Mylee gel nail art collection will enable you to create countless patterns and improve your manicure! To get gorgeous, salon-worthy manicures at home, shop nail art stickers, foils, jewels, and complete sets.

Raise your manicure with their selection of nail art supplies! From whole nail art kits to gel nail sticker sets and decals, Mylee offer everything you need to make gorgeous designs at home. You don’t have to be an expert to get amazing effects with their decorations and tools; both novices and seasoned mani-ists may utilise them easily.


Ready to up your nail game with Mylee huge selection of nail art stickers and decals? Discover a huge range of nail decorations, ideal for giving your gel nails a little glitz, such as glossy transfer foils and easy-peel stickers. From lovely silver stars to traditional geometric forms, these nail sticker kits let you easily personalise your manicure. For quick flair, just remove the backing and place them straight over your gel colour.

Mylee Chrome Cushion Powder Pens and transfer foils provide a metallic or holographic finish that will definitely draw attention for those who want even more shine. There are plenty of colours to mix and combine to your liking. They also provide every nail art instrument you could possibly need to let your imagination go wild! Making complex patterns and designs is made simple with Their collection of dotting tools and manicure brushes. For countless colour and finish possibilities, team them with Mylee premium nail paints.


Beginners or those want to add to their collection will love Mylee nail art kits and sets. To let you create gorgeous nail art, each kit includes a range of tools and materials, including polishes, tools, and nail jewels. For a traditional French manicure, choose their French Me Kit; for additional glitter and dazzle, choose Mylee Crown Jewels Nail Art Kit. These are wonderful for personal use as well as excellent presents for any nail fan. The decision of what tools and equipment to acquire for nail art is eliminated since everything is contained in one package.

Mylee The Crown Jewels Nail Art Kit

Elevate your nail game to royal status with the Mylee The Crown Jewels Nail Art Kit. This opulent kit features 12 assorted silver and gold nail art decorations along with a convenient curving tool for precise application. To adorn your nails with these majestic decorations, simply add a dot of 5-In-1 Builder Gel to your nail and shape the ‘jewel’ to your liking using the Curving Tool. Then, using a dotting tool or tweezers, carefully place the decoration over the Builder Gel and cure to secure it in place. For added durability, you can apply more 5-In-1 Builder Gel around or over the decoration to encapsulate it. Remember, this kit is for external use only, and caution is advised as it contains small parts that may pose a choking hazard, making it unsuitable for children under 3 years old.

Mylee French Me Kit

Get the effortlessly chic French manicure look with the Mylee French Me Kit. This convenient kit provides everything you need to achieve flawless French tips at home. It includes two gel polishes: “It’s A Match,” a subtle nude for a natural base, and “Break The Ice,” a rich white for the classic tips. Plus, the kit features the Stamp It Out tool, designed to expertly apply French tips with precision. Enjoy up to three weeks of ultra-glossy wear with this kit, ensuring your French manis stay flawless for longer. Embrace timeless elegance with this easy-to-use kit and elevate your nail game. C’est chic!

Mylee Cushion Powder Pen – Rose Gold

Elevate your manicure game with the Mylee Cushion Powder Pen in Rose Gold. This innovative pen contains pressed pigment powder for achieving a stunning chrome finish on your nails. To use, simply prep your nails, apply Mygel Base Coat, and cure. Then, apply your favorite Mygel color and cure again. For the ultimate chrome effect, use the MyGel shade Stalker. After applying Mygel No Wipe Top Coat and curing, take the Cushion Powder Pen and rub the cushion into the lid’s pigment powder. Buff the powder onto the nail in a circular motion to achieve a chrome finish. Finish with another layer of MyGel No Wipe Top Coat, apply cuticle oil, and admire your flawless chrome manicure!

Mylee Dotting Tool

An essential tool for nail art fans, the Mylee Dotting Tool will unleash your creativity. Using this adaptable tool, you can easily produce elaborate patterns ranging from tiny dots to captivating swirls and breathtaking marbling effects. The options are many with its double-ended design, which has both big and little spherical ends. Regardless of your skill level, this dotting tool is the ideal partner for letting your creativity run wild. For always perfect results, use it with Mylee Break The Ice Gel Polish or Mylee Stalker Gel Polish. With the Mylee Dotting Tool, use your nails to be your canvas and show your own flair.

Mylee Palm Leaf Nail Art Stickers

Elevate your manicure with the enchanting allure of Mylee Palm Leaf Nail Art Stickers. Perfect for nature enthusiasts and those with a penchant for botanical beauty, these stickers offer a delightful way to express your personal style. Effortlessly create stunning and individual nail art designs with these easy-to-apply palm leaf stickers. Designed to complement any MyGel shade, they add a distinctive touch that will make your nails stand out from the rest. Embrace the lush and leafy designs of these stickers and let your fingertips bloom with creativity.



You only need your selected nail polish, a base coat, and a top coat for basic nail art designs. Additional supplies such foils, stickers, jewels, nail art markers, and brushes may be required for more intricate designs.


Put nail art stickers on your nails by just removing the backing. Then, using a top coat, seal them in place and let them cure for 30 seconds under Mylee LED light (or 60 seconds under a UV light).


Up to three weeks are the maximum duration of nail art as long as gel nails are done properly.

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