Digitally Designed Bonding: The Future of Smile Makeovers

Just think about it, you go to Smiles and Smiles dental clinic and leave the clinic with a brand new smile within the same day. This dream is now possible with the help of digitally designed composite bonding that has developed over the years. This process begins with an optical scan of your teeth. Professionals then recreate your smile using sophisticated technology and show you a replica of what your teeth will be like. The process makes it possible for you to achieve the smile you have always wanted in a single day.

Freehand Composite Bonding: Aesthetics in Dentistry

For those who enjoy the art in dental transformations, Smiles and Smiles’ freehand composite bonding is a personalized solution. This technique involves the placement of tooth-colored composite material on the front face of the teeth to give a natural appearance of the teeth. The range of colors and finishes is wider, and the outcomes are stunning and realistic at the same time. This option costs £1499 for an upper arch smile transformation, and there are also affordable payment plans available.

Digital Composite Bonding: Accuracy and Quality

Digital composite bonding at Smiles and Smiles removes the element of chance in smile makeovers. With the help of the most advanced computer programs, the dentists create an overlay for your teeth and replicate your perfect smile. This method involves the use of a fluid composite material that is well placed to ensure that it gives the best results. This high quality service is available for £1799 and there are also reasonable monthly instalments. The advantages are digital lab design, model fabrication, and the potential of getting a shade up to Bleach XXL, which is three shades lighter than Bleach 1.

Understanding Composite Bonding

Tooth or dental bonding is a general term that refers to a versatile cosmetic dental procedure. It is one of the most effective methods of improving the appearance of your teeth by using them to fill small cracks, chips, or spaces between the teeth and can also whiten them. The process entails a professional dentist at Smiles and Smiles applying the composite resin to the tooth and moulding it to fit the natural look. The resin is made to blend with the natural teeth color and you are left with a smile that you will love.

Freehand Bonding: A Personalized Approach

Freehand bonding is ideal for many since it provides a bright, symmetrical smile in a single visit to the dentist. This method is non-invasive, takes little time to prepare for and is done by professional dentists at Smiles and Smiles who have mastery in cosmetic dentistry. Freehand bonding is a more artistic approach to the procedure while digital composite bonding is more technical; both methods guarantee excellent results and you will be able to leave the dental clinic with a smile that is unique to you and your personality.

Making the Choice

The decision of whether to use freehand or digital composite bonding is a matter of personal preference and the results that are wanted. Each of the methods provides high quality and aesthetically pleasing results with their benefits. Freehand bonding is more artistic in nature while the digital composite bonding is more technical and uses advanced technology. In any case, both options at Smiles and Smiles are a great advantage and help to improve your appearance and self-esteem, getting a beautiful smile.

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