Using Mylee’s premium nail tools makes changing your manicure simple. At Mylee, they know that home salon-quality nail application calls for the correct instruments. For this reason, Mylee have assembled a selection of professional-grade, high-performance nail tools meant to fit every facet of your nail care schedule. Their precise cuticle nippers make cuticle maintenance simple, therefore enabling you to easily obtain well-groomed, clean cuticles. Their sophisticated buffers and nail files guarantee that your nails are flawlessly smooth and sculpted, so offering the perfect canvas for any nail art or polish. Whether you enjoy do-it-yourself projects or are a professional nail technician, Mylee’s robust and simple tools enable you easily produce perfect, long-lasting manicues and pedicues. Discover the difference that quality tools can create, and improve your nail care to a whole new degree. Knowing your nails always look their finest will give you confidence using Mylee’s premium nail tools. Invest in Mylee’s best-selling nail tools and change your manicure right now—never settle for anything less than excellence. Your nails deserve the best, and every time you will get amazing results with Mylee.

Mylee Gel Polish Nail Swatch Book

One x Nail Swatch Book, 150 x White Unpainted Nail Tips, 14 x Nail Strips, one x Nail Ring, one x Colour Reference Swatch Sheet makes up Swatch book contents. Now you might show your designs to others and show your nail polish collection more simply. Perfect for nail aficioners,  MyleeTM’s swatch book! This book also comes with extra row strips and white nail tips so you may create your own polish collection. Space for 12 rows and 120 unpainted nail swatches. Besides a ring with ten slots that precisely beneath the lamp to cure ten swatches at once. Additionally included in this swatch book is a reference sheet to record which tips fit which hue.


  • Swatch book
  • 120 slots
  • Clip in nail tips

Mylee Nail Wipes

Every person should have a pack of these lint free nail wipes in their manicure tool. They remove gel polish quickly and leave no irritating tiny fibres behind since they are lint free. Just soak with Mylee Prep & Wipe and wipe over your nails to quickly and hassle-free remove gel polish. Polish will leave you free to begin your next manicure and go away effortlessly. These handy wipes may be used for a variety of beauty chores from applying lotions through to removing makeup. Always make sure your kit has two packs or more hidden away!


  • Perfect for polish removal
  • Pack of 200
  • Quick removal

Mylee Metal Cuticle Pusher

In order to achieve a gel manicure that lasts for a long time, it is essential to have neat cuticles. Given that gel polish adheres most effectively to a clean nail, it is imperative that any overgrowth of cuticles, dead skin, and debris be removed before to the application of the treatment. In addition to being a great instrument for the task at hand, this cuticle pusher made of stainless steel is suitable for both expert home users and professionals. It has two distinct tools: a curved end for pushing cuticles and a scraper for gently scraping the skin debris that is frequently difficult to remove off the nail. It is dual-ended and has two different instruments. Additionally, the curved end can be utilised for the removal of gel polish when a Gel Remover is utilised.


  • Quick and easy removal of gel polish
  • Textured handle for grip
  • Stainless steel

Mylee Gel Scraper

This gel polish remover tool will help you to have perfect manicues. To prepare your nails and apply fresh polish hassle-free, quickly and easily remove gel polish from the nails. First buff the surface of your gel polish, then treat your nails with acetone, gel remover wraps or Mylee Magic Gel Remervers. Use the remover tool to carefully take your gel polish away when it starts to peel. The small elements that set this gel polish removal tool apart will be much appreciated. Made from stainless steel, the textured handle guarantees a pleasant grip and is easy to maintain clean.


  • Quick and easy removal of gel polish
  • Textured handle for grip
  • Stainless steel

Mylee Cuticle Nippers

You really need have these cuticle nippers in your mani tool set. Before applying Base Coat, your selected shade, and Top Coat, softly cuticles should be trimmed away with them. For a tidy and professional impression, they also help precisely and hygienically remove hangnails and extra skin. Made of stainless steel, they also have great durability and simplicity of cleaning. These cuticle nippers will keep in perfect condition rather easily since stainless steel is rust and corrosion-resistant! Just keep in mind to wipe dry and use Mylee Disinfection Spray to clean them following use. Your nippers will run precisely time and time again with a little TLC!


  • Sharp blades to for precision
  • Easily remove excess skin, hangnails and cuticles
  • Stainless steel

Mylee Nail Clippers

You really need have this professional nail clipper in your mani-pedi set. It makes trimming an absolute breeze with curved, ultra sharp blades, thereby producing neat and tidy nails in minutes! Furthermore appreciated will be the durability and simplicity of maintenance of this professional nail clipper. After every usage, just spritz the clipper with Mylee Disinfectant Spray and wipe away extra with a throwaway paper towel.
Use your mani or pedi’s prep stage professional nail clipper. After buff and smooth with a nail file, neatly cut away irregular nail edges. Use cuticle remover, push back your cuticles, and you’ll be good!


  • Super sharp
  • Curved blades
  • Quick and easy to nail trimming

Elevate Your Nail Game with Mylee’s Premium Nail Tools!

Learn how to get the most out of your nail care regimen using professional-grade equipment. Get salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home with Mylee’s selection of cutting-edge, professional nail tools. Their high-tech nail files and precise cuticle nippers guarantee perfect manicures and pedicures every time. Act immediately! Get the most out of your nail art routine by upgrading to Mylee’s best-selling products today. Beautiful, salon-quality nails are yours for the taking when you shop now!

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