Mylee’s waxing kits will help you discover the ease of at-home waxing. Every kit has everything you need for a comfort-based, professional-grade waxing experience right in your own home. Perfect for both novice and experienced waxers, their carefully selected collections guarantee flawless, hair-free skin without effort. From premium wax formulations to exact application equipment, Mylee offers all the tools needed to get salon results at your leisure. With Mylee Waxing Kits, embrace simple hair removal and enjoy silky-smooth skin every time.

Mylee Complete Professional Waxing Kit: Coconut & Arnica

Seek out the greatest professional waxing kit you can find to achieve the silkiest, smoothest result. Including everything you need to clean your skin and get rid of unwanted hair, this package will produce the greatest results each time!

Pre- and aftercare items in the Mylee Complete Professional Waxing Kit also help to nurture your skin and provide all the accessories required for a beautiful outcome. With this package, they have addressed all bases. It comprises pre-care gel, aftercare lotion and equipment cleanser; a professional wax heater; coconut and arnica wax beads; and wooden waxing spatulas. Perfect with Mylee 2 In 1 Pre and Post Hair Removal Oil and Mylee Exfoliating Body Scrub 250ml.

  • best professional waxing kit for silky skin
  • Easy stripless waxing system
  • Includes wax heater
  • Pre- and aftercare products too!

Mylee Strip Off Waxing Kit

You may totally overhaul your waxing technique at home using their Strip Off Kit. This all-inclusive package includes three of Mylee’s most often used Advanced Professional Stripless Waxes, a state-of-the-art digital wax heater, and necessary accessories for perfect preparation and finishing. Try to surround yourself with aromas like jasmine, wild rose, or eucalyptus, which are rather subdued. With the extra advantage of offering more comfort and preventing any breakage that could happen when the wax is removed from the hair, the FlexiSmooth® technology utilised in the formulation of this wax keeps a tight hold on even the smallest hairs.

Mylee Cream Of The Cream Wax Kit

Mylee offers premium waxing products to salons, experts, and home users. In every phase of the waxing process, they have you covered and ensure you have the ideal tools for the best results. A digital wax heater, lilac crème wax, pre-care cleaning gel (125 ml), after-care lotion (125 ml), paper Strips & spatulas make up the crème de la crème wax kit.

How to melt Crème Wax in the Digital Wax Heater:

  • Remove the clear lid first.
  • Remove the silicone jar from the heating chamber and set it to one side; you won’t need it.
  • Remove the lid from the soft wax or crème and position the pot straight into the heating chamber.
  • First, cover the heater’s top with a clear lid.
  • Press the power button first.
  • Press the MELT button once to enter C1 mode (fit for half a pot of crème wax) or Press the MELT
  • button twice to enter C2 mode (fit for a full pot of crèm wax).

Mylee Complete Waxing Kit: Rose Crème Wax

Get this comprehensive waxing kit and all you need for really flawless skin. Prepare skin with Pre Care Cleansing Gel, then start working with all the tools needed to rapidly and hassle-freely eliminate unwanted hair. This package even includes a professional wax heater to expedite the melting of your wax. Once you’ve completed hair removal, pamper your skin with After Care Lotion to soothe and nurture, then give your kit a nice clean-up using Equipment Cleaner.

  • complete waxing kit for super smooth skin
  • Prepare skin
  • Remove hairs
  • Includes wax heater

Mylee Complete Waxing Kit: Soft Honey Wax

Mylee honey wax pot set will have everything you need for silky, smooth, hairless skin. Professional wax warmers, wax, skin care creams and accessories will help you obtain salon-quality results even at home. The best way to remove hair is with this soft honey wax pot kit, which will enable you to replicate that salon atmosphere anywhere you live. Waxing becomes a spa-like experience when you use items that really treat your skin! To calm the skin, apply the lotion used in aftercare.

  • complete waxing kit
  • Soothing honey wax that’s gentle on the skin
  • Use at home or in the salon

Find Your Perfect Kit: Mylee Waxing Solutions

Using Mylee’s waxing kits will help you get salon-quality results right from your own house. Whether you wax often or just start, Mylee complete kits have everything you need for perfect, hair-free skin. From premium waxes to exact instruments, Mylee guarantees a hassle-free waxing experience with professionally produced results. Improve your hair removal schedule right now; investigate the Mylee range of waxing kits; and savour the ease with which silky-smooth skin is at your fingertips.

Discover the ease and effectiveness of Mylee Waxing Kits—your solution for smooth, flawless skin, right from home.

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