Discover the finest Mylee Gel Nail Colours available here for a stunning, long-lasting manicure or pedicure! Here at Mylee, you’ll discover every shade of gel nail colour imaginable. They have an amazing assortment of vibrant neons, traditional whites and blacks, and everything in between to help you create the most stunning nails.

The colour will stay longer than ever before with their expert gel polishes. Gel nail polish can be cured with a UV or LED nail lamp to give you three weeks of gorgeous polish. That is absolutely flawless—not a single chip, crack, or peel! Mylee offer a shade that will go with any complexion. Mylee gel nail paints are going to be your go-to products. Your nails will appear salon-fresh in no time at all with the help of their extensive variety, which is formulated to provide you with pigment, sheen, and durability. Make sure you never run out of your go-to shades of Mylee Gel Polish by restocking your collection. Take a look at their extensive selection of gel nail colours now.

About Mylee

Born in 2014, Mylee’s primary goal was to create salon-quality treatments that clients could afford and perform in the comfort of their own homes. Mylee revolutionary gel nail kit was the starting point for everything.

MyGel Polish dries in just thirty seconds when exposed to Mylee  ultra-fast-curing LED Pro Lamp, and it leaves nails chip-free for up to three weeks. Mylee  consistently innovate and disrupt the traditional at-home salon space by offering a variety of over 150 MyGel Shades.

Mylee take great pleasure in being a brand that celebrates everyone and is accessible to everyone is something that they take great pleasure in. They offer the most extensive colour selection available on the market at prices that are extremely inexpensive. Over the course of Mylee existence, they have expanded their product line to include a multitude of items, as well as lash and brow cosmetics and hair removal goods. There has never been a time when it was simpler to achieve salon-grade results at home. Always ensuring a professional-quality finish.

Mylee Once In A Blue Moon Gel Polish 10ml

Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Mylee’s “Once In A Blue Moon” Gel Polish. This unique blend of lilac and blue embodies the enigmatic charm of the moon, offering your nails a hint of mystique with every application. Ideal for those seeking to add a sophisticated yet colorful twist to their manicure, this shade promises to be as fitting for daytime activities as it is enchanting under the moonlight. For enduring beauty that rarely requires reapplication, proper nail preparation is key. Start with filing and shaping your nails to perfection, push back your cuticles gently, and lay down a base coat for a solid foundation. Then, apply the gel polish in thin, even layers, curing after each to build intensity. Finish with a top coat to seal in the color, ensuring your nails remain stunningly radiant for as long as possible.

  • Lilac blue nail polish
  • Blue with purple undertones
  • Harness the beauty of the moon
  • Understated tone

Mylee AI Gel Polish 10ml

The Mylee AI Gel Polish 10ml in pale grey is more than just a nail polish; it’s a statement of sophistication and futurism. Designed for those who crave an advanced manicure experience, its steely, cool hue embodies a modern, tech-inspired aesthetic that stands out. This innovative formula promises not only an aesthetic upgrade but also a performance revolution in nail care. Ideal for application over a base coat and sealing with a top coat, the Mylee AI Gel Polish ensures a salon-quality finish that remains chip-free for up to an impressive three weeks. The hassle of waiting for your nails to dry becomes a thing of the past, as this gel polish cures in mere seconds under an LED or UV lamp, offering unparalleled convenience and durability in your nail routine.

  • Cool pale grey
  • Up to 3 weeks of chip-free wear
  • UV/LED curable

Mylee Caramel Gel Polish 10ml

The Mylee Caramel Gel Polish, enveloping your nails in a warm caramel nude hue, offers not just a pop of natural color but a sense of comfort reminiscent of that first, soothing cup of coffee in the morning. Its 10ml MyGel formulation promises an indulgence in salon-quality luxury right from the comfort of one’s home. For those seeking durability alongside elegance, employing a Base Coat and Top Coat with this gel polish is paramount. Together, they create a glossy, chip-resistant finish that maintains its splendid appearance for up to three weeks. Furthermore, its versatile curing capability under both LED and UV lamps ensures a swift and efficient gel manicure experience, making the Mylee Caramel Gel Polish a must-have for any nail polish enthusiast seeking both style and substance.

  • Warm-toned caramel nude shade
  • UV/LED curable

Mylee Buttercup Gel Polish 10ml

Mylee Buttercup Gel Polish 10ml is a vibrant celebration of color, embodying the joy and brightness of a buttercup flower. This enchanting Buttercup yellow shade is a quintessential addition to your polish collection, perfect for those who love a pop of color or wish to make a bold statement. Its versatile formula allows for layers to be built up, achieving greater intensity with each application. The gel polish promises a salon-quality manicure that not only looks stunning but lasts chip-free for up to three weeks. Ideal for busy individuals or those who prefer a long-lasting manicure, the quick curing time under an LED or UV lamp means no more waiting around for polish to dry. When applied over Mylee’s Base Coat and sealed with one of their Top Coats, the result is a durable, high-gloss finish that captures the essence of summer no matter the season.

  • Rich yellow
  • Built-in nail art brush
  • Up to 3 weeks of chip-free wear

Mylee So Nude Gel Polish 10ml

The Mylee So Nude Gel Polish 10ml is the epitome of simplicity meeting elegance. Its super sheer nude tone embodies sophistication, making it an ideal choice for those who admire a subtle yet refined look. Whether you’re aiming for a classic French manicure base or a stand-alone natural appearance, this MyGel polish ensures versatility. Its formula, designed for durability, guarantees a high-quality manicure that can withstand the rigors of daily life for up to three weeks. For an impeccable finish, start with the MyGel Base Coat, followed by the Nude Gel Polish, and seal the look with MyGel glossy Top Coat. The quick curing under LED or UV Lamp transforms the at-home manicure experience into a salon-quality affair.

  • For when less is more!
  • A super sheer nude
  • Gel formula

Elevate Your Nail Game with Mylee Gel Nail Colors!

Are you prepared to take your nail art ability to the next level? Allow your imagination to go wild as you explore the breathtaking assortment of Mylee Gel Nail Colours offered. Mylee has something for everyone, whether you like traditional neutrals, daring brights, or fashionable tones. She has something for everyone. Do not delay any longer in order to improve the quality of your manicure experience. Now is the time to shop and give yourself the benefit of having salon-quality nails in the convenience of your own home!

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