Hey there! They are YuMOVE, an organization that is centered all over the world for pets with the agenda of ensuring that your cats and dogs are active for as long as they are alive. Their company was established by two animal lovers, Dr. John Howie and John Davies in the year 2006, identified this gap in the market and got to work.

UK’s Choice for Dog Joint Care Supplements

There are several joint care supplements that have been recommended by veterinarians to support joint health in dogs of all ages to ensure that they have healthy joints and are also mobile. For this reason, you will find YuMOVE products come in different forms, namely tablets, chews, and bits to make it easy for you to find the right remedy for your pet friend. Their objective is to deliver goods that are of the best quality and produce visible results and they are proud to be serving the United Kingdom. Just look around and you will see the best joint supplement for your dogs.

1. YuMOVE Joint Care PLUS Max Strength for Dogs

However, if your dog is more on the stiffer side and could use a helping hand then the YuMOVE PLUS Max Strength is for you as it is the strongest PLUS product in the market. It offers half an hour more power than the earlier models of the same product. This joint supplement for dogs is available in a palatable tablet and formulated with their ActivEase® Complex as well as additional fish oil. For the comfort of painful stiffness, improved joint mobility and the building up of the joint structure, this clinically proven* product is 50% more potent* than YuMOVE Joint Care PLUS.

2. YuMOVE Joint Care PLUS Max Strength Bites

As in the tablet version, you may administer the same effective components to your dog in a more palatable form with YuMOVE Joint Care PLUS Max Strength Bites. These tasty nuggets are made with their clinically tested* formula and help even better with stiff joints, improved mobility, and joint architecture – 50% more effective* than YuMOVE Joint Care PLUS for Dogs.

3. YuMOVE Joint Care for Adult Dogs

It is recommended for mature dogs that are beginning to show signs of joint stiffness to use YuMOVE Joint Care for mature Dogs, which is their original triple-action dog joint formulation. The YuMOVE Joint Care for Adult Dogs product has a unique combination of omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to alleviate stiff joints and improve mobility. There are three different dosages of this delightful tablet that you can give to your dog on a regular basis: sixty, one hundred, or three hundred. around two million canines are already being supported all around the world.

4. YuMOVE Joint Care for Young Dogs

YuMOVE Joint Care for Young Dogs is a joint supplement for dogs that has been especially designed for the joints that are young, growing and active; that is why it is ideal for pups, young adults, and canine athletes. In developing dogs and canine athletes, a special product assists the dogs in their recovery from activity while enabling them to perform at their best during the process.


YuMOVE is the best supplement for joint health for dogs in the United Kingdom, which is used by veterinarians and customers. So that every dog of all ages can remain active and free from pain, YuMOVE contains ingredients that target joint health and are supported by science. If you want your dog to stay healthy and active, there is a solution from YuMOVE that can help to prevent problems or address those that your dog is already experiencing. Choose the best for your lovely pet with YuMOVE and let your pet enjoy and become energetic.

For your dog to be more mobile and happier, use YuMOVE for their joint discomfort. Your pet is dear to you and therefore should be given comfort at all times without any hesitation. If you are concerned with their health and vitality, do not hesitate and come to YuMOVE right now!

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