Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé founded the luxury fashion label Saint Laurent in France. Previously the company’s creative director, Hedi Slimane, brought back the haute couture line in 2015. In April of this year, he was designated creative director.

For both men and women, Saint Laurent sells a wide range of ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, jewellery, and accessories. Additionally, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté has a presence in the world of cosmetics and fragrances. Though the trademark and sole rights to use L’Oréal’s brand belong to L’Oréal.

When it debuted in May of 2013, Slimane’s store was hailed as the city’s best shopping attraction. The original deep red and gold colour scheme has been replaced with a monochromatic palette and a range of materials, including marble and nickel-plated bars.. [20] In addition to the Beverly Hills store, there is a new London location on Sloane Street.

SoHo in New York City now has an all-line store, while San Francisco now has a men’s store and Chicago now has a full-line store at the Waldorf Astoria on Rush Street, where private showings have been taking place since the Chicago store closed in 2010 In 2013, all of these stores opened.

To support Slimane’s expansion plans in the United States, Yves Saint Laurent plans to open new stores in Florida’s Bal Harbour as well as Nevada’s Las Vegas and Washington DC’s Georgetown.

As well as Bologna, Rome, Moscow, Monte Carlo and Cannes, Europe’s top shopping destinations include Barcelona, Munich, Berlin, Prague, Warsaw and Kyiv. A sampling of our destinations in the Middle East and Africa: Beirut; Casablanca; Abu Dhabi; Dubai; Doha; Kuwait City; and Jeddah. Many cities in Asia have Saint Laurent stores, including Hong Kong (in Singapore), Macau (in Singapore), and Bangkok (in Thailand). Kyoto, Tokyo, and Osaka are just a few of the cities in Japan where you’ll find designer boutiques and outlet malls. Chinese cities including Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing, and Chongqing are home to independent shops.


With the launch of ROUGE PUR COUTURE THE SLIM GLOW, our first ever luminous-matte lipstick, we are thrilled to announce the introduction of a square bullet for more accurate application. This product is, in essence, a matte version of the Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Lipstick in a lovely colour. The formula for ROUGE PUR COUTURE THE SLIM GLOW MATTE produces lips that are softer and smoother as a result of the manufacturing process.

YSL The use of mallow flower extract from the Ourika Gardens in Morocco to the composition helps to achieve a more luminous finish on the lips. Throughout this collection of intimate nude colours, rose-gold pearls are used to compliment your natural liptone by enhancing it with pearls, while gold-bronze pearls are used to complement your natural liptone by enhancing it with pearls. With this recipe, you’ll get lightweight comfort while also getting a seductive, couture-inspired colour thrown in there. It features a distinctive square bullet and is easy to apply because of its square bullet, which distinguishes it from other mattes.

The use of a variety of dark colours to make a statement can be very powerful. A luminous-matte finish is applied as the final touch. Despite the fact that the coverage is just medium, the brilliance is increased significantly. A square bullet is a bullet that is comfortable to use, lasts for a long time, and is accurate.

Here’s a preview of the slim glow matte by Yslbeauty:



For up to 24 hours after application, the YSL All Hours Liquid Foundation is a matte product that is extremely long-wearing and keeps your skin appearing fresh and beautiful. It is available in four different colours. By employing fine pigments in high concentration, it is possible to create the appearance of a mask without really wearing one in the traditional sense. It is not necessary to reapply any additional makeup after applying this foundation because of the waterproof and transfer-resistant nature of its product.
Skin is left with a matte finish that lasts all day as a consequence of its oilless and non-greasy composition, which also helps to reduce the appearance of visible pores on the surface of the skin. In part as a result of the UV filter and skincare mix that are included in the formulation, the skin is left feeling and appearing revitalised as a result of its application.With this foundation, there is something for everyone to enjoy. In addition to being light and non-irritating to the skin, it is also ideal for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin.If you have a fair skin tone, you’ll discover that the colours offered by YSL are ideal for you.

Here is a preview of the foundation by Yslbeauty:



YSL Volum Effet Faux Cils Radical’s long, dark lashes give you a wide-eyed look.The revamped YSL Faux Cils Mascara has a new formula.YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils offer instant volume and length to lashes.
To create a deeper black, a new coating of saturated carbon black material is required. Kaia Gerber, YSL Beauty’s spokesmodel, nails it on the runway.

Apply volume and fullness without dribbling, spreading, or flaking. The new mixture includes argan oil and an extract from YSL’s Moroccan Ourika Gardens. The composition uses a carbon black colour payoff to give it a smokey vibe. Finish the ensemble with this lovely bauble. YSL Beauty has been supporting an inclusive women’s cooperative in Morocco’s Ourika Gardens since 2012. The Gardens are harvested and cared after by the YSL cosmetics team.

Through the Ourika Gardens, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty encourages these people’ abilities and economic independence.
Volume Mascara Flash and Faux Cils Prime the lashes from root to tip with a primer and let it dry completely before adding mascara. This will enhance the look of the mascara while nourishing the lashes.Applying mascara begins with coating the lashes from root to tip.Apply eyelash curler by zigzagging across the lashes while pressing upward and outward. This manoeuvre easily increases volume.Then apply it to your inner and lower lashes.

Here’s a preview of the mascara by Yslbeauty:

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