Discover the best hair care products from Foxy Locks to have your greatest hair ever. Their carefully selected selection guarantees your hair looks and feels its best by including creative formulations meant to nourish, strengthen, and renew every strand. From opulent shampoos and conditioners to potent styling tools and revitalising treatments, Foxy Locks has all you need for a whole hair care routine. Their products are made with premium, powerful components that fit different hair kinds and issues, therefore enabling you to reach goals including increased volume, enticing shine, and better texture. Their  varied selection has a remedy for you whether your hair is flat, frizz, or dry ends. Foxy Locks can help you create a self-care ritual out of your hair care regimen that makes you feel amazing and secure. With their best-rated products, embrace the chance to improve your hair game and see the difference great hair care can provide. Shop today to find the ideal products for your particular hair type and release the maximum possibilities of your locks. Start your path to better, more beautiful hair right now and discover why hair care aficionados all around turn to Foxy Locks!


Expertly mixed with collagen, argan oil, and keratin, their Gold hair oil is a luxury hair care elixir. Argan oil profoundly nourishes and hydrates, leaving hair silky and lustrous; collagen strengthens hair, increasing its elasticity and durability. The fundamental protein in hair, keratin protects against future damage and aids in healing of existing damage. This premium mix guarantees great nutrition and protection to keep your hair vibrant and healthy. These components used together give your hair deep conditioning, hydration, and renewal, thereby leaving it looking and feeling healthy, lustrous, and strong. All hair kinds—including dry, damaged, and color-treated hair—can benefit from this opulent hair oil. The hair absorbs its light weight and non-greasy composition readily without leaving any residue or build-up .Regular use of their hair oil can assist to enhance the general health and appearance of your hair, as well as lower frizz and increase manageability, so promoting healthy hair development. Its luscious texture and exquisite aroma make using it enjoyable; its premium ingredients guarantee that you are providing your hair the greatest possible treatment.

Directions For Use On Natural Hair:

After shampooing and conditioning your hair every day, apply one drop to your damp hair .You should first heat activate the oil by rubbing it in your hands, and then you should run it through your hair, beginning in the middle of your hair and ending at the ends .The hair can be blow-dried or allowed to dry naturally.

Directions For Use On Hair Extensions:

After you have washed your extensions, run a small amount into your hair while it is still moist .When combing through the hair, be sure to obtain each and every strand .Whenever your extensions begin to feel dry or brittle, you should reapply them.


Foxy Locks Hair Perfume + Shine Spray adds elegance to daily life. This shine spray for natural and extension hair gives a delicate glow and a rich, sophisticated fragrance with Amberwood, Saffron, and Vanilla notes to enhance your hair’s natural beauty .This delicate spray gives hair a healthy, brilliant shine. The gentle, inviting scent adds a touch of luxury to your hair care regimen. Since each bottle is 180ml, this will endure. Your hair should have a dash of gloss and a fresh scent without overpowering your style. Foxy Locks Hair Perfume Shine Spray adds luxury to your regular hair care regimen with its small-scale efficacy.

How To Use:

  •  Prepare Your Hair: Start with clean, dry or slightly damp hair to ensure the spray works.2. Shake Well Before Use: Shake the bottle before use to blend all components.
  •  Hold the bottle 6-12 inches from your hair and spray sparingly. A gentle spray over your hair goes a long way.
  •  Focus on the Ends: Spray your ends and mid-lengths to avoid greasy roots. This gives a natural sheen and preserves root volume.
  •  Distribute with a Comb or Fingers: After spraying, gently distribute the product through your hair to provide a slight shine to your natural texture.
  •  Refresh as Needed: If you want extra shine or scent later in the day, thinly reapply the spray to keep it natural.


Are you in need of some hair care? By using their Foxy Locks Argan Oil Hair Mask, you can say goodbye to dull, dry, and damaged tresses. This product was professionally created. This thorough treatment helps to rebuild strength and prevent dry and frizzy hair by bringing together keratin proteins and argan oil, which are both rich in nutrients. The Foxy Locks Argan Oil Hair Mask is a carefully developed product that helps enhance the texture and manageability of hair, leaving it appearing healthy and glossier than before.

Directions For Use On Natural Hair:

  • Apply to wet hair after shampooing
  • Evenly lather the mask from root to tip
  • Leave for 5 -10 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly

Directions For Use On Hair Extensions & As a Deep Treatment:

  • After shampooing, apply liberally to towel-dried hair
  • Gently comb through the hair to get every strand
  • Leave for a minimum of 15 minutes or overnight for an intensive treatment
  • Rinse thoroughly


Experience the ultimate in hair care with their Platinum Fox Toning Shampoo and Conditioner now available in a convenient multipack! Maintaining the brightness and shine of blonde hair has never been easier than with this purple shampoo and conditioner combo. Use it on brunettes, highlighted hair, grey hair, or coloured hair for a quick touch-up!Use their purple shampoo and conditioner set if you’re after ashy or silvery highlights. You may finally say farewell to brassiness with their one-of-a-kind product; it will neutralise warm yellow tones and leave your hair looking gorgeously bright and cool-toned.

Directions For Use On Natural Hair:

  • Apply to wet hair
  • Lather evenly and leave for 3-5 minutes
  • Rinse well

Directions For Use On Hair Extensions:

  • Fill bowl or basin with warm water
  • Add a few drops (or as desired) of Platinum Fox Toning Shampoo and Platinum Fox Toning Conditioner
  • Mix into water
  • Place wet extensions (one weft at a time) into the water, then remove rapidly
  • Repeat until the desired tone is achieved
  • Never apply purple shampoo and conditioner straight to extensions without mixing with water as it may result in an uneven outcome.
  • Ensure the product is shaken well before use.


Anyone interested in curling or styling their natural hair or hair extensions should get the Foxy Locks Hair Curling Gift Set. The New Gold Plated Curling wand is the centrepiece of this gift set, which includes everything you need to achieve salon-quality results at home. Get the most out of your hair extensions and your natural hair with the Foxy Locks Argan Oil Hair Mask and the hair extension holder for beautiful results. Use the wand to loosen knots and the mask to protect and nourish your extensions and natural hair. To view the details of the curling wand, please refer to the main product listing. An ideal present for hair care enthusiasts.

This package comes with the following items

  • Gold Plated titanium 32 mm Hair Curling Wand for effortless results.
  • Gold Hair Holder & Styler for easy styling and storage of your Hair Extensions.
  • Foxy Locks Argan oil Hair Mask for heat protection and nourishment

Discover Your Hair’s New Best Friend

With Foxy Locks’ quality hair care products, discover the key to stunning, healthy hair. Their carefully developed products are meant to nourish, strengthen, and change your tresses so you will have the lovely hair you have always wanted. Foxy Locks has everything you need for a salon-quality experience at home—volumizing shampoos, deep conditioning treatments, style basics—right here. Shop now to start your road towards gorgeous, healthy hair right now and find your hair’s new best friend!

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