A few months later, in July of that year, FFS‘s founders came up with the idea for their product. Our first member of the club was honoured in November after only a few short months.
As the first three members of the club to accomplish the landmark of 100 members in February 2016, Faye, Frankie, and Samantha (FFS!) We grew by 900 members in just 5 months, and they surpassed their goal of 1,000 members in the same amount of time. After months of hard effort, their team produced and launched our award-winning shave cream in October 2016.
‘Shoga,’ their first marketing campaign, debuted in August 2017 after the release of their first female metal handle, Rose.
Although the post was designed to show how physically difficult shaving can be for women, Facebook controversially removed it for ‘implying nudity.’ There was an outcry over the restriction from fans who said the advertisement represented female shaving, which is typically done in the bathroom and while fully clothed.
On the other hand, the Shin Salutation (where a woman stands with one leg straight out in front of her, bends her other leg forward, and rests it on the edge of a bathtub or toilet) came in first with 27% of their members responding to an online survey.
Advertisement helped them build and launch the Smooth, Remove, and Soothe 3 step shaving procedure in November – the first method for women to use.
As of July, a razor business for the first time in its history broadcast a commercial depicting someone shaving their legs on television. The ad shows a real man shaving his legs and underarms.
In January 2019, more than 10,000 people voted for the Rose razor to be the best product of the year. We will soon be able to provide facial wax strips and natural deodorants as a result of their work.
As a way to protect the environment and reduce the carbon footprint of their employees, they established an internal blade recycling programme.
To start out 2020, the new spring handle collection was unveiled.
When Friction Free Shaving was renamed FFS Beauty, they left it up to its fans to decide how they interpreted the moniker. Self-Tanning Mousse and tanning accessories were released in October 2020 after they achieved the milestone of 100K members in July 2020.
A new Botanical Beauty line, with sulfate-free Shampoo Bars, calming bath salts, and moisturising body butter bars, was introduced to its customers in March 2021.

Razor Starter Kit – Blossom

Even the sheer presence of something noteworthy on the radar screen indicates that there is nothing noteworthy occurring in the real world at the time in question. When faced with a choice between two razors, a decision must be made as rapidly as possible, and it must be made in the most accurate manner possible while simultaneously moving as quickly as possible. The same goal exists for everyone who utilises our services, regardless of how regularly or infrequently they shave: to make shaving as easy and ecologically friendly as possible for themselves and their loved ones.

Getting a close shave without encountering any problems has become a standard practise at FFS as a result of the years of experience that the professionals at the establishment have gathered. Only the highest-quality blades are available for purchase in our shop; there is no fluff in our shop; there is no fuzz in our shop; there is no fluff in our shop; there is no fuzz in our shop; there is no fluff in our shop; there is no fuzz in our shop. It is recommended by the authors that, in order to achieve success, you establish priorities for your operations and dedicate less time to micro-management than you would otherwise. However, despite the fact that razors are small and delicate when compared to other pieces of equipment, they need to be precise in order to be effective in their application when used correctly.

The gadget comes with a variety of noteworthy features, including a Premium SmoothGlide Blade Holder and a Premium Metal Handle, in addition to the Premium SmoothGlide Blade Holder and Premium Metal Handle stated above. It comes with a number of other remarkable features, including a Custom Engraved Blade as well as a Premium SmoothGlide Blade Holder, both of which come highly recommended.

Here’s a preview of the razor by FFS:


Self Tanning Mousse

You’ll be ready in minutes rather than hours if you use the award-winning vegan tanning lotions, drops, and other essentials offered at FFS. The instructions in this therapy should help you avoid seeing or smelling streaks on your skin, as well as the smell of freshly baked cookies, if you follow them to the letter. It is your responsibility to notify us within 30 days of receiving an item if you are dissatisfied (s). You may now have nearly everything at the tip of your fingers at all times, thanks to technological advancements.
As a result of its light weight and quick drying time, this award-winning garment is an excellent choice for travel or other activities in which clothing needs to be dried in a timely manner. Those orange palms and streaky tans are no longer welcome in our world.
This brand’s self-tanning mousse allows you to create a gorgeous and long-lasting tan without the need for any additional products. The opportunity to experience your new fruity perfume, which contains notes of avocado and coconut, has been extended to you, and we appreciate you taking the time to stop by. There are numerous benefits to utilising this product, including the fact that is is vegetarian and cruelty-free; it absorbs fast into the skin; and it is recyclable. However, there are a number of additional benefits to utilising it, which are listed below: (In a 200mL recyclable bottle.)

Here’s a preview of the self-tanning mousse by FFS:

Peppermint Shampoo Bar

These ecologically friendly cosmetics can be used to create silky smooth hair and skin, as well as other benefits. Put in the necessary time and effort into your hair and you will be demonstrating your dedication to the way you look as well.
Hair and skin types of all kinds can benefit from the shampoo bars. They are especially beneficial to individuals with sensitive skin. They are also available in a number of other colours. All hair and skin types, regardless of their condition, will benefit from the gentle foaming action of these products. When compared to other brands, we are able to use less shampoo per wash since our shampoo bar includes a higher concentration of shampoo than the vast majority of other shampoos now available on the market. If you come to our bar at the right time of day, we may have as many as 50 different nourishing washes available for you to try. To get a scalp that appears younger in appearance, make use of this mixture to eradicate dead skin cells from your head.
Aside from that, it is well-known for the advantages it provides to hair and body nourishment; it is filled with nutrient-dense components; and it is free of animal byproducts (Handmade in the UK). Per session, a total of 50 uses are authorised, which is a very lenient restriction.

Here’s a preview of the Shampoo bar by FFS:

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