Their selection of artificial eyelashes at Foxy Locks will give you long, thick lashes in no time. Foxy Locks take great pride in their lash collection, even though they are well-known for their Remy hair extensions, clip-in ponytails, and their own brand of clip-in hair extensions. You may discover the ideal false eyelashes to accentuate your eyes throughout the day or add drama and glitz to your evening appearance, ranging from thick and full lashes to delicate and flirtatious corner lashes. Foxy Locks fake eyelashes are available in a range of lengths and densities, and you can customise your look with a selection of materials like as premium mink, luxury silk, or long-lasting, full-lash false lashes made from real human hair.


Foxy Locks‘ L’amore fake eyelashes are meticulously made with premium silk and finished with an invisible band of black cotton to make them blend in with your natural lashes. No one will be able to tell they’re not real. Lightweight, soft, and very simple to apply, their silk lashes will have your eyes looking stunningly defined in no time. Foxy Locks oil-enriched eyelash adhesive makes it easy to install artificial eyelashes of your choosing. Enjoy the convenience of applying artificial eyelashes without any mess since they dry quickly and are waterproof.


L’Amore Lashes introduces “Lia,” a delineation of luxury and sophistication in the realm of silk lashes. Designed for the fashion-forward individual, Lia embodies the essence of effortless chic. These lashes are not just an accessory but a statement – lengthening and subtly volumizing, they transform your gaze with an ethereal touch. Perfect for those desiring to elevate their look with added length and a hint of volume, Lia’s unique cluster design interplays with a jet black band to provide depth and intensity where it matters most. Whether you’re stepping out for a casual brunch or attending a glamorous event, Lia lashes ensure your eyes are the focal point, embodying both elegance and dramatic flair.


Enhance your gaze with the splendor of L’AMORE LASHES’ ELENORA from Foxy Locks Luxury Silk Collection. Crafted for those who dare to dazzle, Elenora lashes boast an extra-long, extra-fluffy, and undeniably flirtatious appeal. Designed to add a luxurious length and volume from the middle to the outer edge of your eyes, they transform your look into every lash lover’s dream. Indulge in the opulence of Elenora lashes and step into a world where your eyes captivate and command attention, embodying the essence of beauty and elegance.


Elevate your eyelash allure to luxurious heights with L’Amore Lashes’ “Isabella” – a statement in silk for those seeking to accentuate their eyes with unmatched elegance. Designed with a distinctive lash graduation, Isabella offers an intensified volume, curl, and length that crescendos in the center, ensuring your gaze captivates with every flutter. Crafted for versatility, this wispy, yet bold style harmonizes beautifully with any makeup look, promising an eye-enhancing effect that’s both glamorous and sophisticated.


Elevate your beauty routine effortlessly with L’Amore Lashes – Luxury Silk Lashes in the captivating Juliet style. Designed for those seeking to seamlessly transition their look from the sunlight’s grace to the evening’s allure, these silk lashes offer more than just an enhancement. The Juliet lashes are meticulously crafted to provide a natural, yet stunning appearance, making them an ideal choice for anyone new to the world of false lashes or looking to refine their aesthetic with a touch of elegance. With medium length and volume, they bestow your natural lashes a significant yet graceful uplift, promising an impeccable finish that’s as suitable for daily wear as it is for special occasions.


L’AMORE LASHES introduces the Gianna – an embodiment of luxury silk lashes designed to captivate and elevate your lash game. Gianna lashes are meticulously crafted with a unique gradual gradient volume, starting with a delicate low density at the inner eye and seamlessly tapering to a lush, full volume at the outer edge. This design is specifically tailored for individuals looking to accentuate their outer lashes, delivering a mesmerizing and flirtatious look that’s both chic and sophisticated. With Gianna, prepare to transform your eyes into a captivating spectacle, perfect for any occasion that calls for a touch of allure and elegance.

Common Questions

Could you tell me how long these lashes are supposed to stay and if they are reusable?

Depending on how well you take care of the lashes, you may wear them several times; however, this is not guaranteed.

Do you sell cruelty-free or vegan eyelashes?

No animal testing or allergies were conducted on any of Foxy Locks lashes.

Do I need adhesive to attach these?

You may buy glue separately from them if you want to wear these artificial eyelashes.

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