected from being destroyed, and when you subscribe to their eco-nappy service, you stop 13 tonnes of carbon from being released. Their nappies are made from cellulose derived from sugar cane for both outer and inner lining, and the core absorbent is made from totally chlorine free FSC® certified fluff pulp. Moreover, their prints are not only cute but also safe for your baby and the environment as they are made from water-based inks.

Biodegradable Baby Wipes

Kit & Kin‘s biodegradable baby wipes, a biodegradable option for your child’s care. Their pack includes 60 earth-friendly and hypoallergenic wipes that are super soft and gentle to your baby’s skin but high-performing at the same time. Completely chlorine-free and chemical-free, these wipes are not only safe but also efficient. Towels are interleaved to allow for one-by-one easy removal from the pack. So, there is no clumping and no waste. Also, their patented easy-dispense lid makes it possible to change diapers with only one hand, so you can do other things with the other hand. Last but not the least, their packaging is made from 50% recycled materials, which means that even their packaging is ecofriendly.

Reusable Cloth Nappy

Through introducing the Kit & Kin‘s reusable cloth nappy that has won an award and is made from sustainable and plant-based materials. It is not only eco-friendly but also the design is such that it keeps the baby’s bottom dry and comfortable for a duration of 12 hours. Their core, made of the most absorbent and the softest material 100% naturally derived, guarantees that your baby will feel comfortable.

Every reusable cloth nappy that is used, instead of a disposable, saves the waste of two plastic bottles that would otherwise be dumped into the landfill, thus helping to protect the environment for your baby’s future. Their one-size-fits-all design comes with adjustable poppers and a waist that can be adjusted, which makes sure that your baby’s garment fits them perfectly as they grow up. Select Kit & Kin for a kind and gentle nappy alternative for your baby.

Biodegradable Liners

Uncover Kit & Kin‘s biodegradable liners, the eco-friendly alternative that makes nappy changing a breeze. Strictly speaking, the liners are made from 100% plant based and biodegradable PLA, which is a material that is used to keep the baby’s bottom dry and comfortable. In every pack, there are 100 liners. This makes the process of nappy changing much easier and at the same time, environmentally friendly. In a bid to support the environment, choose Kit & Kin‘s biodegradable liners.

Plant-Based Boosters

Launching Kit & Kin‘s plant-based boosters (the ideal choice for improving the absorbency of your baby’s reusable cloth diapers). Crafted from 100% plant-based fabrics including TENCEL™ and hemp, these extra soft inserts are highly absorbent and are great for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Each pack of 3 boosters offers you a convenient, eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for your heavy wetters. Boost your baby’s nappy comfort and dryness with Kit & Kin‘s plant-based boosters for a better changing experience.

Conclusion: Making Sustainable Choices for Your Baby

When you want the best for your baby, you can rely on the Kit & Kin line of fashionable and eco-friendly products that are designed for maximum comfort and safety. They have the award-winning eco-nappies to the biodegradable baby wipes, reusable cloth nappies, biodegradable liners, and plant-based boosters that are all developed with both your baby and the planet in mind.

Through your purchase of Kit & Kin, you will not only be giving the best for your baby, but also you will be contributing to the protection of our environment. Their quest for sustainability is an assurance that each purchase made by you will be a contribution to protecting our planet for the generations to come. Find the Kit & Kin line today and make an environmentally friendly decision for your family.


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