Two people from different parts of the world, an Italian woman named Giorgia and a New Zealand man named Eli, began Wype. When Giorgia first came to the UK from Italy, she really did long for her bidet! Now what?

Lacking knowledge of how they were damaging pipes and streams, she began using wet wipes as a means to feel clean in every location she visited. She was so determined to come up with an option that was better than reaching for a crumbly pack every time she felt the need to use a wipe that she had to start researching the effects of these products on the environment.

And thus began the long and treacherous process of developing Wype. .

The two met in school with the aim of developing an eco-friendly and gentle wipe that would provide a similar feeling as a bidet but would not be a nuisance to the environment or the skin.

The birth of Wype came after that.

It is a biodegradable wet wipe that offers a bidet-clean feel and convenience in a non-harsh manner to the environment.

toilet paper with a natural gel that ensures it performs many tasks.

Clean you, clean planet.

Single items

You asked for it and they delivered. Individual Starter Kits, Refills, and Minis can be bought with no prior conditions set for their use.

1. Original Wype (30ml)

Despite its diminutive size, their Mini has already been seen in a wide variety of handbags, pockets, and other such items all across the world. The fact that you have a self-locking pump that is convenient and far more discrete than a pack of wipes that makes a crackling sound means that no one will know about your clean secret, unless you want them to.

2. 1 x Original Wype (100ml), 1 x Reusable Applicator

Begin your trip with Wype by using their reusable applicator, which has been updated and improved, along with its reliable refill that is indefinitely recyclable. In addition to being completely flushable, their natural gel is able to sit on toilet paper without rendering it ineffective. It is impossible to imagine a dry toilet roll ever feeling the same after you have experienced the Wype Clean feeling. If you want to replace your refill, all you have to do is unscrew it from your applicator and replace it with a new one. The sensation of being clean and fresh will not be far behind.

  • A refill of 100 millilitres equals 250 pumps.
  • Six ordinary packs of wet wipes are equal to one refill.

3. 1 x Original Wype (100ml)

Do you already possess a Wype application? I am addressing this to you. Keep a supply of Wype refills on hand so that you never miss a day of experiencing the clean sensation that Wype provides. Since you are already doing that, you might as well sign up for a subscription and enjoy free shipping! It allows for a great deal of flexibility, is simple to cancel, and your refills will be delivered right to your door. To that, I say, What’s up?

  • 100ml (3.4 fl oz) refill = 250 pumps
  • 1 refill = 8 standard packs of wet wipes

4. Viva la V (50ml)

Viva la V is about to make you get up and show your vulva some love. Who better to value a vulva than the owner of it? And with the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is not surprising to want something that will make you feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and moisturised. Wype, a woman-owned business, felt challenged by the hundreds of Vs that had been asking for a special formula.

To ensure that this is an effective intimate cleansing gel, they developed it with your pH and microbiome in mind, and it will be gentle. Use externally to rejuvenate and soothe the skin during the period, after childbirth, menopause or even on a particular Tuesday after the Legs, Bums and Tums exercise.

Receive high-quality care that has the approval of gynaecologists and has a pH level of 3. 5 to 4. 5 due to lactic acid. Vitamin E and calming oats help to nourish and moisturise the skin, so they it is suitable to be used before, during and after menopause. The finishing touch? It contains no chemicals that can cause harm, only the sweet smell of rose water and geranium. Chop it up right this second!


In the case of personal hygiene products, Wype has revolutionised the market since it offers a sustainable and effective solution to ordinary toilet paper. As society becomes more conscious of the environment, Wype will address the need for sustainable products with innovations and customer satisfaction. Besides maintaining the highest level of cleanliness, their line of flushable and biodegradable wipes cuts down on the impact of paper products on the environment. Wype is an example of a product that will make personal hygiene and environmental conservation a reality in the future. Wype is an ethical and sensible option for those, who are searching for a good, reliable and environmentally friendly product.

Make the switch to Wype: Clean, Green, and Eco-Friendly!

Are you ready to upgrade your personal care routines while making the world a better place? The Wype is here; don’t miss out on the action now! To eliminate any negative impact on the environment while still ensuring efficiency in the completion of tasks, consider using Wype’s biodegradable wipes. For more information about their modern products and to switch, please visit their website. It means that when people combine their efforts, they can create a future that will be more favourable and sustainable. Switch to Wype today and discover the difference for yourself!

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